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  1. Again, you're retarded and obviously know nothing about our servers.
  2. Like? You clearly know nothing and are retarded.
  3. 1. Get an SSD. You'll regret not getting one, if you can splurge, get one big enough to fit the main games you play on it. Samsung 850 or 950 are good choices, or go with nvme if you want to spend more, but again kinda worth for the speeds. 2. Motherboards... Pretty much anything will do that has the correct slots that you need. I've personally loved ASUS for motherboards, always had good experiences with them (I currently have a Hero VIII). 3. Cooler, similar to the motherboard, pretty much w/e you want. If you want to go with an All In One liquid cooler, that's what I did (I've never done liquid cooling, so it was an easy way without worrying about screwing something up). They require no maintenance, and I love how quiet my rig is. Personally I have an h100i, and know people with an h60. 4. GTX1080... If I were you, I'd spend the extra ($100?) for a 1080ti.
  4. IIRC you live in like the Boise area don't you? I lived in Idaho for a while, and it was essentially cable one or century link. I went with cable one because century link is garbage ( if your modem only handles 2 mb/s, and other modems don't work with century link (idk why they wouldn't but that seems to be what you said ) you're screwed with your current plan/setup. When I lived in Idaho I paid $100/mo for 100 down/10 up, and a 500gb data cap (yeah their data cap is garbage). Their cap was only if you consistently exceeded it they would force you to buy a bigger package, or they would drop you as a customer. It looks like they've changed what they're advertising to 100/mo for 200/10, and a 700gb cap. You could try and convince your parents to try this out if it's available in your area. You guys might not exceed 700gb depending on what everyone does. Throw a couple wifi extenders in different spots around your house, and you'd be much better off than your 2mb/s router right now...
  5. What? "We don't provide service if you have more than 6 people in your household."? I really don't know what you're asking. You want advice on internet providers? Or how to get better results with your current speeds? You gave us no info about your current connection.. what speeds you're paying for, what you're actually getting, where devices are located, etc... If you want help, please provide more info so people can actually help.
  6. They do this all the time btw. Just sign up for their emails... it's at least every couple weeks it feels like, they're just a book that day deal. Also very limited travel dates usually.
  7. Just under an hour to go! The above are still the current leaders. Congrats to the winners.
  8. With one more day left, here's where the leaders stand: @Xiplitz and @Hulk are neck in neck with molotov damage. With @Bonghit.Bulletsponge resigning his first place spot, can Cookie overtake @Leeroy in the final hours?
  9. second. Grats guys
  10. I've been slacking, but here's an update on leaders. Use the weekend to try and overtake that first person!
  11. They always come back. Look at me, I have a kid and I just sit on the computer all day . For real though, my time has definitely declined over the past year, since graduating, starting a real job, and expanding my family. It doesn't mean you can't come around from time to time. Like you said, you just have to prioritize. Some days that means little-to-no gaming time, and others you'll find yourself with a good chunk of time to yourself. My wife also realizes that gaming is what I do to unwind, or relieve stress, so she's more than willing to give me some time to do so, as long as I always make time for her and my kid as well. Good luck on the adventure, and figuring out how to adult - it's hard sometimes.
  12. Update on Molotov Damage: Update on Seeker mine Kills:
  13. I've enjoyed streams of it, but it doesn't pull me to play it at all. From what I've watched, it doesn't even scream Zelda at me... idk, nostalgia kicking in I guess.
  14. I do find it weird. But there's lots of possibilities, and no real good explanation. Was he trying to get only Molotov kills from the very start? He says so, I'm not going to call him a liar, but there's no way to verify that 13ish hours. There's also the fact that there has to be a varying degree of inconsistency, regardless of playing the same races, maps, using the same tactics, etc. For example sometimes playing a knife race I'll go 20-2, or something, but the next map go 2-20. There's a lot of factors there, but he also says he got a lot of kills prior, so again it's impossible to tell what he really did if it was off. I will say that the start of the event was a bit rough. Obviously his is atgs first event, and we lost face who previously mainly handled the war3 events. I've never really messed with war3 configs, so there were things that were overlooked that needed turned on (i.e. The issue with the gold bars, and people seeing error boxes instead). This shouldn't have affected tracking, but everything seems to have been working fine around a day into the event. So we can potentially discard any damage done that first day-ish, I'm not sure. I'll also take a second to apologize for not giving a great response last night. I don't like seeing people have issues with our servers, but them then going and telling people that "sg sucks dick..." got me in a not-so-helpful mood last night. My point to just stop playing, was more out of frustration, because we (staff) do all we can to make events, and servers in general enjoyable. Then to see people just rage and not even seem to care that we're volunteering our time to try and make these events and stuff, really turns me away from wanting to help. This is the very thing you're frustrated about... wasting your time, so I hope you can see why it'd also be frustrating for staff. I don't even participate in events - I still play the servers, but I feel like the prizes and everything should go towards the regular community members.
  15. Also if he has that much play time now, he put 6-8 of that in just yesterday...