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  1. Gun control

    Cuz an AR 15 is gonna win the rock paper scissors game vs a predator drone
  2. ** URGENT ** Join the battle for net neutrality!

    You realize that article you shared literally says every single one of the votes was a republican. Its very much a republican push Trump intentionally put a guy in charge of the FCC who was known to be anti-net neutrality and Trump has spoken out against Net neutrality in the past. Trump has planned to remove net neutrality since going into office. Also congressional dems have spoken out against the repeal while republicans have supported it. Its extremely easy to see this as a dem versus repub political issue. Trump very much had the power to protect net neutrality by for instance not putting a guy who used to work for verizon in charge of regulating it. Draining the swamp indeed
  3. ** URGENT ** Join the battle for net neutrality!

    As long as republicans and Trump are in office net neutrality is not safe. They Just wanna deliver a win to corporations at the expense of everyone else.
  4. David's Application [APPROVED]

    Doesn't like Travesty. Good guy 28/20
  5. Thoughts on Duterte (from discord)

    The article you linked straight up said that the guy who was shot was a critic of the local government. So basically its likely the local government and Duterte had him shot. Are you really incapable of understanding the implication when a strongman leader threatens journalists if they do "wrong". It literally always means "criticize me and I will kill you". Duterte isnt making the country better. Hes unleashing a indiscriminate bloodbath so him and his cronies can be in complete control. Common filipino people probably can barely follow whats happening because once again he has threatened local journalists that speak out. He's essentially created a situation where the murders by criminals have been replaced with murders by cops except they have legal permission to go around shooting people. Under his policies someone could theoretically say "hey my neighbor is a drug dealer" and the cops could execute the guy and not get in trouble.
  6. :^)

    Did you try to fit in by showing everyone else the video of you fucking a girl wearing stewie griffin pants
  7. Thoughts on Duterte (from discord)

    For starters he threatened to kill journalists he judged "corrupt" http://time.com/4353279/duterte-philippines-journalists-assassination/ and theres also been police killings of innocents literally in the streets https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/aug/23/please-stop-brutal-killing-of-a-student-in-philippines-drug-war-sparks-nationwide-anger
  8. Guy has long been sketch. This just confirms it. If the republicans had brain cells they'd remove him before they got a ass kicking in Alabama of all places.
  9. nymical's Application [APPROVED]

    Ref since not complete cancer on discord
  10. Leeroy Jenkins: Master Strategist

    Frequently new people who want to apply spam a ton of old threads over the course of a day or two to reach the required post count. Generally its taken as a sign they dont care to actually talk with the clan.
  11. Leeroy Jenkins: Master Strategist

    I'm gonna stop you right here because I can see you're about to start a necro rampage. Pro tip for new people is don't spam old threads.
  12. Happy Birthday Marine!

    Happy birthday!
  13. sG | Halloween Hide N Seek (Oct 26th to Oct 31st)

    Hype- I will get the time in tonight or tomorrow
  14. Bill Burr on what type of gun is best for a robbery in your home

    Well for more context my neighbor lives in a house with another family on the other side separated by a divider wall so it could have gone into their end of the house.
  15. Bill Burr on what type of gun is best for a robbery in your home

    Watched it already when you linked on discord. I laughed. It's true tho. Like i said on discord my neighbor tried fighting off a robber with a 44 magnum and managed to destroy his own home while scaring the guy off. Guy ran at the first shot but my neihbor couldn't hear or see well so kept shooting which was probably a danger to the famiky next to him