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  1. Happy Birthday Cows!

    Happy Birthday! Day late.. but still counts
  2. Fantasy Football League

  3. Hello

  4. Im 17 now :P

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Ginger Girl & Relationship Advice

    Be yourself. The fact that she continues to talk to you and face time you good brother. No need to change when in person.

    Yep still follow! I don't buy anymore since you have no chance to beat a bot. The off white AJ1's they are going for ALOT
  7. Fantasy Football League

    6 teams not my year guys
  8. Fantasy Football League

    Oh... mybad man I only check like on Wednesday and Saturday night.. for some reason I was busy that week then I saw that offer but it was late then I saw it was pulled but it's all good brother! I'm always open to trades if it's fair
  9. Happy Birthday Marine!

    Happy Birthday!
  10. It's A Spooky Poker Table!!!!

    This was today?!
  11. Happy Birthday Tort Tort!

    Happy Birthday!!
  12. Fantasy Football League

    Oh I should hop on there once in awhile . Thanks I will try that out
  13. Fantasy Football League

    Aw shit.. @Tubbles is barely on I think?
  14. Fantasy Football League

    Who's Irritable Bowles Syndrome? Offered me a trade but I didn't get a chance to discuss
  15. Community Digest - 10/8/17