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  1. Agent

    Culture of sG

    You don't think I tried to do something about it when I first encountered it? In my quote I literally said I tried to ask about the issue, but at the time the higher ups I asked didn't care about it, and thus I gave up. As a newcomer at the time the immediate message I got was that you can get away with a lot of bullshit because a) apparently there's more important issues to deal with and b) even if someone does get punished they can come right back like nothing happened. I can pick a bone with Grinch on War3 as an example, I don't know what he was banned for before, but he somehow got unbanned and has been toxic as ever to a lot of people. But in all reality, if people can get unbanned and comeback to being toxic, then there's no point in trying to do anything. There was another player abusing some things on the server (multiple times), so changes were made that people weren't happy about; were they ever banned though? No. And that's just ridiculous.
  2. Agent

    Culture of sG

    Can't agree more tbh. I made the decision years back to not become a member because I wasn't a big fan of the multitude of small cliques, that were very occasionally on the toxic side to first timers on the server, or just others like me who didn't have any friends in the community and just played solo. I feared that if I ended up joining with enough time I'd just be sucked into that whole mess myself. I found it rather ironic when I began playing warcraft source that it seemed rules were to be followed, unless you were a staff member and your motives were "jokingly". I tried asking about the issue and just got turned away by higher ups that seemed to not give a damn. Granted this was many years ago, and I've mostly avoided the forums since then except to check to see the occasional change log.
  3. Agent

    Race name change

    Bear-Man-Thing for president 2020
  4. Agent

    sG Warcraft Halloween Event

    Time to found out if Holy Jugg has a secret expertise
  5. Agent

    not alot of people on war3 server anymore

    We can try turning the server on and off again, see if that helps...
  6. Agent

    Player Feedback Needed

    I definitely agree that the Ult duration could use a 1 second lowering, and the mage armor a slight decrease in effectiveness. Let's see how that plays out.
  7. And that kids, is how you get shit on
  8. Agent

    0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    How about we all pitch in and get some strippers then?
  9. Agent

    Half-Life 2: Episode Three

    Well shit there goes my dreams and hopes of showing this game to my children and explaining the whole story
  10. Agent

    Extra Ammo Races

    If you reload, you're able to use the weapon again.
  11. Agent

    0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    STOP HIDING THINGS FROM US THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE I'll now proceed to write up an idea for a Fox Mulder race, in which you'll place expertises in it that'll give hints towards what races are hidden from us.
  12. Agent

    0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    The real thing to point out here, actually forming a question from such, is where are the rest of the 22 races? DONT HIDE THEM FROM US
  13. Agent

    0 Players Online - No Incentive To Wait

    Well since the server's dead most of the week anyways, why not just throw bots on there and find out for sure if they'll work or not? We won't know for sure without a trial. Plus Im sure somehow you can make the bots no count against playercount, CEGamers has that, their server showed 2 people this morning when I joined and it was 2 players and 4 bots.
  14. Agent

    Fixing the Maplist?

    More like killing server pop
  15. I live in Arizona, and there's not a lot of them here; but being that its the time of the year where its 120 degrees out, most of them stopped, and those who didn't just have some huge balls to sit there. The city doesn't do much except kick certain ones out if they're being too rowdy or if they're effecting traffic in a way, but I have seen police and local fire drop off water bottles to them actively, and I try to do the same after I'm off work everyday I'll load up a few cold waters and if I stop at a light with one there I'll toss him a bottle.