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  1. Community Digest - 4/1/2017

  2. Introduction

    ayy, welcome to the forums
  3. Zombie Escape Changelog

    3/24/17 Reduced the ct hitboxes on player models to only the feet. Thanks @Chewy for "helping".
  4. Hello Hello

    yoyo, nice to see you hopping on the forums.
  5. Current Models on !Shop [pictures]

    Rapier Video Game 100,000 Credits (Front) (Back)
  6. Zombie Escape Needs a new box.

  7. Why is mako so popular

    There's always going to be the people who are better than others. For the majority of people on the server they have to rely on teammates to help with the objectives, the number of individuals who can actually solo objectives is not as high as you might think.
  8. Current Models on !Shop [pictures]

    Sylvanas 40,000 Credits (Front) (back)
  9. Introduction

    ayo, welcome!
  10. hello everybody

    ayo, welcome

    hbd i guess.
  12. Thank you to the Few

    uhhh.... i'm being framed, this isnt my giraffe.
  13. Excited to join the community!!!

  14. Thank you to the Few

    Like Bulldog said, you're not banned but whatever i guess.
  15. New Here!