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  1. Thaco's Application [PENDING]

  2. is eugenics a good thing?

    No, you don't. I'm in a few discords with NSFW channels - I don't even go to those servers while at work. And we're not going to remove admin from JCS...
  3. is eugenics a good thing?

    Let me put it like this for you: for the sole reason that JCS have admin privs in discord, and even with our wonderful bot made by bulletford, we cannot hide channels in discord from admins. Previously to becoming JCS, as a manager I could ask the bot to hide #shitposts - that no longer works for me . Now yes, I can mute it so I don't see new posts, I can avoid clicking on it. But every once in a while, I go to click on #general-chat (right above the infamous #shitposts), and accidentally hit the wrong channel. Now this isn't the end of the world, as it's usually just pictures of raw chicken #sweetrock. However, if this were to accidentally happen with an nsfw channel at work - it may be the end of (my) world.. jk, I'd just find a new job if it came to that. But I still don't want it happening. Point being, it's far to easy to accidentally click a channel in discord, versus navigating to the nsfw parts of the forums. There's a reason we've disabled FFA from showing in new topics, posts, and unread content. It makes it much harder to end up there when you don't mean to. Previously this was a problem, as some people would try and stay very up to date on unread topics, and go down the list reading every post, clicking on it if that post wasn't bad, but then ending up in a thread which contained much worse things. #DiscordIsASafePlace
  4. Illusionist

    You reported your own post, I think you meant to add this: "The ability also disarms secondaries if the enemy has no primary and they have 5 or less bullets."
  5. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    3 tickets for $60 game for sG memebers please.
  6. Team Balance / On Spawns

    Someone might correct me, but off the top of my head there's not a lot we can do about this, without significant effort - I personally feel like the cost vs how often it actually happens is not worth.
  7. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    Right, I said it wasn't exactly the same, but the idea is...Rewarding members of your community(subs for streamers).
  8. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    Your first point is very fair. I'll talk to ATG and we'll let you guys know the decision. Then you guys wouldn't have to miss out on this events' potential prizes at all. Second, I do think unique is tough. Maybe we'll revise it to 10 kills on staff, regardless of duplicates. Again, we'll let you know a decision. Finally, again the only thing keeping you guys from being eligible is yourselves. It has been your guys' choices in the months/years to not join sG. IMO it's perfectly fair to give sG members a higher chance at winning (some)prizes, similar (but not exact) to streamer giveaways and subs getting a higher chance.
  9. Warcraft 3 Christmas Event

    I'd say member, although it's not my event so krony/atg can give the final decision. Although you still wont be able to apply in time to make it matter for this event. Why not? I really don't understand why people think that it's dumb to have prizes for only sG members. It's an sG event on sG servers... For a long time I've said all prizes (or at least any decent ones) should be members only. It's not like it's hard to join, but it's rewarding people for wanting to a part of the community, and providing an incentive for people like you who have been around a long time but see no reason to join. You're the only reason you're not getting a chance at those gifts.
  10. Thanks Pike

    @Pike You're the best
  11. C++ Number Array Help Request!

    Pls don’t be that guy. Anyways, it looks to me like he uses ++ throughout. Unless I’m missing somewhere where he does =+ 1, I’m not seeing that. He also goes back and forth from ++i and i++ heh. Edit. Nvm he did it with badentry. Yeah just use badentry++
  12. C++ Number Array Help Request!

    Weird that you can't do [ i ] .. 1. 99.9% of the time use namespaces. Get used to it. There are VERY few instances in which using a library is going to cause you issues with space / performance. 3. Meh, some teachers like to teach you to keep main simple. That being said, I would break most of that up, but he's clearly learning basics. 6. Is very valid, your code could be cleaned up a lot. That being said, I look back on anything I did more than 6+ months ago, and I go wtf was I thinking. 7. You're really only told to do this in academia. Unless something is complex, I don't comment. Ideally your methods do one thing, and it is simple enough that the function name is all the comment you need. 8. This is purely opinion, and typically enforced by organization standards. I agree it looks better, but functionally doesn't change anything. For example one of our standards is for any parenthesis, brackets, etc. you put a space before and after "someMethod( var 1, var2 );". Also, casing is purely organization dependent, although hopefully most times follow a standard set already depending on the language being used. 9. I also dunno why you're doing a sys pause. But could be one of those things mentioned required to do. Also, how do you do the cool inserty things where you wrote the code and kept formatting and stuff? Gonna look at this more later, but do you need to reject the input if it's outside your range? Currently you tell them it's bad, but then just continue on and let them keep it...
  13. C++ Number Array Help Request!

    Why not just write another loop and cout >> numbers(i) idk why I can’t do bracket i there... but forums remove it lol? You can hardcode the length, or do an array.length or size or whatever it is. Haven’t touched c++ in quite a few years so just going off memory.
  14. Superheroes mod, a cs1.6 classic ;)

    To be honest I think this died out because the evolution of war3. In 1.6, war3 was originally 4 races - then they added 4 more. Those are still typically the first 8 races you see on any war3 server today. Come CS:S, people like us began writing custom races for our servers. Turning 8 races into 200+. At which point it became pointless to have multiple similar mods like this. Although I played a lot of it, I just don't see this happening anytime in the future for us. We'd essentially need another Face dedicated to coding super powers (or just steal the already existing skills from war3, and rename them to super powers). The superhero mods that I played were not mix-and-match at all, either. It was pretty much the same as war3 - pick superman, you can fly, have a bunch of armor, extra health... pick spiderman, get a grapple hook... all of which exist in war3.
  15. JB Night - Fri 17th/Sat 18th

    ? There's no time posted or anything. Trying to figure out what day would get the best results.