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    Happy birthday Spider!

    Hbd spider
  2. fps_trucka

    happy valentines day!

    Happy Valentines day HELL YEAH! Have a good one QT's! Maybe ill give you guys a couple Dub - u's as a present. <3 I get A LOT of practice. Likewise! We'll get some more wins under our belt! @nothing_but_fail <3 and everyone else hope you all have a good valentines day and see you all on brofest
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    Give Away

    I Also thanks for doing the giveaway
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    sG Dissect Podcast - Konah Day

    We need to cover the goldentongue vs howard adventure first
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    Obligatory Check-in

    Whats up coinstar xD It's been a while my man how've you been?
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    New donation from Nau

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    Hi qt, you still have potatoes aim tho
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    Official sG Podcasts?

    What does everyone think of this idea? Led by someone the community chooses or w.e . Could lead to some meme worthy content or updates/drama/etc. Vote on whether you like it or not. Also yeah Noms already does a podcast and could potentially host it?
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    Please accept me :) [PENDING]

    5/20 hi
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    Dead Props

    Just needs a balance change. Say 4 second use, 15 second recharge timer. Something along those lines should be fine.
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    Thanks guys!

    ? I don't see the humor in this at all.
  12. fps_trucka

    Thanks guys!

    It wasn't OK to make a post like that then and it isn't OK now. You're a big piece of shit for making this thread. It doesn't matter if it was a haha prank.
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    Thanks guys!

    You will always be a jcs in my heart brother Best of luck!
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    Charred's Application [PENDING]

  15. Hi all, It's been sometime since ZE has seen some love so I apologize for the wait. Tonight I will be adding the reconstructed Zombie Escape Server I have made these past couple days and continue optimizing the server based on how the next couple days go. Many issues in the past that some dealt with such as air knockback has been fixed and you might find many other things as well. I also wanted to mention that the server WILL be different. I made this server to be different than the standard ZE server settings. There are MANY different ZE servers out there period. We are going to compete not by being the same as them but different. I hope some of you understand my mindset on this change. That being said feel free to post what you feel needs to be added or removed whatever, from this point forward ZE will be receiving updates more constantly. I will be adding more details tonight. your favorite idiot, fps_trucka
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    sG Official Podcast

    @Mark from Facebook
  17. fps_trucka


    Welcome to the forums! If you need some help feel free to ask any staff you see! Also if you want any cool stuff added or changed to surf rpg post in the respective forum section! Glad to see more people from there on the forums!
  18. fps_trucka

    Getting out of Silver CS Competitive.

    A lot of people try and do some comp weekend mornings! Hop on the discord voice chat then and ask! I'm sure someone will join.
  19. fps_trucka

    --ZE Complete Rework-- (2/2/2019)

    Phew, Alright so a lot more work has been done. Below will be the change log + to do list for the next coming days. If anyone wants something improved or reverted you are more than welcome to give your input. Trying to give everyone a voice here. Let's give some stuff a try since its a new build. Changes: Weapons & Knockback Changed ammo values from default to custom amounts. Changed knockback per weapon Airknockback has been amplified to discourage zombies from trying to bhop and go infront of humans. Trying to give incentives to use guns other than bizon and negev by ammo/kb changes/buy prices. All these values will be adjusted over the course of the next couple weeks. Feel free to give input if you want. Added these ammos due to server demand, then changed knockback to adjust new movement speed issues that arose. Movement This is probably one of the most controversial topics at the moment so we will see how the server likes it. Can and will revert if server dislikes it. Mother Zombie movement speed increased. Default Zombie movement speed increased. Bunnyhopping enabled. top movespeed is uncapped. Some landing stamina added. General Server Settings We are now using [UMC] Ultimate Map Chooser. New plugin for stop plugin for map music / sounds. Type !music to toggle it. Bullet sounds can be turned off on !settings Various plugins like !hideplayers and !selfmute are on the server once again. Very cool map chooser that allows for tierlists and A LOT of various other features. I will also add workshop maps onto the server whenever someone actually gives me one to add lmao. Only downside I am seeing at the moment is inability to nominate by !(mapname). however that can probably be fixed in the settings. Ping me if I don't get around to it soonish. I might be missing something so I'll double back later and add stuff if I remember. Here is the To-Do list and what will be added. To-Do List (Coming soon) Store Aura's (Need to add them to store then done but added) Tracers titles to return (Event title owners message me if you don't have yours) New models sprays Adjust gunshop2 weapon and grenade prices. (Weapon prices need to be updated but nades are fixed.) Emotes!!!!! :PepeHands: Changed Human Hitboxes Looking into penetration issues (not sure if this is an actual issue yet) Re-adding the old maplist into the tier lists. (Might need some help knowing which map belongs in which group, PM Me if you want to help) Adding cool hats and/or maybe cool unique aura's for the Top Defender Stamm will probably return? Particle precache fixing hud issue so attacks can be seen in fights Balancing kb/clips/movespeed issues gunshop2 will be edited at some point to fix errors various admin commands still not on the server (respawn, sethealth, grab, etc) Create a config for the hitmarker plugin so the entire thing can be turned off or on by client or simply disable the sound. (added something similar, ) Bug bulletford and Moose to change server cap to 64 players Fix error logs as they come up and do more optimizations. Anyways, thats whats on my radar. If anyone sees a change they would like to see let me know! Nothing is set in stone unless the server wants it! Server is still pretty far from how I would like it so you'll keep seeing me hop in and out for the next couple days/weeks. SOMEONE APPLY FOR ADV, lol. I'll update this as each to-do is done. -fps Other things changed since making this: new zr ambient added. Adjusted title credit costs. P2000 kb increased. Added a maxspeed Removed Bhop Added failnade plugin Lowered air knockback Fixed downloading materials issue -2-3var after adding stamm/store combo (note)
  20. fps_trucka

    --ZE Complete Rework-- (2/2/2019)

    Most of the server is transferred over now. There are plenty of things to still do on the server so hang tight over the next day or so while I patch them out. Thanks all.
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    Brofest 7:00 Pst. Be there or be square.
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    Since noone else did...

    Happy birthday!
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    My time is now.