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  1. Hi, this has been passed along and looked at, didn't want you to think we were ignoring you
  2. I don't know why you're being downvoted, you're absolutely right. If you already have a 400 series gpu there's no reason what so ever to buy a 500 series. AMD has always done this, shit the 7970 got rebranded, I think 3-4 times? Unless you're building a new PC or are upgrading from a GT 6600 you really shouldn't get a 500 series, just wait for Vega, even if you don't plan on getting a high tier card the 500 series cards will drop in price after Vega launches
  5. too soon?
  6. I can't believe I made it to the final table just riding on meme's the whole way. Can't wait for the next one
  7. Something something Nicol3 runs out of house with a piece of toast in her mouth Something something finds some little boy and the fic turns into straight Shota real quick
  8. Join us on tinychat.com/joinsg for some cringey rap battles hosted by @fps_trucka starts at 9PM CST, but feel free to join before that!
  9. Deleted voting period section, updated Terminating an application to a 30 minute ban instead of a 6 day one.
  10. The only people listed under ranks were people who got the rank after the last digest in October 2015, so Trucka got vet before that (August 2014)
  11. You're mentioned in the donations section Tacky - $31.55
  12. uhh that's my bad actually hang on
  13. Alright this is the make or break deciding factor for me. How much VR POV Hentai is there?
  14. Why did you abandon us and delete discord? BibleThump 

    1. Moose


      Eddy come back

      You can blame it all on me.