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  1. Place your bets now, someone who hasn't watched a day of college bb in their life will win it all.
  2. One suggestion I have is to add new maps mainly Tier2 ones. Gets boring very quickly once u realize most of the maps are only T1 and you've finished the majority of them.
  3. I stopped paying for online so I probably won't bother
  4. chaos @ me on discord or add me on steam and i'll give u this card
  5. @Ironic Imagine being stupid enough to bench matt ryan vs the saints in favor of big ben
  6. Love getting predicted to go 7-6 for the 3rd fucking season in a row.
  7. Lmao that's how it has always been in this league. We never done ppr for the sG leagues, we had a vote, but the majority picked the regular point system. If you hate the decimal points system then too bad and I don't even recall u being in the league before ironic. And as for @Gonepostal2000 if the point system is boring on nfl.com what would u suggest, a ppr league on a different website? You only have so many ooptions on nfl.com
  8. @Tubbles Get in on this so u won't miss out
  9. I am down as usual Team name - WeDon'tPractice Anyone else joining make sure u put your name down so we won't get confused on who is who. And I might donate a prize myself to this, most likely a 25 dollar gift cad for amazon or steam.
  10. Current Maplist (Updated 6/12/19) South_park_elementary_v1 cs_deadhouse cs_office de_bank de_bikinibottom de_canals de_dolls_csgo_alpha_1 de_dust2 de_nipperhouse2 de_haunts de_homealone de_livehouse de_westwood_07_sg fy_southpark_t0 ttt_69thway_b3 ttt_Princess_Vertigo_BETA1 ttt_aircraft_2017 ttt_canyon_b1 ttt_skycraper_sg_v1_d ttt_closequarters ttt_clue_sg_v1 ttt_community_bowling_sg_v5 ttt_community_pool_2018_ego_v1 ttt_crummycradle_sg_fix_final ttt_fastfood_a6_sg_d ttt_fastfood_sg_v2 ttt_rooftops_sg_v2 ttt_community_pool_sg_v2 ttt_bank_sg_v3 ttt_highschool_v1 ttt_hoodrat ttt_island17_pezversion ttt_mansion_kso2k18 ttt_drybones_swamp ttt_mcvillage_b3-c ttt_murdertown_a2 ttt_richburg ttt_sgminecrafter_v6 ttt_splash ttt_stadium_sg_v4 ttt_terrortrain_v1_csgo ttt_thetops_v1a ttt_vessel_v4_sg ttt_waterpark_v3_pg ttt_waterworld_sg_v4 xmas_nipperhouse zm_roy_the_ship_zds1 zs_stormy_days
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