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  1. Why is jb dead?

    5ive Nasteh, Monkeh, and I were the pillars of hope that the server relied on. Say what you will, but that is the truth that sG doesn't want to acknowledge. Mimic can eat the shrooms that grow from my semen rag.
  2. Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (This weekend/ongoing)

    Golem wars!?

    when you're just trying to smokeu

    this is next gen eurobeat
  5. sG Vanilla Minecraft Server! 7PM CST Monday!

    The WoW memes Remember the time you were given the choice to mine obsidian or get banned
  6. PC Build This Summer

    Why can't you use your current monitor and just get a second one, because an i3 and a low-end graphics card is not going to last you for a while. It would be rough trying to stream off of a pc like that as well
  7. PC Build This Summer

    Dude drop the monitors and get a better processor. You can always get new monitors later on. Also Computex is coming up and that should cause prices on older hardware to fall Made some adjustments and you can get a relatively better pc set up for around the same price https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Z2XBtJ
  8. AMD Zen (Ryzen)

    My computer wont boot passed 2133, I have a 1700 with corsair 3200 mhz ram On latest bios for my board Thinking about getting different ram or a 1700x, because I have read they have better binning for the memory controller
  9. i7-6800k vs ryzen 7

    Dude I asked you what kind of temps you get with the hyper 212 in your build thread, never replied I was curious because I wanted to gauge my cooling needs for the cpu Also I got a gigabyte gaming k7 board
  10. i7-6800k vs ryzen 7

    I decided to go for the ryzen chip. I am gaming at 1440p and there doesn't seem to be that big of a difference between the i7 and ryzen chip at that resolution and the extra cores and threads will help when multi tasking, etc. So far I ordered the motherboard that I want, but I am going to get my ryzen 7 chip in store I am not sure if I am going for the 1800x, the 1700x, or the 1700
  11. i7-6800k vs ryzen 7

    I can get a 6800k for $379 or should I go for a ryzen 7 mainly for gaming and some productivity tasks My issue is the ram compatibility on ryzen motherboards Ryzen compatible ram seems to be more expensive than run of the mill corsair vengeance Give me your thoughts sG (I don't want a 7700k)
  12. AMD Zen (Ryzen)

    What's your overclocked cpu temps at load with the hyper 212 evo?
  13. AMD Zen (Ryzen)

    I am interested to see further updates on your build
  14. Your aio cooler triggers me, no room to front mount?
  15. We lost

    nah, neck muscles are buff af like shadow's