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  1. Wasn't my night. Thanks to @Reaper0470 for organizing and managing the tournament.
  2. I don't click bait. I drop that hot knowledge.
  3. Im not gonna lie. I lol'd and I had to explain to my wife why I lol'd.
  4. I have no witty remarks for this topic. Just wow... http://m.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=11835801
  5. I should be there. I need to earn my fourth badge.
  6. Good digest staff. Congrats to @bulletford and @fontaine.
  7. Updated results
  8. No need to get a second bachelors. Just go straight for your ADN and complete a BSN at another school. I have no interest in primary care, hence behavioral health. I did shock-trauma for 3 years. I'm over it...
  9. I have a PMHNP that works for me. You'll need to ultimately earn a specialized MSN. Yes there are programs that allow you to skip the BSN, but I'd advise against it. An RN is an associate level certification. The BSN and MSN are needed for management and APRNs. I'm starting my RN program this Fall leading to a PMHNP for prescription privileges within 3 years. I'll keep you posted if you have additional questions.
  10. Any VR supported game (such as tabletop simulator)
  11. You just want the VET badge. I'm on to you!
  12. No, it's real