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  1. Destin

    New donation from Destin

    Thank you, Destin for your donation of 100.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community
  2. Destin

    Toxic Server

    HOLY NECRO BATMAN, haha still relevant today tho. altho I've been on war3 a bit the past week and havent really seen as much toxicity
  3. Destin

    App [DENIED]

    I thought about dropping the good ole "My daddy makes me put glass in my vagina" That one is always a winner
  4. Destin

    App [DENIED]

    Name: Destin Age: I don't know about you, but I'm feelin 22. Location: Bible Belt Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:40050371 Provide a link to your GameMe profile: http://sg.gameme.com/search?q=STEAM_0%3A1%3A40050371&si=uniqueid&rc=all&x=41&y=6 Favorite Server: Discord About Yourself: If you can't handle me at my worst then don't ref me cause it doesn't get much better, toxic asshole, triggered easily. Do you use a Microphone? Not very often Have you previously been a member of a gaming community, if so which one? JoinSG and uhhh tango worldwide though only for a week so idk if you wanna count it. Questions, Comments, or Concerns: Pls don't jokingly insult me, I'm autistic and can't tell you're joking. Referrals (need at least one L2 or above): @Mimic @krony @Karma @Sean @Bear-Man-Thing(maybe) @Dr. NarwhalsNumbNuts IV @Tortoise @ROFL @Swed @vexer @infested marine @sweetrock @ATG_AGENT @Detective Nom Noms @Revöker @Yunki @thorgot @fps_trucka @DarkFalcon @Bluestreakid15 @Moose @Lindsay Link to Introduction Thread:
  5. Destin

    Crack house

    There was an extended version of the map I played on another server that I think would solve a couple of the problems with the map, maybe also convert the hostages into bomb sites like we did with office. If it's just the regular crack house then imma have to say no pls, map is cancer EDIT: I can't find the extended map anymore :S this was a couple years ago, so rip
  6. Destin

    Community Update 6/28/18

    Eh when Gerald and Lindsay both say they disagree with Ben, imma be inclined to agree with them
  7. Destin

    stepping down.

    Damn, that bummed about the staff changes? Atleast you didn't leave the clan
  8. Destin

    Community Update 6/28/18

    Needs to be the other way around
  9. Destin

    Human Marine team limit

    wtf??? Map to map no limit???? I thought expertises were supposed to be minor things this is huge
  10. Destin

    Culture of sG

    Woah that's actually the dumbest thing I've ever heard, there's no medium? You can just be toxic up until the point where it's bad enough to get JP'd? Alright sure, we just have fundamental differences on how recruitment should work and yours is wrong. I'm just gunna agree to disagree and drop it lmao
  11. Destin

    Culture of sG

    It's unnecessary cause we're fucking dead lmao also that's not the point it's a pressure tool maybe oldfags will be less likely to be toxic if they feel like there's actually a punishment, cause why join here if I can go anywhere else and get in within a week of playing on the server for the first time
  12. Destin

    Culture of sG

    Bulk replying cause this is my first time reading the thread since I posted it last night I'm gunna be 100% transparent here. This thread wasn't really meant to attack Sean or Beerman, they were literally just 2 of the most recent examples of the issues I brought up along side them. I also fucked up cause those quotes are from a PM and I didn't really ask for permission. I just want discussion and change. Your sentence after the Tl;dr just aligns with me so much lmao. Yea that's what I was referring to with the ""eks dee le trolls" and get rid of this roasting culture we've got going on" Cause fuck that man, I put too much time, effort, money, and care into this bitch. Realized it about 3 hours after getting day 1 staff at tW. See the Grayson post, but yea I agree that's why I brought up the communication and lack of counseling/guidance issue. I don't want the guy demoted over a fuckin badge lmao. I just want an environment on staff where someone can say "Hey I think you handled that wrong, giving them the badges is the right thing to do here." God no, just make it easier to JP people like console. I like how Ranks are, I just don't like how you either get JP'd or banned. I think adding a possibility of being demoted from Vet to L5 makes it easier to react when someone doesnt something kinda fucked up but not enough to be JP'd or banned, and I actually like how recruitment works besides the one month thing. I don't wanna directly rip off from another community but maybe something between recruit and regular member if you make it shorter? You're technically in the clan but it's still probationary position, counts toward L2, L3, etc. tenure reqs? As a non-member, on the other side, it seems unnecessarily long. Eh most of the 2nd page just looks to be pretty constructive discussion. I didn't realize how short my community culture section is, it's literally just the beerman example. I think I was mostly in a hurry just wanted to be done but it made it look more like a personal attack RIP
  13. Destin

    Trying to Add a Spray to CSGO/War3

    Only time I had this happen was when I uploaded it but the map hadn't changed yet
  14. Destin

    Culture of sG

    I wanna lay out some fundamental issues I have with the culture of sG, why it's an issue, and my solutions. 1. Staff Culture This one is a pretty glaring issue and I don't know how it's been going for so long. Staff have absolutely no customer service. Now I know what you're going to say, because it's said every time I bring this up, "Destin, sG isn't a business lol." However, sG at it's core, is a business. Every single player that plays on our servers is a customer. I have an analogy I like to use, let's say sG is a retail store. We have CSGO and GMOD products, and we have foot traffic in our store. The best part about this scenario is that every player is a customer, they either pay with time or time and money. They visit our store all the time and eventually they apply for our Membership Program (which is currently a giant pain in the ass to do and should be reverted.) With hopes that the more they spend in our store they will be rewarded, in this case it's with free admin that gets better after time or exclusive events. Now our store gains the benefit of this customer coming back to our store whenever they want to play CSGO or GMOD, but we could be getting more on our end of the deal. Members of our program have to wear sG | in their name which will advertise us and gain us more foot traffic. I think this alone would help a ton, and it's not outrageous other stores do this for their Membership program. Now let's keep this analogy going into the actual issue with our staff culture, customer service. This is something that is an huge issue but it's only evidence is sprinkled throughout in events that are considered inconsequential on their own. For example let's look at this thread: Our store hosted an event where you could come into the store complete challenges and get entered into a raffle to win prizes. Somehow one way or another, these customers were told that if they won a raffle they would receive an exclusive badge. However it turned out this was an internal communication error. Now in our analogy, these are all real people inside our store who were told and/or it wasn't clear that they would be receiving something they paid for (they came in our store, they told their friends you can read the thread some people said they were told by someone to sign up, they paid with time and effort.) In any normal store or other business they would apologize for the confusion and give them the badge anyways. Our store however had the CSR in charge of the event essentially tell them "Yea I made a mistake, but it's not my problem, screw off." This is completely unacceptable, especially in this situation where it costs literally nothing to give these customers what they were originally told they would get, and it would benefit our store by making them satisfied. However the CULTURE is the real issue in this situation. Our store and it's staff feel entitled about the prizes quoting "i may have not posted that in the thread, which was a mistake" "i dont think 3rd, 4th, and 5th "runner-ups" in a raffle should receive a badge" as if fixing this mistake would de-value the badge for the other 2 customers. There also this culture that the staff of our store seem to think the customers need the store, and not the other way around. If there are no customers, there is no store. Let's look at specific departments of our store and see what they're doing right in terms of customer service. War3 and bhop are two departments that in my mind are doing really well in customer service. I'm going to use war3 for this example. War3 is constantly receiving feedback and bug reports and applying that feedback into the department constructively, through race balancing and adding/removing maps. Customer satisfaction is doing so well in this department that they even have their own Subscription Program. These customers have seen the efforts put in and actually care enough to pay $4.99 a month, and they are even internally asked for feedback and get to have direct influence on the department. This also correlates with the fact that this department generates a large % of our foot traffic. If you think customer service is just a correlation and not a causation I direct you to the foot traffic statistics during the time period when @Face was not on staff and feedback was not being implemented as often if not at all. It was empty. If the staff of our store simply had better customer service on the forums and on discord, I think we'd see a lot of older members return and we'd see more new people signing up for our Membership Program. The solution to this is to get rid of toxic staff members and have consequences for egregious actions, which brings me to the 2nd issue in staff culture. It is way too hard to get demoted from staff. Straight up. You have to do something super fucked up or just do literally nothing for months get demoted. Staff is also not punished for mediocrity. I'm not saying demote people cause they have a shitty event or because they handled something wrong, but someone needs to be there to say "Hey, x was wrong, this is where you could've improved or done better." A good example of this is how SO's are currently being handled. The work has been compartmentalized into only being handled 2 or 3 days a month. I've said this before in the SO forums and I'm saying it again, SO's are the driving force behind foot traffic on the servers. Because of how important they are the role needs to be more competitive and more fluid. Changes NEED to be happening here frequently, I mean like weekly. I absolutely do not agree with the way SO's are being handled, by making it more competitive and easy to get demoted/promoted I believe we will see more active and caring SO's who actually make the servers fun to play on and will help tremendously with our dead servers. Also there's a pretty big lack of direction. I'm talking to @Mimic or @Moose or @bulletford for this one, Managers and JCS should actually have ideas for servers or things they want done and have them presented at weekly and/or monthly staff meetings to be completed by other staff members. Even something as simple as a goal, for instance: 1 new forum sign up for every RO and ADV, or "our goal for this month is to have jb consistently populated for at least 14 days, let's prioritize this." Or, "I'm working on xxx plugin for x server can x help me knock this out I'll get with you on a couple functions I wanna delegate down so we can do this faster." 2. Community Culture This one is a bit of a doozie in the sense that it's gunna take a lot of work in this section. Community Culture is currently dictated by the members who have been here longer and have a clique. Right now it's really toxic and doesn't support and environment for a growth of new players. From the outside it looks uninclusive and not worth it to join the membership program. First off the actual process of being accepted into the community is a straight dumpster fire. It should not and does not take an entire month for someone to join. You could easily take the exact system we have now, cut the number of refs down to like 7 or 8 and have applications open every Monday and close every Saturday night. Then there's the issue of our ranking system and older players being able to get away with things. If someone is being a shitty member we only have 2 routes atm, banning them or JP'ing them. There's no system in place for simply demoting members a rank or two as punishment. A good example of this is this exchange here: if some L1 or new person was going around targeting people cause "they have a funny reaction" they would be flamed by the entire community, and rightly so. However in our culture this is just tolerated cause we've circle jerked ourselves into these toxic cliques and uninclusive groups. This is why I'm filing this under "Community Culture" cause maybe we need to stop being "eks dee le trolls" and get rid of this roasting culture we've got going on, because from the outside looking in, I wouldn't wanna join this. Any member can help against this, if you see one of your friends or someone in your clique being an asshat just tell them "Hey dude, fr chill lol." If not then maybe staff needs to step up in this regard and just start demoting people or restricting discord/forum access. Overall this downward trend we're in is just going to continue spiraling until all we've got left is oldfags and new members who are just here to try and get staff, war3, bhop, and gmod will be the only servers and then eventually we'll just be a discord and forum clan. TLDR: Staff has no customer service and seems to think players need sG, not the other way around. There are no consequences for staff who do nothing and no system in place to counsel staff who are not doing things as good as they could be. Staff has no higher up direction Community is uninclusive and toxic, new players don't want to be a part of it. sG is not getting proper advertisement and should require all members wear sG | tags Membership process is too long No system in place to punish members with tenure If you want the solutions then just read the whole thing. Imma go get a milkshake from Sonic now.