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  1. First brofest experience

  2. First brofest experience

    The real question is, sakuya = centran????
  3. Thanks Vexewr!

    Golf with some friends ! Thanks @vexer Let's fucking play bro
  4. Fuzeee's Application [PENDING]

    Cool guy on ZE, always hops on and helps pop. Glad to see him apply. 6/20
  5. Vote for the next day we brofest

    Options 14th, 15th, 21st, or 22nd. Poll Closing down Friday.
  6. Syndicate Gamers Quarterly Update

    Thank god @Sean isn't staff anymore thats ONE less WEEABO.
  7. Post your favorite marvel movie.

    ^^^^ Tobey Maguire = best spiderman. FITE ME.
  8. 15/20 Retard on discord but likes dota +1
  9. TDOV 2018

    I'll take a look, thanks for posting. Glad to support in any way.
  10. Zombie Escape Changelog

    Added third class to !zclass - Fatboi. It's a slow class zombie with really low knockback decent health but good regen. Again, balancing is most likely needed so just bear with me while we test this out in public matches. Give me feedback where necesssary. Added skins specific to the new classes. For Fast zombie its a gore_fast from kf. For the Fatboi its a boomer from L4D2. Tweaked some stats for the health of the fast zombie and speed. Health down to 1.5k from 2k, and speed from 290 to 280. If you have any questions or any problems arise let me know,
  11. We Beefin'?

    They aight
  12. Hello:)

    Welcome to the forums fan. Feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  13. Aristocat's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    18/20 Cool guy hopped in ZE yesterday and was super friendly.