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  1. Ordinarygamer96


    I still remember hearing genuine fear in some 12 year old's voice when he counted the ts and realized JFK was missing
  2. Ordinarygamer96

    sG PUBG Tournament/Get Together - CHOOSE THE DATE

    Why are we making this 10am for pacific ppl lmao. O well ill prob be on
  3. Ordinarygamer96

    Stepping down as SO

    College will be fun. Get started early getting involved on campus if you want to meet people
  4. Ordinarygamer96

    sG Summer Poker Tournament

    mfw second to last hand i got a flush on the flop but had folded and the massive pot was won with a pair of kings or something like that
  5. Ordinarygamer96

    Dead By Daylight Tourney Idea

    We can look it over and establish rules. Maybe we can do a system where each team can call for certain perks to be banned each match
  6. Ordinarygamer96

    Dead By Daylight Tourney Idea

    Def. I enjoy the game alot even after putting 100+ hours in. Especially fun with friends but even with randos its a good mix of asymmetric multiplayer and spooks. DLC is relatively frequent and adds cool new killers from popular horror franchises or the devs themselves. Its only like 20 bucks and is frequently on sale for 10 bucks.
  7. Ordinarygamer96

    Dead By Daylight Tourney Idea

    Hey everyone so earlier while playing a dead by daylight private match with @SpartanSakaro @Stabbitty @krony @Grayson Levi we talked about maybe doing a Dead By Daylight sG tourney if there is sufficient interest among sG members and the community at large. The way I was thinking of doing it would be having teams of 5 in which a team could have their assigned killer take on the other team's survivors and vice versa. We could judge the scoring using the in game scoring system averaged over several matches but I would be open to suggestions. The most important question rn is how many are interested in taking part in a possible organized tournament?
  8. Let's have a Japanese Godzilla marathon week. Just have them all constantly playing so people can jump in
  9. Ordinarygamer96

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    I legit can't tell if this is satire or not
  10. Ordinarygamer96

    Step Down

    Thanks for your service calendar man. https://imgflip.com/i/2anro3
  11. Ordinarygamer96

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    1. Require a license to buy a gun like in Japan. With all the background checks etc . 2. Take some steps to reduce gun culture in America. Its evolving to the point its toxic and was literally according to historians artificially created to sell off excess guns. 3. Stop using the excuse that the law wouldn't apply to that one individual so it shouldn't be passed or can't work. Overall the best way to reign in gun violence is to reduce the number of guns just floating around. If a law makes it so only responsible people get the legal guns the its less likely they'll filter out to others.
  12. Ordinarygamer96

    Santa Fe School Shooting

    Because America is the only country with mentally ill kids. This argument is so flawed it hurts. Yes we have mental health issues but thats not something exclusive to America. Theres a reason every other Western developed country with gun control has far less gun violence despite relatively similar cultures
  13. Ordinarygamer96


    Are you implying companies will still kill animals and making them into meat products even if people stop eating meat?
  14. Ordinarygamer96


    Except increased rates of heart illness and other health problems
  15. Ordinarygamer96


    Hes not it doesn't necessarily mean its morally ok just because its legal. Not that it being legal makes it more likely to not be ok