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  1. ..... It is not known how the goat ended up lying in the pool of blood. It is not known how the goat ended up lying in the pool of blood. It is not known how the goat ended up lying in the pool of blood. It is not known how the goat ended up lying in the pool of blood. I don't think it really happened.
  2. You beat me by a couple years .. Also http://www.joinsg.net/profile/52461-mini-moose/
  3. @Mimic is a fanboy I personally have only ever built AMD on budget builds, but from what I've heard/seen, it could actually be worth looking into with their new releases.
  4. The truth is revealed
  5. Bad admin reporting in. Thank you for your concern for our community Also, please refrain from spamming the forums. You made two almost identical topics within minutes. If you continue you'll receive an infraction.
  6. I mean this forum is the Tech Center.. It's kind of meant for anything tech related; trouble shooting, help with builds, talk about new things coming out, etc.
  7. @Wave he knew it was coming. He even posted here telling us. We need updates, Chosen is gone too. What is happening behind the scenes? Who is next? Who is going to fight against this? Who can possibly bring him down?
  8. We're discussing adding larger packages but it'll be a while. If you don't want to wait, you can start a thread in private messages to staff we can discuss what numbers we're thinking for larger amounts of credits, and we could probably work something out where you donate the money and we add the credits manually.
  9. Sorry, I was referring to buying credits, people just want them one time. You don't get a skin/title for being an admin.
  10. The higher options for credits is definitely doable, thanks for the feedback. We'll talk about it and see if/what we want to do. The only problem with Admin + Credit combos is that admin is a recurring monthly charge. Most people wouldn't want to pay the extra for credits every month... They just want that one time amount so they can buy the skin/title they like.
  11. We probably should start fining ZE players. It's a smart idea, thanks. Welcome.
  12. Welcome to the forums man. As others have pointed out, the reqs. aren't flexible, but they are easy. If you've really been around that long, I'd assume most GMOD people know you, and you could get in pretty easily. Also, don't be afraid to join discord, teamspeak, or any of our other game servers. Also, don't listen to him. I'm not quite sure what his problem is, but he hasn't been around to see sG servers cycle apparently. Throughout sG's history it has been pretty common for population to cycle from server to server. Minigames, surf, ZE, and JB have all been through spurts where if we "didn't beat a dead horse" sG could possibly be dead. Instead, we've been going pretty strong for about a decade...
  13. FYI not saying none will be added, but models take up a fair amount of space and we are also very conscious about our download times for new players. Adding new skins might not be that big of a deal for people already playing cause it's just 1-10 (or whatever amount you guys want) more skins, but that's in addition to the already long wait new players face. My suggestion would be if there are a lot of skins people are wanting, and if there are skins that people largely don't use, ZE can do a vote on removing some skins and which ones to replace them. Side note, gtfo of here with your weeb skins. @Eddy please help.
  14. It's ok. You could have just used your original thread to say you changed your mind and want to build a computer instead of buying a laptop. Now, onto building.. First read this: If you have any questions we'll answer and help, but most importantly after you read it answer this: Post your budget Post your list of components that you already have access to (ie. from your old system, such as keyboard, mouse, monitor) Post what games you plan to play or if you plan to do 3D shit Post what is important to you in those games, such as 144fps at ultra, or instant loading of levels, etc. do your research using the first set of points.