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  1. every race has expertise at 1k. IDK how many times this has to be said
  2. First Fuck you Grayson. Thanks for everything. We all secretly know you only got ADV so you could show up Paul and get him demoted. Man you just got promoted from Co-ADV too. What a shame
  3. What the fuck?
  4. GET FUCKED, THANKS FOR THE REP. jk, thanks @bulletford for talking to me ^.^
  5. Yo fam I still want RO back, I'm pulling a crobat stepping down from ADV applying to RO
  6. Ayy lmao didn’t even make it a week. Seriously though I wasn’t ready for this. Even with the help of Kid Fearless, Jeff, Moose, and Mimic I still feel completely overwhelmed, strained, and have no clue what I'm doing. Past week all I’ve done is work and skill surf with 4-6 hours of sleep in between and the burn out is already setting in. Hopefully this doesn’t mean the end of skill surf, I’m 99% sure I’m not required for this server to thrive. Jeff actually has more play time on the server than me atm and I know he wanted this server just as much, if not more, than I did. Stepping down after only a week makes me feel like I wasted the time of the people helping me on staff. Mainly the people I listed above for different reasons. There’s IRL reasons for this also, Back to School is coming up (I work retail) which means even less free time (got 45 hours scheduled next week and that’s only the pre-BTS stuff,) and I’ll be starting back to school myself in August. When I accepted the position for ADV I hadn’t planned on going back to college but my parents have pushing me to go back really hard recently, if I had known this was going to happen I wouldn’t have accepted the position. I’m still gunna be here, I’m not going anywhere. I just wanna play our server(s) instead of running them, when I come home I don’t want it to feel like a second job, and that’s kinda what’s starting to happen. Honestly stepdown threads have always felt dumb to me, I don’t think I ever made step down threads the 4 times I quit being SO (I made one but I didn’t actually step down it was a bamboozle thread.) With all this being said I actually wouldn’t mind going back to being an RO, even with the increased workload IRL I’d still have time to play and do events and not feel like banging my head against the wall, but that’s not up to me. I’d probably have a better chance of going back to RO instead of L4 if I didn’t make this thread, but I didn’t feel like waiting for a staff meeting. I wanted this off my chest. Fuck I’m gunna get memed on for only lasting 5 days aren’t I? I can already feel the aids. TL;DR was a good RO, got promoted, none of my RO skills applied to advising a server so I am suck. Totally unrelated note, I’m going to start streaming more often over at http://twitch.tv/destlnl so make sure to drop a follow (thats 2 L’s before and after the n.)
  7. until
    Sign up here:
  8. Sign up here:
  9. Had 18 people on for the debut night! Let's keep this momentum going and establish a consistent pop right out of the gate
  10. Server IP is COME JOIN US
  11. Wow. :<
  12. bear always gets first this shit's rigged
  14. "srry I don't usually add people" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯