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  1. Breaking News! 11/11/2017

    "Personality: Cunt"
  2. Ice's Application [PENDING]

    Will ref
  3. Study tips

    Definitely go to a library or someplace where others are trying to get work done. Another thing I do is wear earplugs even if its quite. Pretty easy to focus when every sound nearby is blocked. Maybe even drink a redbull on occasion usually helps me at least.
  4. Brofest 10/28

  5. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    Jesus the memes finally became dreams, swed is finally engineer. Also congrats moose!! Welcome back eddy and kid fearless!
  6. TTT_Outset_Island

    This map looks DOPE.
  7. Zombie Escape Changelog

    9/26/17 -Added Anti-Teal's Quiz plugin
  8. Looking at Our Reactions: A Discussion.

    If sweetrock ever posts i can use and not upvote her.
  9. Stepping down

    One less boosted ape off the SO list

    Happy birthday sean! Hope it was a fun one
  11. Saying hello.

    Ha look at this nerd still level 1
  12. Zombie Escape Changelog

    9/21/17 -Doubled all shotgun ammo, -Set most pistols to primary clip size to 50 excluding deagle which is set to 20 and usp which is set to 25. -Rifles are set to 65 (excluding AK and M4A1-S which are set to 50 and 45 respectively). -MGs are set to 200 each. -SMGs set to differing primary clip size values ranging from 84 (bizon) to 50 (mp7). Yet again more changes to come.
  13. Lets pop the jb server!!!

  14. Fishy´s App[ACCEPTED]

    I confirm as well. Dude is really cool and is on jb all the time when its popped. Would love to have this nerd join the community.
  15. Zombie Escape Changelog

    9/17/17 -Fixed store -removed majority of skins (Only around 20 remain)