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  1. Happy birthday Karma!
  2. 4836-0751-7112 Message me before you send it so I don't accidentally decline. So far got mk8, arms, splatoon 2. Lemme know if anyone wants to play.
  3. Sorry about the accident. Although you have to look for a new car the main thing is you aren't hurt or injured. Stay safe everyone.
  4. Who else?
  5. Didn't even tell me :'( Thanks for everything you've done for MG, and all the maps you have ported and created for the community. Your work has brought MG to where it is today and its A LOT better than it was in the past. Anyways, good luck with real life stuff man.
  6. Krony! Thanks for the donation!
  7. Crobat got jp'd?
  8. Surprised noone picked Ramses, gotta pick that goonie. Dude is the biggest goonie on the show. I'll also pick raven because she looks pretty autistic.
  9. I'm down.
  10. 10/10 Confirmed! Rex is a squeeker but he contributes from time to time and in my opinion would make a good addition to the community. He helps populate various servers, and also is always on teamspeak talking to members. Welcome to the Syndicate Gamers community Rex!
  11. Happy birthday to the best tinker player in NA! Hope it's a good one Jeff!
  12. The thing is trav, spawn camping is actually a pretty big thing in surf rpg. Beating the surf part of the map rewards the player with the option of choosing where they want to go next in order to have an edge over the other team. This could be on top of a maps jail or the other teams spawn, etc... Spawn camping on these maps has always been a thing however, I think it is due to the maps on the server rather than the actual immunity settings. Most of the maps on the server that I see people actually play on, the surf section is very basic and you can 90% of the time fall to the bottom of the map and still go through these portals to the other teams spawn. I guess some people like the maps that require zero skill. So, in the end spawn killing will still be an issue. At least in my opinion.
  13. Hahahahahahaha
  14. Welcome to the forums!
  15. For 500 dollars I kinda feel like your going to have a hard time finding a "decent" desktop. This is probably especially true if you want it pre-made. I would definitely build your own since you will in the end get better parts for the money you are putting into it.