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  1. Army ROTC

    To add to this: ALL military enlistments/ commissions are 8 years with the breakdown in the above post.
  2. Yo

  3. is eugenics a good thing?

    I mean, we barely use the NSFW area we already have. FFA used to be the go to place; now it’s just a graveyard of fond memories.
  4. sG Stock Market Simulator - Season 2!!!

    Wow, no reaction time. I guess I'll sit this season out...
  5. What´s your favorite game of 2017?

    Superhot VR
  6. nymical's Application [APPROVED]

    He’s eager. I respect that. Talks to much and manages to dig holes for himself, but I think he has potential. yes 21/20
  7. Army ROTC

    GPA, varsity sports, captain of teams, volunteer work, etc? ROTC scholarships are very competitive. Good luck to you.
  8. Army ROTC

    Did you apply for an ROTC scholarship?
  9. Black Friday

    Usually I do, but I’ve pretty much bought everything I need sans 70in UHD TV. I’ll pass this responsibility to the next gen of sG members.
  10. Army ROTC

    In one of my 137 ground MEDEVAC missions as a junior officer (from my first deployment), the indirect fire was so..."direct" I lost the majority of my hearing and had to wear hearing aids for 5 years until enough of the scar tissue healed. I have a COMBAT medical badge from one of my easier deployments and I belong to an admittedly soft branch... I'm saying all this to say, lets not insinuate 3rd party statements as facts please.
  11. Army ROTC

    ROTC is a great officer producing program. Without spamming links, I'll just say there are avenues to obtain free education through every branch and component of the military. You have to choose what fits your interests and lifestyle. As @driz stated, there are very few INFORMED options about ROTC on the forums. @UltaPonch is an AFROTC grad and former AF pilot now Finance Officer. If you're lucky, he might make an appearance to provide AFROTC guidance. Edit: OK, one link ROTC allowed me to study Leeroy Jenkins for a living
  12. Gaming Community Central Partnership

    Interesting. I'll check out their discord.
  13. sG Stock Market Simulator Season 1

    Uh huh... 16/17
  14. sG Stock Market Simulator Season 1

    I’ll play
  15. Heeeellllooooooooo

    Welcome to the forums and watch the necros.