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  1. Skill Surf Ideas/Complaints

    Imma just make this simple, I did add a bunch of tier 2 maps to the easy server. They were mostly easy tier 2 maps, but a good amount of sG members were struggling. Hell sG people were even struggling with surf_beginner, but I didn't really care. The majority of randoms didn't have any issues with the maps I added. I never noticed a huge drop in population unless you're referring to when sG people played for the first week the server was up. That was the only time I recall the server having over 20+ people. I never brought any kind of attitude to the server at all so I don't know whats your deal. All I had wanted was harder maps, but I never was an ass towards people like you're saying. You're greatly exaggerating for no reason whatsoever here. I never said anything bad about you regarding surf either so I don't know what the hissy fit is for. Got a problem with me take it to TMS then.
  2. Jeff's whitelist application[Approved]

    In-game Name: TheFlyingShark How did you find sG?: Garry's Mod Have you read, and do you understand the rules? Yes
  3. Custom TTT Feedback

    For the m9k weapon packs we're going to prevent the majority of them from spawning and restrict maybe a few to only traitors and detectives. I can make a list of what should spawn and what shouldn't if needed @ZachPL because I have no idea how to restrict weapons from spawning. For traitor weapons we need the original homerun bat and maybe rework the boomerang because it is pretty insane. Also prevent traitors and detectives from having the items in their shop like the homerun bat and the blue bull powerup. I think only detectives should have the powerup since traitors have so much more. I'll come up with more suggestions as I go.
  4. GMOD Custom TTT Server

    It only took 4 years, but its back
  5. Fantasy Football League

    DRAFT IS TONIGHT BOYS, DON'T FORGET IF YOU DO THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM! I WILL MAKE A TEAMSPEAK CHANNEL FOR THE DRAFT LATER ON TONIGHT. @Avery @ZachPL @Beerman @Ivanns @Chaulklet.Shake(Elmo) @Gonepostal2000 @waffles @Sportsteen583 @Tubbles @Mnkeydude @chaos4499
  6. Fantasy Football League

    @Avery @ZachPL @Beerman @Ivanns @Chaulklet.Shake(Elmo) @Gonepostal2000 @TotesMagoats @Sportsteen583 @Tubbles @Mnkeydude @chaos4499 The Draft will be this Sunday on the 3rd at 8:30 EST. I hope all of you will be there. Also we're just going to do 12 it seems since no one else is joining at this point. I'll make a temporary teamspeak channel if you want to join then.
  7. Idea to bring back Custom

    @ZachPL Got a lot of support so far in this thread for the possibility of a custom server. Any idea when you think it could possibly looked into?
  8. Why krony

    I knew it was only a matter of time before someone would gift me this. No idea how I feel about this, but thanks @krony I guess?
  9. Fantasy Football League

    @Avery Two idiots that aren't even in the league voted for ppr. You can just take away those 2 votes, @DannyShr and @Sponsored if you're not in the league don't fucking vote. Also has anyone that requested to join not get an invite yet? If so let me and Avery know as soon as possible.
  10. Fantasy Football League

    @Avery Lets just do the non ppr like we normally do for these leagues.
  11. Dota 2 TI7 Thread

    Looking like we'll have another ti4 finals unless Liquid goes all the way.
  12. Fantasy Football League

    If @Avery doesn't reply within the next week or so, I'll just make another league to avoid us missing our draft chance.
  13. Idea to bring back Custom

    I already knew about most of the current players of vanilla most likely not having css. Option 2 and 3 are probably the better decisions to go with, but its probably best to just hope people that who the server already have css textures already installed/mounted. Don't forget there are still tons of players on gmod who have css, just not the people who play on vanilla servers. Also I know you're much busier these days compared to years back so I'm not expecting this to happen overnight or anything like. I'm just glad to get an idea of what needs to be done. I'm willing to offer any kind of help possible if you will go through with this though.
  14. Well..

    Gotta make it seem like you were a important staff member or for the rep due to it being a step down thread. Also was right about the disco dodgeball event never happening. Peace though
  15. Who wants their voice in jailbreak?

    I probably could do these for you since I got a new microphone recently. Think I could do a solid voice for you.