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  1. Map Name: de_insulamcastrum_v1-4 Server: war3 Reason for addition/deletion: Feels similar to crackhouse excpet a bigger open map on the outside. Some geometry on the level feels really odd to try 'climbing' up. Going through the 'doorway' in the bottom water area is finicky. Really getting more of a DM vibe from this map than anything else.
  2. cs_jailbreak_v1

    Please remove this map from the wcs server. It feels like a larger crackhouse / poorly fits the server. Map Name: cs_jailbreak_v1 Server: Warcraft 3 Reason for addition/deletion: A larger version of crackhouse that just sucks...
  3. Restricting movement skills

    Quick make it 24/7 dm to make it super fast! ;D /kidding Long jump has always felt a little silly imho... Specially when you bhop it right and slide up / around slopes just right >.>' I don't think +% move speed would need to be 'slowed' at the start of the round, just teleport (& blink) / longjump if anything were to happen really. Those two are really strong.
  4. The Great Debate - +Damage and Molly Damage

    Oh :|... Yeah rather sure banshee chain bashes with molly, but I think it is the only race that can (I guess :V). Chain bash = being bashed while already bashed OR unable to move (due to little to almost no time between bashes)? I really thought anything with a bash effect could chain bash (and hence why molly was great on anything with bash and to a lesser extent anything with a slow on hit). Many races have some interesting effects on their mollies (gravatos molly ftw :D). I don't think warlord would need any changes for their molly, but who knows we might see a huge influx of people playing warlord now /kidding... -More on 'chain bash unable to move' thought above: 100% bash and a global 'cant be bashed again after being bashed' of 0.5 seconds would cause awkward stutter step through the fire = might as well call that a chain bash imho.
  5. The Great Debate - +Damage and Molly Damage

    @ banshee having similar bug: Molotovs chain bash/stunning isn't something new though...? I don't think it would be changed for banshee when it doesn't have bonus damage from what I remember. Perhaps something to look at / consider is warlod's molotovs? Slow + dmg on the addition hits (forget the skill name) and stealing money too :D? They are fun on warlord, but I don't think it is too op.
  6. Undownloadable files?

    Seems like a few files just keep trying to be downloaded over and over... materials/models/weapons/w_missile/missile side.vmt.bz2 materials/models/weapons/w_missile/missile side.vmt materials/models/seekermine/white.vmt.bz2 materials/models/seekermine/white.vmt materials/models/seekermine/white.vtf.bz2 materials/models/seekermine/white.vtf Console messages: Looks like these files are not even on the fastdl server at all (?).
  7. [NewLink] I made some changes to westwood 07

    Latest version provided in the OP has this fixed. The only thing I can think of is that you might be playing an older version (probably the 'ad free' one).
  8. [NewLink] I made some changes to westwood 07

    :O! I'm ok if we have only this version by nipper :D! Looks rather cool. Oh yeah we do have two italys xD! I've seen votes pass on maps the entire server doesn't know what is it just because of a 15/20% bonus on it. Everyone is like "man I don't remember what this map is like, lets go see what it is." A crappy map will get rtv'd quickly of course, but sometimes we do stick the map out and it is a heck of a lot of fun.
  9. [NewLink] I made some changes to westwood 07

    It is not meant as a second version of the same map, it is meant as an updated version of the map (remove old 07 on the server, add 07_v2 to the server). Maps that don't get played for a while can actually get played a few days in a row due to the bonus xp on them. It all just depends on what shows up on the vote list (which is affected by what players nominate so nominate some maps up even if you don't rtv it helps).
  10. [NewLink] I made some changes to westwood 07

    OP edited with new link to the updated version of the map and additional information on what was changed.
  11. [NewLink] I made some changes to westwood 07

    Ah like this is a good idea to add to the map. I'll be sure to keep this in mind (it shouldn't be too hard, I think I even know what to do without having to look it up). I'm cool with a map having like a 'credits' room or something that is not blatantly breaking the map's look, but the amount of it here is overpowering. That is the only reason I removed them in the initial post. Bahhhh... Thinking about it now, it might just be easier to have both maps open and copy/pasta the old ads in :S. Still I'll probably save this work for later.. Going to play some games and spend time with the family.
  12. [NewLink] I made some changes to westwood 07

    Basically what I thought may happen and why I was hesitant on putting it up. Ill give the original map a shot sometime these coming days then and use what I've got now as a reference on what to fix. (Might even be today / tomorrow since its the weekend.) Any feedback though now would be helpful to know that the map works (because the process and changes are going to be near the same). Like - Does the radar work on the loading screen / in game? Any missing / white / balck textures etc. Did the map work right away with bots or did it do the 'sampling walking space' (it should work right away with bots, the .nav file is packed in correctly I hope)? I'll be starting over from the base 07 map rather than trying to place the ads back into the version I made (since there was very little change to the actual blocks that make up the level).
  13. Map tweaked a bit to fix a few things etc. -Map was tweaked a bit (for optimization and faster recompiling the map, hopefully >.>) -Some small changes made to the map to fix a few hiccups with it ---- There was a doorway that you couldn't walk through, but now you can. ---- The doors in the map that open/close will now open and close together. (They close automatically after a short delay and don't close via +use which is just like the original version of 07. You cannot push them open/close because things got silly with both doors working with each other xD. The doors don't always 'open' in the same direction, most of the time they do.) ---- Small change to a window so you could crouch walk through it from the outside (who can guess which windows this is lol?) ---- Some player clipping was added (and one removed). No silly floating on air on bombsite A and no more getting stuck on the 'ads' in bombsite B (this is mostly because these ads and quite a few others had their collision turned off). ---- One lightbox had its collision turned off so you didn't get snagged on it in the hallway (building near T spawn that led into the hall with barrels). A few lightboxes got collision turned off in the barrel hallway actually (totally forgot about that). One still has its collision for "gameplay balance" >.>' New Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4cqdt6wcyqa5vxo/de_westwood_07_v2.zip?dl=0 99% sure all the ads are in place (not pixel perfect but still in the right locations). Everything should be packed correctly in the map file. -.nav file so that bots can be played with right away (no 'samping walking space') -decals, textures, props so that the map 'looks' right -stringtable thing (its a map related thing) Map should be 'server' ready / friendly (I think). Old post in spoiler.