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  1. Superheroes mod, a cs1.6 classic ;)

    To be honest I think this died out because the evolution of war3. In 1.6, war3 was originally 4 races - then they added 4 more. Those are still typically the first 8 races you see on any war3 server today. Come CS:S, people like us began writing custom races for our servers. Turning 8 races into 200+. At which point it became pointless to have multiple similar mods like this. Although I played a lot of it, I just don't see this happening anytime in the future for us. We'd essentially need another Face dedicated to coding super powers (or just steal the already existing skills from war3, and rename them to super powers). The superhero mods that I played were not mix-and-match at all, either. It was pretty much the same as war3 - pick superman, you can fly, have a bunch of armor, extra health... pick spiderman, get a grapple hook... all of which exist in war3.
  2. JB Night - Fri 17th/Sat 18th

    ? There's no time posted or anything. Trying to figure out what day would get the best results.
  3. We are excited to announce that we have voted unanimously to pursue a partnership with GCC (Gaming Community Central). I have been discussing with their leaders what this would look like for us, and how it will affect us as a community. This doesn't mean we're giving up control or anything of the sorts, we opt into anything we want to participate in. But they are a growing centralized community, including Hells Gamers, Prestige Gaming, GFL, Tango Worldwide, Serious GMOD, and others. This gives us another outlet to advertise our events and bring some of the bigger communities together and participate. They also host events (such as the PUBG one which got us interested in this opportunity), and invite all communities to participate - as one of the largest partners, we get first invites on events that are size limited. We're hoping this will bring many more opportunities for growth and fun in the future. Also, a big part in this is communication. For example, when we identified who breached our forums, I was able to forward this information on to them, and they notified the Advisors of the other gaming communities to do with that information as they saw fit. As part of this, they request that we assign some staff members to be the chain of communication between communities. Due to the size of our community, we fall under their highest tier of communities, and have asked for a total of five volunteers. The three Ambassadors (those that organize events between us and them) will be @Fugner, @Travesty, and @Sean, while the two Advisors (higher level communication, as noted above) will be myself, and @Clamps. We did not feel that extra staff roles would be required for this, as there will be very little additional work for us to do. If you would like to join GCC discord, her is the link https://discordapp.com/invite/34HHzZH . They will be adding a bot command soon which after accepting their rules upon joining, you may go to the #roles channel, and through an automatic command be assigned to the community you specify. We look forward to the upcoming opportunities this will bring, including (hopefully) the usage of their ( not actually theirs, but a friend of the leaders of GCC's ) PUBG custom server to host our own PUBG events in the future. If you have any questions, concerns, etc. feel free to express them. Here are their forums as well, if you want to check them out. http://gamingcommunitycentral.com/forums/ EDIT: Forgot to mention, our global and server rules (as well as theirs) are to be respected at all times in their discord, forums, etc. Breaking rules, excessive trolling, etc. in any of GCC's or other communities (this is nothing new) can also result in a punishment here.
  4. Breaking News! 11/11/2017

    woah woah woah. I have a kid. Don't let that get out.
  5. Abandonment

  6. GCC PUBG Squad Event!

    Nope On a more serious note, no I didn't officially apply, but we have been offered to join if it is something that we want to go forward with. I met with some of their community leaders for a couple hours before we had the data breach, so the decision to join or not took a backseat for a bit. It could be a great opportunity for us, and I'll write up a post later about what it would look like for us and what our decision is moving forward.
  7. Ice's Application [PENDING]

    Your application has been moved to pending status. You may now put on your sGr | tag to inform members that you are a Recruit. In order to become a member of Syndicate Gamers, your application will need to meet at least 20 referrals from sG members who are L2 and above. Three of those must be from our Staff team.
  8. New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    I did say that mine was 75 over budget, I guess that's after mail in rebates, but I suggested waiting for sales to get it all on budget. I do hate suggesting a non-K cpu, so going i3 and planning to upgrade later is a valid option, and probably what I would take in his case to for sure stay on budget - he also gets a bigger SSD (and PSU), which in my history is worth it, because I'm running out on my 256 . I also wouldn't worry too much about additional fans for the case or anything. It looks like an i3 comes with a stock cooler, which should be fine until he upgrades - I would probably upgrade that first. If he sees heat becoming an issue, you can always buy fans and stuff down the road. I'd suggest an h110i saving ~50 on the cooler over the nzxt, but if you want the colors I guess you can pay the extra.
  9. New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    I kept most of nymicals parts, but it seems like maybe the ram price went up, as when I looked at the price for what he listed it was ~$200. Dropped to 8, you can upgrade to another stick in the future to squeeze in an i5 instead and a cooler. This comes out to be ~75 over your 800 max budget, if you can't save for the extra 75 (or wait and see if prices drop for Black Friday / Cyber Monday a bit), then we can do some re-adjusting. Personally I think you could probably come out under 800 if you wait a month, or watch prices and snatch each piece as they go on sale individually. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/JQbtPs Also note that this isn't including Windows, if you need it and have to pay. If you want to get up and running and not pay for Windows off the bat, you can always go with a Linux install and get Windows later.
  10. New PC build. Help would be appreciated.

    Moved to the tech center for hopefully more help. I'll see what I can throw together for around that price. One other thing, do you need a copy of Windows included in that price?
  11. It's a 50 slot server, hopefully we'll have it full most of the week!
  12. New donation from ☠Valiant☠

    Hey man, thanks a lot for your donation! What exactly do you mean by this? Aren't you already playing on our CSGO ZE server?
  13. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    idk what sound mooses make congrats everyone
  14. not alot of people on war3 server anymore

    ???????? Anyways, War3 has always had a tendency to lose population when things start to stagnate. Even last year when Face stepped away for tax season, the population of the server saw a drastic drop for those four months. Hopefully with him back and actively pushing out new races and fixes, the population will steadily climb again.