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  1. I'll be standing by but I only really check the forums once a week on the weekends. Just let me know!
  2. I just did the survey. I don't know if I can make it to the draft but I picked a day that would probably work best.
  3. So far we still have plenty of time. Whatever is discussed just go ahead and keep it updated here. I only really see adding one player since last year there was only 1 who did not play so that person won't be participating anymore
  4. I would prefer standard league with flex w/r and if possible switching to a different platform like yahoo
  5. What perfect timing. I haven't logged in here in a few months! There wasn't a maybe option so I put no but maybe next week I might attend depending on time
  6. Your name rings a bell... Welcome back!
  7. It's been a long long time since one was done!
  8. Depending on time of year it might be hot/humid or cold. Our summer should be ok in terms of the temperature there. I visited there back in 2012. Language can't help you sorry!
  9. hey coinstar! Been a good minute
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