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  1. driz

    Happy Birthday centran! GOODBYE - step down

    @Eddy thanks for what you did while you were active. As much as I hate to admit it, your perspective as a non-engineer was actually pretty helpful during some of the development work i did.
  2. driz

    Happy Birthday centran! GOODBYE - step down

    Happy birthday bud, sorry again we didn't catch up during my last visit. good luck with the personal stuff! also, ftfy
  3. driz

    Havung problems with the forums..

    this is not the tech support forum you are looking for.
  4. this kid picked an i9 for a server, clearly a moron spamming posts
  5. driz

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    how about you ollie deez nuts and stfu kid. oops, thought this was tms.
  6. driz

    Staff Leaks

    why is this kid not getting warnings? like.. what the fuck is he even talking about with this comment? step up your game staff. disregard, it's the spam section.. where this fuck belongs. carry on
  7. the patch panel is obviously not connected.. or you'd see the terminations coming into the back.. the lack of a switch in the rack should also explain why... im not sure if you're trolling or y'know.. being dumb right now though also, i only have 2 (well i guess 3 if we split them out) network+ and CCNP Route/Switch (which requires the CCNA R/S (or CCENT AND CCNA for the kids who can afford to take them split like that) offtopic: i found an "authentic Chicago deepdish pizza" place here. it was NOT good.
  8. but on a serious note, just get an old pc from a pc repair place (not best buy) and you should be good. you dont even need a video card. a red/gold is great for a server, but you might want an SSD or a hybrid to speed up map loading time and such.. srcds is single threaded, so you want a FAST cpu not a high core count cpu I call this SiJ
  9. driz

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    Ahhh i get it now 🤣 Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  10. driz

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    i did... i just didn't understand it.. i hate you
  11. driz

    Zombie Escape Suggestion Thread

    remember guys, this is the 'suggestions' collection thread; for bugs, you need to report them using the bug tool, as @fontaine sticky mentions: http://www.joinsg.net/bugs/zombie-escape/ Remember what i said about details in bug reports, provide as much info as you can.
  12. driz

    Happy birthday dear Weeb-Chan-Sama

    Happy birthday, welcome to the over-the-hill club @Clamps @ChosenOne2000 @centran and I are pleased to have your old ass.
  13. driz

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    tfw when the new staff thread thanks a former ADV who completely fucked up a server, then tried to purposely sabotage it after ninja-quitting... yah thanks crobat, shitbag.
  14. driz

    Zombie Escape Suggestion Thread

    for example, if on map A, doing X results in a sudden lag spike. we want to know what a and x are, along with the player count. or in guardian's example, does the napalm effect cause lag on every map regardless of players or only certain maps, or only when more than X players.. it's difficult work to isolate the issues, but you guys play on the server, so you have the best opportunity to take notes. Any time you see lag, pause your game play fun and evaluate the situation. as many details as can be gathered, then post it in the bug forum (if we still have it, @fontaine ) or in here.. whatever.