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    Happy birthday sean! Hope it was a fun one
  2. Saying hello.

    Ha look at this nerd still level 1
  3. Zombie Escape Changelog

    9/21/17 -Doubled all shotgun ammo, -Set most pistols to primary clip size to 50 excluding deagle which is set to 20 and usp which is set to 25. -Rifles are set to 65 (excluding AK and M4A1-S which are set to 50 and 45 respectively). -MGs are set to 200 each. -SMGs set to differing primary clip size values ranging from 84 (bizon) to 50 (mp7). Yet again more changes to come.
  4. Lets pop the jb server!!!

  5. Fishy´s App[ACCEPTED]

    I confirm as well. Dude is really cool and is on jb all the time when its popped. Would love to have this nerd join the community.
  6. Zombie Escape Changelog

    9/17/17 -Fixed store -removed majority of skins (Only around 20 remain)
  7. leaving sg

    See you in a year or two sandy
  8. Happy Birthday MistaChang!

    Happy birthday you boosted ape
  9. Zombie Escape Changelog

    09/10/17 - Fixed !stopsound (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=183478&page=5) - Removed skillbot - Added two maps ze_defense & ze_voodoo - Removed gunshop More changes to come.
  10. Hey

  11. 5v5 DotA (Saturday Night)

    Team trucka vs Team Crobat. Round #2.
  12. Happy birthday Yunki!

    You 1.6k pleb. Happy birthday Yunki! Hope you have a good one man.
  13. Happy birthday Chowder

    Happy birthday to one of my favorite JB SO's! @Chowder
  14. Populate sG servers and JB!

    Lets start trying to populate at 5PM PST everyday! I'll try my best to be on everyday and most likely you will all receive invites. The best chance we have at reviving is consistency. Lets try to do at least 1 hour a day boys. Also lets stop making these threads please just bump an old one.