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  1. Stepping Down

  2. Badges Disabled

    Changed Status to Fixed
  3. Image Embedding on Posts isn't working

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Badges Disabled

    Badges currently broken with 4.2 update. Application needs to be updated. Awaiting renewal from Jason.
  5. Forum Update

    Good question. You would think I would have noticed that. Apparently it needs updating to the newest version. I am awaiting Jason's renewal and then I will have it fixed. Thank you!
  6. Forum Update

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have changed the flood control for the Level 1-5 groups to 2 seconds rather than 20.
  7. Image Embedding on Posts isn't working

    I opened up a ticket with IPB support. Awaiting their response now.
  8. Forum Update

    EDIT: The rest of the forum themes have been upgraded (including Brave and Subway). Tapatalk should also be working once again. EDIT 2: Badges/Awards are back The forums have been upgraded to version 4.2. With this update comes several new features and changes. I have pulled some of them from the changelog for your viewing pleasure: Clubs - Clubs are a brand new way of supporting sub-communities within your site. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past and Clubs are our implementation of this concept. For now, clubs will have to be approved by a moderator before being published. Within a club, you can manage your own set of moderators, individual forums, and calendars. Global site rules will apply within clubs. Reactions - Offer more fine-grained sentiments towards content than a simple up/down or 'like'. They are now in common usage on social networks, and so users expect to be able to be more nuanced in their response to something they see. NOTE: Depending on the reaction, the user will also receive +/- or neutral reputation. Leader board enhancements - For 4.2 we made some improvements to the Top Members section of the Leaderboard. A new overview page tab shows a selection of the top members across different criteria. Check it out here: http://www.joinsg.net/leaderboard/ Authy integration - While 2-Factor authentication has been present since last update, Authy support has been added with this update. Check out here for more information. Shoutbox - With the new update, we decided to give the chatbox another try. Look for it at the top of the main forum view page. Global forum guidelines apply for all messages. Note that messages will auto refresh every 10 seconds (restriction by the application). Themes - There have been minor tweaks to all the themes to support the update. Right now only Spectrum and Dashboard have been updated. Brave and Subway will be updated soon. For more upgrade information from IPB, check out this page: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/ Bugs/Suggestions - Please post any problems or suggestions you have in the Website Bug Tracker (located here or under the "Server Info" drop down on the main menu). fontaine
  9. Does anyone play Runescape?

    Yes been playing 07 some. Mostly afk woodcutting while studying though (96 right now). My rsn is Atlasted. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  10. An Update

    I've done my first job as Engineer.
  11. An Update

    Yes I have offered the position to Hobo.
  12. An Update

    Yes sir. STEP 1 approaching in 8 weeks.
  13. An Update

    Hello, As some of you may know, academics and other real life events have taking up most of my time as of late. While I've tried my best to stay involved with sG alongside my other commitments, it has been increasingly difficult. For the next 8 weeks, I will also be virtually non-existent around here (which has become the case anyways) studying in preparation for my first round of boards. I don't think it is fair to the community and other staff to remain in my position with my current and future level of activity. I've been in sG since 2008 (here is a fun trip down memory lane at a time where recruitment was much simpler: http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/8761-xklarks-app-accepted/). Users have come and gone since then, but as a whole, sG has been a second family for me. Throughout my tenure on staff, I've seen this community evolve and collapse several times (its a miracle this place is still around). I've been fortunate to be involved in something that has been so great and so cancer at the same time -- but that is what makes sG unique. Just as sG has changed in the past, it will continue to adapt and grow. With my step down, I hope that someone else (HoboInArmy) can take up the role with new motivation, new drive, and new ideas. Innovation and creativity has been key in establishing sG in the CSGO/GMOD community (see War3, ZE, JB, and TTT) and has brought thousands of people together over the years. This has been hard for me to do. sG has been a part of a big chunk of my life, which makes it that much harder to let go. But it is time for a new chapter for me and for sG. After discussion with Eddy, Mimic, and centran, I will remain in a very limited Engineer role to help with some website management (who else is going to break everything?). I initially came onto staff long ago as an engineer so it's kind of funny to end up back here. Once I am done with my boards, I will be back around on the forums, servers, TS, and discord. And with that, I think I have a thread or a database to delete... See you around. fontaine (fail klark)
  14. Current Map List (updated 4/30/2017) bkz_apricity bkz_blackrockshooter_vzp bkz_bonus_z1 bkz_cauz_final bkz_caves_go bkz_cg_coldbhop bkz_chillhop_go bkz_goldbhop_csgo bkz_goldbhop_v2go bkz_hellokitty_v2 bkz_impulse bkz_levite_ng bkz_measure bkz_measure2_b03 bkz_nocturns_blue bkz_sahara_v2 bkz_synergy_ez bkz_synergy_x bkz_underground_crypt_v3 bkz_uninspired_trash bkz_volcanohop kzpro_concrete_c02 kzpro_gull_pidr_reborn kz_21loop_final_fix kz_2seasons_spring_fix kz_2seasons_winter_fix kz_4u_nature kz_7in1_go kz_abstruse_od2 kz_adventure kz_adv_cursedjourney kz_after_agitation_easy_fix kz_agility_v2_fix kz_ahful kz_akrh_warehouse kz_alice_fix kz_ancient_v3 kz_ascend_hv kz_asphyxiate kz_asteroid_field_go kz_aztec kz_basicnoon kz_basics_b02 kz_beginnerblock_go kz_betterdunjun kz_bhop_essence kz_bhop_forchi kz_bhop_lj kz_bhop_mosaic_od kz_bhop_northface kz_bhop_skyworld_go kz_bhop_watertemple kz_bionic kz_blindcity_easy_fix kz_blindcity_hard_final kz_bluehop_mq kz_breezeblocks kz_brickblock_v2 kz_brightblock kz_buildings_final kz_cakewalk kz_canyon kz_cargo kz_cascade_v3 kz_cataclysm kz_catalyst kz_catharsis_global kz_caulis_v2 kz_cellblock_go2 kz_cg_brick_rmk kz_cg_lighthops_go kz_chessblock kz_chinablock kz_christmas_fix kz_cliffhanger_go_global kz_colorcode kz_colors_v2 kz_combohop_c02 kz_communityjump3 kz_complex kz_comp_global kz_concept kz_concretejungle kz_conrun_mq kz_conrun_scrub kz_construction kz_cratespeed kz_crate_delight_go kz_crypt_final kz_crysis kz_cyb_adrenaline kz_dam kz_default kz_depot kz_de_bhop kz_dimensions_v1 kz_district_d01 kz_doubletake kz_doveen kz_drops_od kz_dryness kz_duality kz_dungeon kz_dvn_cube_fixed kz_dvn_dull kz_dvn_redcarpet kz_dzy_beyond_v2 kz_dzy_reach kz_ea_beneath_go kz_emblem kz_emblem_bonus kz_ephemeral kz_epusbridge kz_erinome kz_eros_v2 kz_excape kz_excavate kz_exoteric kz_experiment kz_exps_cursedjourney kz_ext_bblocks kz_fabrik kz_failed_fastrun_rt kz_fastcombomap kz_fatigue_v2 kz_fikablock kz_final_ascension kz_floatingislands kz_forestrace_go kz_frozen_go kz_futureblock kz_galaxy_go2 kz_genesis_go2 kz_gfy_blueberry kz_gfy_c0mb0king kz_gfy_devcastle kz_gfy_final kz_gfy_fortroca_finallll kz_gfy_limit kz_gfy_tech kz_giantbean kz_gigablock_go kz_gitgud_final kz_glassesospa_v1 kz_goldenroad kz_gonbe kz_goodluck_p kz_grass_hard kz_green kz_gurk kz_gy_agitation kz_haki_v2 kz_heatvents_mq kz_hellinashop kz_highland kz_high_tech kz_hillside kz_illusion kz_iluvprok_global kz_imaginary_final kz_insomnia_fix kz_inspired kz_internatus kz_island kz_j2s_cupblock_go_fix2 kz_j2s_tetris_go kz_j2s_westbl0ck kz_janpu_final_fix kz_jg_ditch kz_jump_n_run kz_kingsbay_v2 kz_kzinga_fixed kz_kzse_aztectemple kz_lavablock_global kz_lego kz_lego_two_redux_v3 kz_levels kz_littlerock_v2 kz_lume kz_mac kz_magus kz_marblewalls_fixed kz_metalrun_global kz_mike_v4 kz_minimountain kz_module kz_moonlight kz_morebricks_msq kz_msp_comatose kz_natureblock_go kz_nature_csgo kz_neon_portal kz_nightfall_fixed kz_nightmare_v2 kz_nyc_v1 kz_oasis kz_obsidian kz_ominous2 kz_orangejuice_v2 kz_orbolution_v2 kz_pantheism_p02 kz_paradise kz_peak_global kz_phamous kz_pharaoh_csgo kz_phaztec kz_pianoclimb_go kz_pineforest_v2 kz_prismus kz_project kz_psytime_go kz_quadrablock kz_quadrant kz_quick7_v2 kz_quickshot kz_quixotic kz_railings kz_rainrun_kn_f kz_reach_v2 kz_redemption_csgo kz_redline kz_remedy_v2 kz_retribution_v2_final kz_return kz_rockclimb kz_rockjungle_v2 kz_rocks_global kz_sanctuary kz_sandstone_mq kz_sandyhill_hoc kz_sendhelp_final kz_serenity kz_shark kz_signs_v2 kz_simplicity_v2 kz_skyhotel kz_skytower_final kz_snowman_v2 kz_snowtrain_v2 kz_solidarity_v2 kz_spacemario_h kz_spacemario_x kz_spacus kz_spiritblockv2 kz_sqrdsucks kz_stranded kz_streetblock_go kz_strun_mq kz_stuff_final kz_sukblock_v2_fixed kz_summercliff2_go kz_sunset_od kz_surf_kim_hana_gl kz_symbiosis_final kz_synthesis_v2 kz_sz_halicarnassus kz_talltreeforest_v3 kz_talmaniac kz_terablock kz_toonadventure_go kz_toonrun_final kz_toughluck_v2 kz_tour_de_nuke_global kz_tradeblock_go kz_trashsurf kz_tron_global kz_unity_u01 kz_vci_apprentice kz_verv3_gg kz_violet_fix kz_void kz_walpurgisnacht kz_warehouse kz_whatever_v2 kz_woodstock_v2 kz_woodstonegrass_final kz_woodworld kz_xand kz_xtremeblock_v2 kz_za_tileblock kz_zhop_freestyle kz_zhop_function3 kz_zhop_son_fix kz_ziggurath_final kz_zxp_final4 kz_zxp_interstellar kz_zxp_undia xc_dreamland_global xc_fox_shrine_japan_go2 xc_karo4_global xc_lucid_global xc_minecraft2_global xc_minecraft3_global xc_nephilim xc_powerblock_rc1 xc_secret_valley_global_fix xc_skycastle_go_b2 xc_supermario_go xc_umbrella_global
  15. Warcraft 3 Map List (12/11/2016)

    Current Map List (updated 12/11/2016) de_amalia de_forlorn cs_agency cs_assault cs_compound_gc_sgfix1 cs_crackhouse_go_d cs_isku cs_italy cs_italy_tactik2_v2 cs_militia cs_museum cs_office cs_orient cs_siege cs_thunder de_alexandra de_atom_rc2 de_aurelia de_aztec_proper de_bermuda_rc8 de_beroth de_cache de_cbble_csgo_final de_chateau_csgo_b1 de_chateau_csgo_sgfix de_cobble_b4 de_conduit de_core de_crossfire de_crown_v3 de_depths de_dolls_sgfix_v2-1 de_dust_css de_dust2 de_frost_se de_highrise_sg de_icewerk_csgo de_inferno de_losttemple_go de_meteora_b3 de_mill de_mirage de_nuke de_office de_overpass de_piranesi_csgo de_port_b2 de_pressure de_rats_1337_v2 de_reef de_resort de_ruins de_rust_b3 de_sanguinis de_season de_seaside de_speedcastle_sgfix de_stadium de_toscan de_train de_veteran de_westwood_v2 de_westwood_07 de_zoo