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  1. We make you not co-advisor, and you step down. Thanks for your time and effort.
  2. Wait what about me
  3. I know he's not the original author but he's been the one keeping it up to date.
  4. papas doesn't have armor, does it?
  5. So since you've made some of our most popular maps, what's your opinion? I've always been of the mindset that the mapper included or excluded it for a reason. Some maps are easier to rebel and include armor for example, while the opposite is true on others. You also have made maps with and without armor so I'm curious to know what you think of it.
  6. I don't like adding armor to maps
  7. Updated prize list for sG members only
  8. Bluestreak donated $5 to have her do the shoutout lmao
  9. I was there. We did it.
  10. Thanks @Karma my first Father's Day and my kid is out of state
  11. Changed Status to Fixed
  12. Fixed the glacius ice totem bug.
  13. Changed Status to Fixed
  14. Max rounds changed to 8 (down from 10).