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  1. Source 2 has already been released. It's just an engine, Dota2 uses the Source 2 engine. They have no obligation to do anything. You also shouldn't take an AMA from months ago as a source of truth. Any company that isn't ready to release things to public knowledge, or don't want to get hopes up before they're sure on a release date would give a vague answer such as the ones in that AMA. Things change very quickly when developing, and feeling ready to release can change day to day as bugs are discovered, fixed, etc. Anyways, if they do move the Source 2 engine, I'd be pretty excited. We can't fully know what all would change, but even from the graphic and performance enhancements we saw in Dota, I would be happy to see in CSGO. There would however most likely be some minor unavoidable changes to physics, with movement, grenade throwing (I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A GRENADE NOT STOP YOUR MOMENTUM COMPLETELY), etc. This would obviously have a big effect on our kz and mg servers - mainly some maps may need tweaked depending on how much changed, otherwise it may just mean players need to adjust to these minor tweaks. Obviously the pro/competitive scene would need to spend quite a bit of time relearning nade throws, strats, even timings on pushes and where CTs can get before the push comes, and other things depending on how exactly these things changed. Overall the improvements that could come with moving to the Source 2 Engine would be worth it, assuming it happens. EDIT: Also, not that it means much, but the Source 2 wikipedia page now lists CSGO and Dota2. That being said, it uses the same article posted here as the proof, so we shall see.
  2. I agree with most other people... many of his changes seem more personal than from a balancing standpoint. Adding the scaffolding to mid really hurts the CTs, even if he thinks it's helping. Mid becomes almost impossible for a CT to keep control of, because they only have one angle to watch the cat/mid push. Moving around the long cover and removing the doors only makes it easier to take long for the Ts. Removing the skybox from B is actually a change I like. It obviously makes it easier to take B, but I think opens up a lot of options to an otherwise boring site to watch takes - it's always the same. The problem is, with all his other changes, this is only another turn to help T's control the map. I also don't like removing the entire skybox from a competitive standpoint. I would however support raising the skybox around B, to keep the ability to smoke something other than the 'bounce it off the B entrance wall' smoke.
  3. First off, sorry you feel like you were being attacked. Second, Chang is a retard, don't be friends with him anyways. Finally, and most importantly, we have hundreds of people that are a part of this community. Ignore the ones that you don't get along with, and continue playing with the ones you do. It looks like mostly what was being said was joking, but even when people are trolls, just remember that's only a small fraction of the population that you came to be a part of.
  4. Changed Status to Fixed
  5. @Tristan. we need help
  6. Thanks for the credit hawk
  7. Slack wins on everything, if you pay. Then discord. Then other things. Then teamspeak.
  8. If that's the case, to be clear, it's not that it's not working. It's that we're not allowing people to reset their credits.
  9. What credit plugin? if you're talking about credit restore, it'll never be turned on again.
  10. Thanks everyone. Congrats to Bullet and Klark as well.
  11. The beauty of management. Get credit for things you didn't do, and when things aren't right you blame the person who actually did it
  12. I'm assuming you mean the 4th.
  13. Yes. It was originally scheduled for the 8th and 9th. Because of low turnout it will just be the 9th. No need to stretch two days.