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  1. Hi friend, welcome to forums. However, we don't really have applications for admin for people not in the clan. Your best option would be to either link your steam account to the forums and buy paidmin or just take a look at our recruitment guidelines and apply in a few months and from there you can apple for Server Officer
  2. Group stage schedule 2.0 electric boogaloo this time with people not playing 7 hours in a row:
  3. I could have done it all in one weekend but some people said they prefer'd it spread out
  4. All these options are pretty valid I just picked the current one because of personal opinons, however I wanted to see what everyone else thought would work best. Please only vote if you're actually playing in the tourney if you have any other ideas just post below and I'll add it as an option Also this poll is going to be closed super quick, like in 4 hours quick cause I go on LOA tomorrow until monday so please vote fast and share to your teammates
  5. imma throw up a thread with poll with a couple options and see what some of the others think
  6. added in an edit to my first reply I do want more feedback on the times but also the last few tourneys I played in, I was just sad I didnt get to play more. We played like 3 games and it was over :< I thought others felt the same for the playing every team once that comes back to just wanting more games played but also in case someone has a bad game this makes it more likely that the correct team doesn't move on to the bracket stage Another idea I'm semi open to is combing both groups and having every team play every team once, instead of twice then have the top 6 move on
  7. There's 1 hour 15 between each games no matter what don't the games usually last like an hour at most? not a big comp person so idk but I could make the games start earlier and have more time between each game or have both groups play both days but I didnt want people to feel like they were committing two weekends
  8. When all the weebs leave. No but seriously there is no ETA as far as I'm aware. Sorry for the inconvenience
  9. Group A: Toxic Retards Ugandan Porn Stars alcyone Random Team 1 GroupB: Rock Squad The Hokage Late idiot Random team 2 Group A plays on the 3rd, Group B plays on the 4th, specific times will be listed later
  10. You have 10 refs but you need 1 more ref from someone on staff, locking thread until one more staff refs you
  11. until
    Group A plays on Saturday Group B plays on Sunday, I'll randomly roll the groups some time this week before the 25th.
  12. I'm leaving sub signups open until June 1st so if you wanna have the chance of playing some games and being in the raffle, be sure to sign up Also if you think you can shout cast or do a clean analysis post-game send me a PM on the forums and apply to be on the broadcast crew for the tourney https://twitch.tv/joinsgnet
  13. It looked like the police were shoving and throwing the guys in suits off the civilians to me idk man
  14. You know you already signed up right??
  15. Am dumb mb