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  1. Racism

    Fuck off™ [emoji2] the point is, you can't ban purely because of the word, you have to consider context. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  2. Racism

    The word niggardly had definitely been used in the last 20 years, the cessation of its use was due to uneducated blacks filling hr reports because.... They were ignorant. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. Racism

    that would be because of the low level of education of our staff. Sadly, they're idiots. Speaking of which, i actually met an idiot who thought renege (pronounced renig) was a racist term from the early days of slavery. too bad that shit is latin from the 16th century. people are so fucking stupid.
  4. happy date of birth Driz

    35 fuck man, was that the hill I just went over? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  5. happy date of birth Driz

    thanks! i see this and all i can think is.. goddamn i look good.

    holy fuck. although, im willing to bet this problem is on your end
  7. Step down thread [Denied]

    you wish
  8. Happy Father's Day

    thanks @Karma how did you accomplish this! i've been trying to get rid of mine forever.
  9. Steam Summer Sale has Begun

    dont complain, you have that pizza place down the street and that's all you need. fuck games and houses gimme dat deepdish
  10. Happy Birthday Swed

    happy bday chump.
  11. Custom map problems.

    i mean, i've been a linux gamer since '96.. literally have never played a game (except wow after bc) that ran worse in linux than windows. If you can't download maps, it's not linux that is causing the problem..
  12. Republicans give up on Obamacare repeal

    fucking collections thanks for the headsup centran
  13. Republicans give up on Obamacare repeal

    much like obama, they poorly planned the changes to healthcare. Without limits on what doctor and hospitals can bill, our healthcare system will remain fucked. here's an example of why: took wife to ER due to symptoms of pneumonia. Got put in room, nurse visited and stated the doctor wanted blood work and a piss test. 3 hours later, i went to ask when the tests would happen. The ER doctor who requested the items had left for the day, provided no info to any of the nursing staff and the room was showing as empty. We finally got 2 pills from another nurse and were discharged. 2 weeks later, this doctor bills our insurance for 1173$. the doctor never saw us, forgot we were there and horribly failed at her job. My insurance offered to pay 50$ for the service. Doctor took the 50 and billed us the remaining 1123. We called our insurance, and luckily, they paid the balance. The fact remains that as long as a doctor can choose to bill whatever they want (hospitals in general do this in the US, they bill a completely different amount based on what insurance you have, in fact, prior to ACA, i would just claim i didn't have dental insurance because the no-insurance bill rate was less than my copay) will present an issue regardless of what healthplan is forced upon us. My thoughts: setup guidelines for hospital/doctor billing practices FIRST, then figure out how to make healthy 18-25year olds pay for the medical expenses of 90 year olds.
  14. Stepping down from LEG

    oooh burn.
  15. BAD NEWS

    Sadly, this April fool's ruse did not result in the deletion of mg or bc nudes..... . I have failed this city, er clan Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk