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  1. "demote the calendar" Wonder who that is referring too
  2. This thread will be similiar to the other one I just recently made here http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/74806-weapons-and-item-suggestions-thread/ For this thread I want to see what do you think could make this server better( besides fixing bugs atm :P). @Jodas suggested a overlay similar to how TTT works in gmod currently. Where the detective/traitor shop is automatically bound to a key like "C". This is how the shop looks when opened on Gmod. I'm not sure if this would be possible in csgo due to sourcepawn, but it would be interesting to see if it could be done. Let me and @bulletford (mainly him) what changes and features you guys would like to see on the server.
  3. Recently the many bugs that have plagued TTT:GO have been fixed by @bulletford and I would like to thank him and all the people that have helped test this past week. This gave me the idea to make a thread for suggestion from our players on what kind of weapons/items for both traitors and detectives they would like to see. Example: For a traitor item maybe a possible cloaking device that gives them a slight invisibility for up to 5 seconds when standing still. Kinda like how p250 agent works from the war3 server. As for a detective, (this is an idea from gmod) a grappling hook with either a limited number of uses or a cooldown on how often you can use it. I would love to see what kind of ideas you guys can come up with and see if bulletford or other engineers can look into making them happen. Just as long as they're not to over powered
  4. :l
  5. I just hope Zen is competitive with Intel. Will be better for all consumers and maybe Intel will actually be innovative.
  6. Wb reaper
  7. Will there be a cap on how many people can play Second Wave because 10+ seeker mines from each teams running around sounds nuts honestly.
  8. To tell you the truth the temptation of destroying the village from the inside is way too tempting for me Plus I'm not in the mood to wait for that server queue.
  9. I won't be joining this sorry to disappoint ya.
  10. I hope so because you were fun/chill to hang around with beforehand.
  11. They always come crawling back, but I just hope we don't see the old cancer/edgy kid as before.
  12. It depends, will the server be as glorious as the dildo launcher was or a crap custom minecraft server that @DaveTheFTAAA made for us?
  13. This statement right here is so true and very sad at the same time. Not having a custom gmod ttt server gives me no reason to really play gmod anymore. I'm sure we could have a popular custom server again at some point, but someone would have to manage/maintain it.
  14. Wasn't really referring to you or one specific person. Just talking about the server in general, but my last sentence was towards groot himself.