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  1. Happy birthday to my favorite Asian

    Happy Birthday!
  2. Happy Birthday Avery

    Happy Birthday!
  3. Happy Birthday to one of the best map makers in all of CS:GO

    Happy Birthday!
  4. My Resignation.

    You played MG too...
  5. Hello

    Hey hey
  6. Fantasy Football League

    I just want a badge I have no chance of winning this year
  7. Fantasy Football League

    Man I am surprised I made it in.. LOL I gave up halfway through the season when I lost like 6-7 in a row. Personally I like yahoo's interface better than NFL's. I'm down for 10 bucks
  8. Happy Birthday Cows!

    Happy Birthday! Day late.. but still counts
  9. Fantasy Football League

  10. Hello

  11. Im 17 now :P

    Happy Birthday!
  12. Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    Be yourself. The fact that she continues to talk to you and face time you good brother. No need to change when in person.

    Yep still follow! I don't buy anymore since you have no chance to beat a bot. The off white AJ1's they are going for ALOT
  14. Fantasy Football League

    6 teams not my year guys
  15. Fantasy Football League

    Oh... mybad man I only check like on Wednesday and Saturday night.. for some reason I was busy that week then I saw that offer but it was late then I saw it was pulled but it's all good brother! I'm always open to trades if it's fair