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  1. Destin


    Hey dawg, you know you can just post in the recruitment thread why someone is an idiot and then people can just not give refs right?
  2. Destin

    Update to the Rules, 3/13/19

    Wow no changelog? fuckin lazy ass staff these days smh
  3. Destin

    Surf Server Suggestions

    I complain about the timer everytime I'm on 60 mins is way too long. I do not have the time to spend 60 mins per map, and half the time you can't rtv cause people are afk waiting on the map change lmao
  4. Destin

    sG | CS:GO Prop Hunt - March 2nd to March 3rd

    Bro I wish someone had a clip of the chicken on d2
  5. Destin


    I feel personally attacked
  6. Destin

    sG Podcast #2 - Destin's Destiny. Script.

    Uhhh, it's in there somewhere
  7. Destin


    You'll come back stronger whiz.
  8. Destin


    Damn bro, your closet is bigger than mine. I don't have room to lay down in mine
  9. Destin

    Centran conspiracy theory

    Remember when sG was a for-fun clan. Yikes
  10. Destin

    Centran conspiracy theory

    Ay fuck this idiots, this is a solid theory. They're just paid by centran to try and silence you.
  11. Destin

    happy valentines day!

    Fuck all yall. Happy v-day to my waifu.
  12. Destin

    Give Away

    Bruh you didn't fix it. You literally have 2 different dates in your post.....
  13. welcome back u dumb nerd


    war3 dead tho good luck

    1. Destin


      yeah I just surf now