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  1. Army ROTC

    gotta necro this, rotc obligations are 8 years active duty is 4x4 (4active and 4 more in either active, rr, or irr) reserve is 4 yrs rr and then 4rr or 4irr check your contracts!
  2. Computer go pop

    Assuming you're using a desktop and not a server with sas+raid controllers, and a single video card, your 550 should be fine. that psu you mentioned is 80+gold which is just fine.
  3. my wcs menu is oversized --please help!

    i had this happen when i started playing in 4k. the menus don't scale because @bulletford sucks
  4. Yo

    Never worry about being an inscribe staff member, just look at mimic and centran . If anything, you'll get promoted to jcs for doing nothing Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. Dr. Vojislav Seselj's Application [DENIED]

    Formed an educated opinion and stuck to it, I like it. Don't let these faggot sG retards change your mind or harass you into saying something to appease them. ref from me 6/20
  6. Army ROTC

    i appreciate that you went and googled what an officer does, however, who do you think leads/manages/assigns and gives orders to a team? a team leader (enlisted) squad? a squad leader (enlisted) to a platoon? a platoon sergeant (enlisted).. in fact, there is an enlisted "manager" every step of the way up from e3 to e9. Officers do the same thing, just with more authority. that all said, are there shitbag officers who don't participate? yep. same as there are shitbag JCS in sG who do nothing ( ) chosen was out running medevac ops on the ground with his troops, i led missions personally throughout both deployments with my troops as an O1, an O2, and an O3. If my Soldiers had an op, you can bet your ass I was there along with my peers leading the efforts. Prior to leading the effort, i planned the mission, gave the orders and assigned tasks to my senior enlisted.. then they gave orders and assigned tasks (and sometimes planned their mission within the constraints of my directives) to their Soldiers. company grade officers typically participate (excluding the guard and reserves from what is "typical") That said, as a Paratrooper, my interactions with the air force were limited to the load masters (enlisted) and the pilots (officers) i saw them both doing their job every airborne op i went on. That said, the AF is run more like a corporation, so it is more likely to see even junior officers behind a desk. either way, for the sake of those actually interested in joining, perhaps limit commentary about what is what to the things you have experience with. I would never challenge you on what enlisted airmen do in the air guard, and i would expect that you would refrain from offering input on what army officers do. It's the serious discussions thread after all...
  7. Army ROTC

    this kid has some misconceptions and is either extremely new to the military or works with the airforce (or worse, air guard). As a junior officer that doesnt go into MI, AG, or Finance, you will likely be in the field fairly regularly. You will lead troops and have (compared to civilian counterparts) a significant amount of responsibility. If you want a desk job in the Army as an officer, I wish you luck if you're just fishing for free $$$ the guard probably is the best option. That said I have had guard units with me plenty of times in the combat zone and as you might expect of personnel who play army 1 weeks a month, they're not very good at their jobs. This translates to a shitty deployment typically speaking but sometimes you get lucky and get a chill deployment, it's a gamble. If you're lucky enough to get into a guard (or reserve) unit that doesn't deploy while you're in, then have fun! prior to 9/11 most guard drill weekends just involved drinking and shooting "guns" I'm relatively certain only @ChosenOne2000 and myself have completed Army ROTC (or any other ROTC program for that matter) in sG. So i suggest taking anything these guys say with a grain of salt. That said, if you go the Army ROTC route, 1) you'll get school paid for 2) you learn valuable leadership skills 3) you COULD get your masters and/or doctoral degrees paid for completely 4) the pay is fairly decent . Coming out of the military as an officer, you'll have equivalent management experience that you would expect from the Assistant Vice President level in the civilian world (but realistically, much more, just dont tell the hiring manager that) If you go into the guard, reserves, or active duty with the expectation that you're just getting free money and won't have to do anything, it's a gamble. Maybe you do your 4 and never deploy, maybe you deploy for 3 of those years.. who knows. good luck, if you join, don't be a shitbag.
  8. New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    to be fair, i'm not talking about quantity, i'm talking about quality. quality in memory and psu is critical. the brand doesnt necessarily indicate quality either. everyone makes "cheap" shit. you gotta do your research. check those 12v rails, check those certifications, verify the timing and voltage reqs on your memory
  9. Help With Nginx, Domain, and Reverse DNS

    i mean, that is pretty much how i setup sg looks great to me. @staff, yah i necro posts, what of it!
  10. Motherboard with max USB ports

    i didnt read any of this shit, but why not buy a pcie usb 3.1 card... pretty sure you have open 1x ports on your board.
  11. New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    dont listen to @Burgham i'm pretty new to computers, but i think cheaping out on ram and psu is a poor idea.
  12. New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    dont cheap out on memory or the PSU. that is all
  13. CCTV Help and recommendations

    i use amcrest cameras, most are poe, some are wireless though. they're affordable. the software and firmware is shit, but the hardware is good. You can buy them on amazon. most of these cams are 2304x1296, 1 is higher. For my multiview (below) i use 640x480 and when i click a cam, i get full res the indoors ones support pan, tilt, and zoom. the outdoor ones are vandal proof models.
  14. Racism

    I thought anything except blacks were fair game in SG? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  15. Racism

    i'm only just now reading all this, but we are talking about niggardly, it's not a word you use to "call someone" it's a term to indicate being a filthy money grubbing jew and has nothing whatsoever to do with being black. I think you should feel free to say the "N" word with er or a at the end as long as you're man enough to say it around a bunch of black people. If you're too much of a bitch to do it, then stop saying it.. you're just a bitch.