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  1. fps_trucka

    Stepping Down

    Thanks for all your time and energy trying to make jb better @Hawk
  2. fps_trucka

    Trelvick's Application [PENDING]

  3. fps_trucka


    Snipe** #Justice4Jeff
  4. fps_trucka

    Happy birthday DarkFalcon

    Happy birthday
  5. fps_trucka


    xd no worries, good work on the bot its fun! thanks dash!! Thanks and no problem! Still stuff to be done but always happy to help! Thanks mudkips For us both bruddah, thanks Thanks ben! Thanks dark fry SPIDER, thanks dude <3 thank you bruddah Thank you qtpie TY infested! Don't worry hammer is reserved for ZEBRA. hehehe. TY Pooork, thanks my man and sweetrock thank you!! (i cant use another line sadly but thank you all for the birthday wishes!)
  6. fps_trucka


    Thanks Also nice new name! Thanks Lindsay lmao Thanks Ironic! Thanks Dreeeey <3 Currently staring at your picture Thanks qt Thanks Wolfshade!!!!!!!!: D: D:D! Thanks cooookie
  7. fps_trucka

    Any other good anime's out there?

    Mob Psycho is one of the few animes I've watched that I have completely loved. The animation is a bit different from conventional animes but the story and characters are all fantastic. Lots of character development and very fun personalities. I really cannot recommend this anime enough. If you're looking around for a new show to watch definitely check it out.
  8. fps_trucka

    Hey wats good guys!!!

    I remember you from a couple years ago. Glad to see you're back.
  9. fps_trucka


    Hiya welcome to the forums! If you have any questions about our ZE server feel free to ask! I work on the server alongside Dark Falcon.
  10. fps_trucka

    sG Equality and Fairness on Servers/Discord

  11. fps_trucka

    sG Equality and Fairness on Servers/Discord

    Damn those nudes of Clara tho
  12. fps_trucka

    Surf Server Suggestions

    I think time should go down to 45 minutes.
  13. fps_trucka

    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    Just trying to hype the community up and get people excited. If that means I look like a retard doing so, so be it. I love these idiots. Even if you bully me
  14. fps_trucka

    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    VERY EXCITED at these changes a lot of very good guys joining the staff team! Congrats to the new advisors @DarkFalcon @daniel_ and @LindsayLoo! If any of you want help adding or doing anything with the servers feel free to ask! I'm looking forward especially to working with dark falcon on ZE! Also HUGE CONGRATS to @Ironic @Booch @Sean and my BEST apex buddy @Nau. You guys are all great and looking forward to working with you all on events and such! I would also like to thank all the JCS and the managers for working on the update! @Mimic, @bulletford, and @Moose <3. Let's continue to try and make sG a great place to play games and unwind. UPVOTE ME
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