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  1. fps_trucka

    Thanks Taboo.

    Yo Vermintide 2 is REALLY fun, good choice.
  2. fps_trucka

    GRIS - A beautiful platformer

    I'll probably buy this. I'll update whenever I finish it (If I buy it). Edit: I bought it lmfao OK Review time. Sound / Music is really well done. Solid 9/10. Gameplay: This one was kind of a odd one. Most of it is exploration and puzzle solving. Personally I found it not especially challenging but enough to make you think which is a pretty good spot for a game like this. 7 or 8 / 10 Storyline: Yeah there really isn't one. It's up to interpretation for the most part unless there is something you are supposed to know before playing this game doesn't really explain it. ?? / 10 Overall: Game has a fantastic feel and there is a lot of passion put into this game, simply walking or stopping in some area's you can look at little creatures moving around and feel like the environment is lively. It's a nice game not to sprint though but take in some of the design and art that was put into it thats for sure. The game really is beautiful. Coupled with the soundtrack its awesome. It almost had a sort of interstellar (film) type soundtrack at times. My only gripe with the game is that by the last area I was kind of waiting for it to end, mainly to understand what the game was really even about and what sort of conclusion it would come to. Honestly I don't really know even after I finished it. For the 16 dollars this game costs its probably worth it for sure. Just know you probably won't understand what you're doing but that's ok the experience is worth it. fps_trucka score of 8.5/10 You really FEEL like GRIS
  3. fps_trucka

    I just can't with this new CS game.

    Another old fag comes back, welcome. Everyone comes and goes every couple months.
  4. fps_trucka

    Battlefield V - Monthly Pass only $20

    WTF the plane just suicide bombed. LMAO. I was expecting some bomb shells to drop or something. Edit: It says its a rocket but does not look like a rocket at all.
  5. fps_trucka

    Old guy from way back

  6. fps_trucka

    ZE Problems

    I'm not sure if anyone responded to you yet if not ill fill you in. The latest csgo update fucked with a lot of sourcemod shit and plugins. We had to update the server to 1.9 to simply make the server not crash. We are looking for a fix in the meantime to fix sprays which is another reason why you dont see them on any other server. TLDR last update broke a lot of things. We will see how long it takes to replace/fix broken things. As for the entwatch stuff are the powerups not working or are they just not being "logged"
  7. fps_trucka

    Happy Birthday Clamps!

  8. fps_trucka

    Old UV Member looking for his old friends

    lesbian dad posts every couple months but other than that no epsy / phoenix
  9. fps_trucka

    nothing_but_fail stepdown

    Later dude gl in basic
  10. With Smash ultimate on the way I want to prepare so I don't get fucking destroyed by the time the game comes out. If anyone has sm4sh for wii u and wants brownie points with some retard old fag or someone to simple style on lemme know! If you're not in the clan either thats cool.
  11. fps_trucka

    Zombie Escape Changelog

    Removed Zclass -Buff normal zombie hp to 10k. -Buff mother zombie hp to 15k.
  12. fps_trucka

    Stepping down

  13. Himiko Toga is a cutie. That is all.
  14. fps_trucka

    Community Update 5/31/18

    Bring back Cinema :kappa:
  15. fps_trucka

    Just suggestions

    Might work on this after I finish the boss plugin.