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  1. I have sent out all prizes to each available person, if you run into an issue with your prize please send me a PM. Also thanks again guys for participating, hope to see you guys sometime this summer for another event!
  2. I probably won't be able to give out everything tonight, but I will try to give everyone their prizes as soon as possible.
  3. Currently no more 20 dollar cards, so make a different choice please
  4. @Imperium @sweetrock @Lindsay @Demon @ksi @Karma @Mr.Kon @Dixon I need you all to tell me what you want from the donation list, I've already gave the first two people their prizes. I will go in order I set your names so first come first serve remember that. Make a list of 3 prize you would want in case u don't get your first choice.
  5. These are our four objective winners! Congrats to you all. Traitor Kills: @dash wins, due to sponsored and Jodas both claiming top playtime. Homerun kills: @Rufus wins it Mp5 Kills: @Runewins it Scout kills: @nErd_ wins it I'm currently going through or playtime winners making sure people choose their prizes. I will hand them out once I know what people want.
  6. @Sponsored Which objective do you want to claim since you can only win from one pool.
  7. Here are our Playtime winners!!! Once I'm done with the 4 objective winners I will go through the playtime list one by one and give out the desired prizes.
  8. Due to the player count for the objective kills getting increased on the second day of the event, I've decided to extend it by one day to the 17th. It will end at 9pm cst on April 17th. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone. Edit: The Event will now end tomorrow at 9pm cst. Sorry again for inconvenience guys.
  9. Like reaper said, I don't think there is a way for the voice drain to disable when there are low amounts of players on the server, but I can probably get bullet to decrease how quickly it drains. I'll talk to him about it today thought
  10. Again i must say this but he did not even rdm him but you continue to say i also find it very unprofessional to close this without my response as you got a lot of information wrong if you want to talk about it i will but what you guys have said is completely not what happened.

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    2. hehexd123456789


      Honestly if you want to talk about it on discord that would be better communication

    3. Jeff The Flying Shark

      Jeff The Flying Shark

      I reopened your complaint already, I'm waiting on two of the admins to post their side and then we will decided form there. No need to talk on discord.

    4. hehexd123456789
  11. Confirmed ref I've always found Booch pleasant to be around whenever I joined the ttt vanilla servers. He is a likeable guy and was a pretty good premium admin whenever I saw him dealing with rule breakers. Booch is also one of the few people who loves to prop kill like I do in Gmod so I definitely approve. He has been branching out to our csgo servers the past couple of months. I sometimes see him playing War3 or TTTGO. I think he would be a good addition to the community and could even go for SO if given the opportunity.
  12. Confirming my ref Rock has been around for quiet a few years now. Met him on jailbreak and thought he was a bit annoying, but he has definitely mellowed out over the years. Never had any kind of issues with him on any server personally. I've never seen him cause any issues on the war3 server as well. I know his old applications in our old systems were denied due to people having a negative view of him in the past. He may have been a bit hyper at time which caused people to find him annoying or what ever, usually happens to younger players on our servers, but I won't hold it against him. I believe he deserves a chance to join sG. I mean we let dray in guys come on
  13. Sponsored is an interesting one. He usually hangs around the notorious squeaker squad, but he is probably the most level headed one in my books. Sponsored never resorts to attacking/harassing people in sG over petty issues. He has never caused me any issues whatsoever and I enjoy his company whenever he joins the servers I'm on. He has only made one mistake on the forums before, but that wasn't completely his fault. Since that incident he hasn't caused any kind of issues with anyone. I am confirming my referral for him because I would love to see him get into this community. Good luck sponsored!
  14. Fuck you bear