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  1. First of all, I don't want a recruitment thread to get derailed into a conversation about voting vs refs again, so let's keep it relevant to the applicant and what is going on here. Feel free to voice your concerns with the individual in an attempt to give others a side of the story they may not know. That is fine, as long as it is civil. This won't be put on hold, as there was a JCS decision unban him. The reason it wasn't an entire staff vote was because it was a JCS decision to ban him in the first place.
  2. I may have missed some, but I feel like most were addressed. To recap most of what I saw: 1. Require reasons for votes / no votes to avoid circle jerking There's absolutely NO way to moderate this. Who gets to decide what is a valid reason? What length is valid. If someone doesn't like someone, technically that's a good enough reason imo, but the problem becomes as mark so greatly pointed out (even if he was arguing for voting) he will trust others opinions to form his decision. Also, if someone does something that is deemed as toxic, does that mean everyone that witnessed it can't use the same reason because it'd be "copy pasting" even though it is valid? Again, there's no way of proving with certainty that someone was asked, coerced, etc. to go and vote on someone. 2. Require activity to be able to vote We've slowly been addressing the activity issue through ranks, but this one is still VERY difficult. What qualifies as active, how do we monitor that? If someone comes around sG to play with their small group of 2-5 friends (not even on our servers but they use discord or something), are they active enough to see others actions and vote on them? I'd argue yes. But then, that becomes hard to moderate who is actually active vs not. As Bulletford pointed out, some of our most active staff honestly don't use forums much anymore. I monitor ranks, recruitment, CD, etc. but honestly very rarely post. I jump on towards the end of the month to see if there's anyone I personally know, that I feel like deserved a ref/vote, and most of the time my post wouldn't matter because they already have enough. 3. 30 refs seems like too much You proposed 20 yes votes I believe, yet this basically evens out to the same imo. If you need 20 people to vote yes (same as ref you essentially), but then you allow no votes, chances are you'll have at least a few people who dislike you. So now you're probably talking an average of 25-30 people voting yes to offset the no's. 4. If someone turns "toxic" I can't remove my ref I don't get it this at all. We've had VERY few instances of this, and most of them happened when voting was around. They just waited a full month to "change". I'm honestly missing what you hope to gain from bringing back voting.
  3. Had nothing to do with ruining the poll. It was mostly because we can see what the real votes showed, but it was an easy way of proving one of the few points of where voting can be a bad thing (also, I do think it was kind of funny to see all those old names on there, even tho it's private to everyone else). I'd also like to reiterate that while I can see what the majority of those that have voted say, that alone would not change things - but also does not mean we're ignoring the vote. If the majority wanted something, fine, let's talk about it. But I also saw many times ignoring travs questions, concerns etc. with moving back, and all of those would need to be addressed. No matter how much I disagree with you about adding votes back, I am still always going to listen if the other side listens as well.
  4. Please stop saying 70% of the community wants this. 70% of those who have voted say they want it. That’s nowhere close to 70% of our active members.
  5. Sean is gonna scam the raffle winner by sending them 20 Canadian monopoly dollars. Thanks for getting this up so quickly, I know a lot of people enjoy these.
  6. First after bear of course. Congrats guys.
  7. 1. I've always done and try(ed) to do when I was actively playing JB. I hate seeing overly strict CTs at low pop specifically (you can still play the game mode without killing someone for taking one extra step...). 2. Kinda meh, whatever. Don't have much of an opinion, if people see it as being a problem and think it'll help, fine. Especially if it seems to be a common thing on other servers and regular JB players are used to that requirement. 3. I typically hate. AFAIK steam lightened their restrictions, but you cannot use any of the default skins provided by valve (you can have a krambit, but needs to have a different skin than what you can actually obtain). This does still keep the "look at me aspect" of actually owning a knife, however that also means that it adds downloads to the server for every skin you want to add (which is where I really dislike the addition). 4. I think it's been much lighter enforcement due to less populated servers, but it is still technically a thing. I'm not sure what @Clamps and @Bulldog have drawn the line of "enough" play time to not be on the watchlist / be demoted.
  8. It does, but there's no real barrier or anything as the Ts can get there in sub 3 seconds of running thru the teleport. I don't know how many times I've just ran thru and jumped, ran up the ladder and stabbed a CT in the back, and even if I die there's a good chance the CTs gun ended up in the pile of Ts. Also, if things are going badly, on that side of the teleporter, CTs holding the other side are most likely going to die going thru...
  9. The only issue I've ever had with clouds is the teleport... it's so hard for CTs to control if Ts are actively trying to rebel. It'd be nice if the teleport to go back to cell area was in a different location than where the teleport out of cells placed Ts, so they couldn't run back in immediately after going there. Also, placing CTs and Ts in different spots when going through is always a nice idea, so CTs can get thru if things are going crazy...
  10. Your application has been moved to pending status. You may now put on your sGr | tag to inform members that you are a Recruit. In order to become a member of Syndicate Gamers, your application will need to meet at least 20 referrals from sG members who are L2 and above. Three of those must be from our Staff team. Also, I hate you. Ref. 1/20
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