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  1. Arabs are dark skinned too! Also I loved that song Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. I bet Jews accumulate wealth at an astonishing rate, and since they have dark skin (obviously ethnic, not religious, you stupid fucks), boom black wealth. Case closed Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. Make them use the black bathrooms, I don't want them in mine! Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  4. of course, I don't consider you to be less qualified than your peers. with your drive for further education, I would agree you may even be more qualified, or WILL BE, I just cant agree on you being 3x more qualified I mean hell, you're more qualified than half the signal officers I know for THEIR jobs that being said, we always knew that being a support MOS in a line unit would be bad for us, you got fucked, no doubt, but it was because you're medical as opposed to aviation/infantry, not because you are black.
  5. 3x as many skills != 3 times more qualified. I have tactical, strategic and administrative skills and experience, they do not make me more qualified than my other voice consultant peers. I don't see how admin/tactical experience make you more qualified as a doctor. As a Soldier in general, of course you're significantly more qualified, but as a doctor? I don't see it. if the job description had: Required: Must be a doctor Pluses: tactical, technical, administrative, and trauma skills if you're competing against just a doc, then I agree; However, I doubt the job description of your current role requires those pluses which negates the skills in terms of direct competition.
  6. to be fair, equal opportunity does SOMETIMES work both ways. eg. in Fayetteville, NC there is a tech school with a predominantly black population. White applicants get a minority scholarship when applying. all in all, equal opportunity tends to hurt rather than help, IMO. while I wont say racism doesn't exist, I bet you would find a black man with qualifications gets the job before a better qualified white woman.
  7. ok.. you're going to go spend money to hire a lawyer so you can file a lawsuit against a name on the internet.. you assume this person falls under the jurisdiction of the country you live in.. do you even have this kid's contact info? it's not like he hacked you, you authorized him access. Did you make him sign anything limiting what he could legally do during his authorized connection? HAVE YOU EVEN PUT REAL THOUGHT INTO THIS
  8. pricewatch! yes.. best site ever. OK, so you believe white privilege has negatively affected you. Considering what I know about your ratings and the subsequent promotion, do you really think you are twice as good at your job as your peers? Is it more likely that rather than white privilege holding you back that early on in your career you were simply not as dedicated as you are now? I personally don't think you're "three times" as good as your peers, yet you're getting ahead just fine. Be real, if you were white, you wouldn't even have been past the 1st phase for NASA.. I'm not hating here, but I know your early career work ethic vs your current work ethic, I would say that played a far larger role than any white privilege did. You've gotten a ton of opportunities, including positions that would definitely bolster your position/career and you've turned them down.
  9. I'm going to answer for him real quick. Military pay, in the US, is standardized. You can't make more money being white or other. Further, the military paid for c12 to get a bachelors, 2 masters, and a doctoral degree. He was a final pick for a NASA program.. in jobs with standardized pay, "equal opportunity" > white privilege. A black person is always going to get favor or else the company is racist. https://www.dfas.mil/dam/jcr:0066b0ac-2d02-47a6-8b78-1cdc91b56ef7/2017MilitaryPayChart.pdf above link is the pay for all ranks based on time in service. there is no change for being white obviously he can chime in when the time presents itself to him, but I just wanted to clarify that it's not possible to make more in the mil based on race. this is an interesting article that definitely shines a light on how historically horrible it was in the US for minorities. However, if you think there aren't people of all races taking advantage of a disadvantaged person in the US, you're crazy. when I say disadvantaged I'm talking about unable to read, blind, any handicap that presents an opportunity for someone to rip them off. consider, you go to a used car lot, you can't read, do you think you're going to leave there with the best deal? Hell, Americans in general in the last quarter of 2016 were ripped off for tens of millions by people from India... greed doesn't not respect race or religion, it preys on the weak regardless of skin color.
  10. honestly, I was an AMD fanboy for so long (and ATI for that matter) I can't really see AMD ever recovering. If AMD releases something cutting edge, you can bet Intel has an unreleased proc they'll just release to market to gain back the edge. AMD is playing catch up and has been for years... the days of buying an Athlon xp cpu from AMD and smoking an intel cpu are over. The ONLY redeeming quality, IMO, is that AMD is significantly more affordable (in all facets, really, look at freesync vs gsync) while not completely underwhelming. If you want maximum speed/perf you get intel, but when we talk best bang for the buck, I would say AMD is in the running there... that all said, we're all enthusiasts here, but when you mention intel dropping prices because AMD is suddenly competitive.. get real, the enthusiast market isn't where intel makes money, AMD isn't a threat.. Intel is in the CISCO UCS, all EMC storage, nimble storage, netapp storage, HP, dell, IBM server portfolio... why would they drop prices? if see start seeing AMD make deals with server manufacturers.. then I might expect some form of response from Intel, potentially in the form of a price reduction.
  11. the inheritance portion is true in SOME circles, but how many people do you guys know white or other who inherited anything worthwhile? Personally, if my parents died today, I inherit debt. I would say this is true for many Americans. I grew up digging in couches for quarters to buy milk, probably until I was 16 when my dad had sufficient rank to actually buy groceries and such, but by this point we were around 100k in debt. Hell, my parents are still ~40k in debt and in their 60s. As another point, let's look at lifestyle choices. Take pretty much any minority today.. like whites, they buy a cheap first car to stay within budget, great job here! this is how savings begins... the problem is minorities (not just blacks) next toss on rims that cost 5x what the car initially cost, then a "system" here begins the debt (AKA negative inheritance). Next let's look at attire. It's been taboo for a male to wear jewelry (aside from a wedding band) for some time in multiple 1st world countries, yet we see minorities go out to buy expensive chains, rings, and other items to celebrate wealth they typically don't have. this all leads to LESS money saved as then hit their 30s. When I turned 30, I already had over 50k in the bank, why? I drove a 300$ car for all of college, I shopped at Wal-Mart for everything, and I worked. Did I splurge once in a while? Sure, but my first 3 computers were built from the cheapest parts you can find, I can't even remember the site, but let's just say 50% cheaper than everything else. I had a budget and I stuck to it. When I kick the bucket, my kids will get a decent inheritance and no debt. Why? I saved and while I frivolously spend NOW i'm still well within my budget. Minorities are still at the point in their life (for some reason) that they feel the need to flaunt wealth. It gains nothing except street cred which is apparently more important than education (whether college, certifications, or trade school), savings for whatever, or simply living within their means. Hell, you can find people on welfare wearing chains and driving cars with chrome rims.. I'm going to be real, there are tons of poor white people with no inheritance for the same reasons there are a ton of black people, but the statistics will remain heavily slanted until minorities stop being fucking morons with their money. @ChosenOne2000 I'd be interested on your input, as a black man who didn't/doesn't frivolously spend. Do you think your child will have an inheritance? Personally, while I know some here will quickly say it's different because you're an interracial couple so you're getting white wealth into the family, I have my doubts on that front, I would say the majority, if not all, of the wealth in your family comes from you. But IIRC, your mother is also well educated with a nice job. As long as 'The Sims' don't release a pay2play, I assume you would get some inheritance from her. thoughts?
  12. I'm a little late, but I laughed when I read someone saying Tricare is the best healthcare out there. It's only the best when you can get an exception for Tricare to cover going to a civilian hospital! Sure everything is free but man military doc's are trash. The military doesn't pay them enough to get the top MDs... I mean c12 is a military doc (not an MD) Let's be real, ibuprofen and water are not an all-day cure like the military thinks. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  13. Lol, dead on! Always remember, if you can't afford thermal paste, just use tooth paste Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  14. 80+ gold is plenty good, just don't buy bronze. The extra juice in the PSU will just make it die faster All in all nice build, you missed out by not getting an nvme disk though Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. I never claimed Americans don't target mosques, I said I found it unlikely they would do so while taking the time to ensure it was empty. You provided one link showing it and I conceded the point. Although to be fair I only said I hadn't heard of it happening. The minor details as you call them were my whole point and therefore not minor at all. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk