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  1. Mr_Oob

    Sounds that are just too damn loud!!

    I think you can adjust the sound files that you download from the server to be quieter. You could also disable sound download and delete the ones you don't like. Could just go for the easier solution of turning down the music volume in game (because custom sound files are tied to that if I remember correctly).
  2. Mr_Oob

    Shadow Hunter Hex Questions

    Chance of resisting other enemy's skill attacks Skill effects have a 2.5-10% chance to not work against Shadow Hunter Not really sure what it helps against 1/2 the time... -Does it work vs leech? -On hit fire effect? -On hit ammo destroy? Doesn't mention that it lasts 2 seconds (I believe) and no idea how the expertise helps it. Since it lasts an amount of time (?) does a hexed enemy's 'skill attacks' all not work against the shadow hunter during that time..? Would be nice to have the skill info changed to better reflect what it does. Example from what I'm guessing it does. 2.5-10% Chance of Hexing attackers. Lasts 2 seconds. On hit effects of Hexed enemies do not work against Shadow Hunter Fail on my part 1/2 the time for war3bug reports for Shadow Hunter Hex because I keep thinking its a silence effect when it is nothing close (because Voodoo Witch Doctor has the 'hex' ultimate that is basically a silence and stun esk with the polymorph effect).
  3. Mr_Oob

    Second Wave Ability damage

    Just a fun tip: Shadow Hunter ult makes the chicken nade do almost no damage. It does seem kinda silly with how frequent the chicken nades feel like they can be used. I'm guessing the cd for it starts when you plop the chicken down so you can have one waiting in the wings. Not sure exactly how it works, haven't given the race a go yet. I do feel the damage on it is a tad high.