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  1. Krony is a baller
  2. These are the people trying to run our country. Lmfao
  3. Thanks for all the tips guys. Appreciate it <3
  4. If you're streaming its really important you have a good cpu. You should try to get something better imo Edit: make sure it has hyper threading.
  5. First, also i'll ref you. Thanks for all the hard work on jb Taz. Grats on graduating and GL for the future!
  6. I want to learn how to use linux however, I was wondering which Distro to use? I've heard of mint, ubuntu, and Red Hat. Not quite sure which one is better. Also what is the best way to learn linux? Anyone with past experiences can you share what you did to learn linux? Also separates linux from something like windows? Why do people enjoy using linux etc? Edit: also should I use a VM or just make it dual boot?
  7. So I saw alien covenant yesterday and to be honest... If you agree / disagree/ thoughts list em. This is just what I found. There is probably more.
  8. Will ref this dude. I think he has great presence on the forums and would make a good sG member.
  9. OH BOY! Thanks Totes! I'll add you now.
  10. Happy bday! Hope it's a good one!
  11. I like these odds add me to the list.
  12. Really good tips here. I highly recommend to anyone with anxiety to practice deep breathing techniques ASAP.
  13. TFW you won't be home till tomorrow night. Gotta give these scrubs a head start.
  14. They are different people