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  1. Who is Alexa in this scenario?
  2. Hi.
  3. Thanks @Karma
  4. Welcome man
  5. I got a strong nominee. Who can beat me? http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/morgue-employee-cremated-by-mistake-while-taking-a-nap/
  6. Christ! You're lazy af.
  7. I see your car and I'll raise you a tank
  8. Its from all that protein.
  9. @Jeff The Flying Shark@Detective Nom Noms Start tagging black people and fatties and let the memes fly (global guidelines still apply). http://time.com/4770024/kfc-romance-novel-mothers-day/
  10. Household income of 100K in LA is struggling.
  11. I played the original on NES. Hard af.
  12. *sigh* -1/25
  13. Wasn't my night. Thanks to @Reaper0470 for organizing and managing the tournament.
  14. I don't click bait. I drop that hot knowledge.
  15. Im not gonna lie. I lol'd and I had to explain to my wife why I lol'd.