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  1. Player Feedback Needed

    You see his role is "Engineer" right? He's already back
  2. Player Feedback Needed

    Oh baby I see so much good shit in this poll, fuck crackhouse, fuck khadgar
  3. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Surprised more people aren't talking about this. Mandatory events were the only part of being an RO I didn't like. Pretty big focus change tbh grats new RO's, I know a couple of you have been pushing for this opportunity for a while, hope to come back in 2-3 months to see some good progress. MAH BOI @Face IS BACK TO MAKE WAR3 GREAT AGAIN WOOOO
  4. ✪ Raven Application

    Hi friend, this thread is supposed to be used to introduce yourself and say what server(s) you play on, other stuff like that. Your application can't be posted until you have 50 forum posts and 10 referrals from Level 2 community members. Also, you mention that you understand how to act if you have powers, but you don't get any admin powers just for joining the clan, you need to join and be in for a little while first, or you can buy admin over at this link: http://www.joinsg.net/store/
  5. Skill Surf Ideas/Complaints

    You and Jeff can both go fuck yourselves. You both single handedly killed surf before it could even get started. I gave Jeff permission to add maps and he added 70% Tiers 2's and some Tier 3's, to the point where there were less Tier 1's than Tier 2's, then you both would get on and nominate maps no one could beat except for like 3 people and we'd go from 20-40 players to 5-10, instead of being patient and waiting till the hard server was released. You both brought this "i dont give a fuck these idiots can just get good I wanna play muh hard maps." attitude and were selfish as fuck. Not to mention Clamps and Bulldog decided to wait 2 months before they picked SO's because I guess they only do work once a month now, but you seriously have the nerve to @ me and say I did a shitty job just infuriates me. You're complete cancer.
  6. Destin's dumb thing[Approved]

    In-game Name: DestinOnMC How did you find sG?: How does this question determine if Im trustworthy? WHY ARE WE USING THE TEMPLATE FROM 5 YEARS AGO. @Swed introduced me to sG Have you read, and do you understand the rules? Eh, enough of them
  7. Those in the northeast be prepared

    Guy's just fear mongering, when his projection shows landfall over Virginia and D.C. look at the wind speed, notice it's only 70-80 mph and not 160-190mph, but he didn't point that out cause it doesn't get views
  8. Anyone know any good darkrp servers?

    Takin a page out of @Junzou's book I see
  9. Hello

    Welcome friend
  10. sup sG

    http://i.imgur.com/iuSQ0wq.gif MY MAN!!
  11. Free Speech

  12. Vote for the Jail Break Voice!

    Man if only Announcer voice could be added to the store, and people could buy different voices with credits, and we added more than "Last CT" and "Last Request," also just make it similar to war3 quake sounds where you can do a command and disable it
  13. Iherdcows Resignation

    oh haha someone bumped this thread again, lol too bad I did it first. Wow a lot of people fell for it this time....... Wait.................. Oh fuck
  14. who is reigning_champ?

    Come back to jb pls