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  1. Just like c4 on clue or airbus, you just spam it all round and you win
  2. Probably thinking of nipperhouse or winter mansion. Both great maps and tons of props on the winter mansion.
  3. Occasionally when people are killed their bodies will instantly despawn/disappear. Currently don't know why this happens, but it seems to have been occurring more often.
  4. Sometimes traitors won't spawn with the red outline they usually have and it causes confusion among traitor buddies.
  5. More money to fund Darkrp
  6. Saw you on the server a few days ago, welcome back old friend. Join us on TTTGO sometime as well when you can.
  7. Confirmed I think Rex would be a fine member in sG. I personally never had any issues with him, but I know some people have. He has been dedicated to our rust server since its release. While he has had his share of issues, I'm willing to overlook those and allow him to join sG. He realizes his own mistakes since his long ban a few months ago and seems to have mellowed out. I think he deserves to join sG.
  8. Time to replay the first two again.
  9. @Lv. 100 Crobat Is this 5v5 going to be a Captains Mode game or All Pick? Kinda curious to see how this goes, and a little interested myself
  10. Added: ttt_murdertown_a1
  11. Happy birthday you gmod clown.
  12. I have sent out all prizes to each available person, if you run into an issue with your prize please send me a PM. Also thanks again guys for participating, hope to see you guys sometime this summer for another event!
  13. I probably won't be able to give out everything tonight, but I will try to give everyone their prizes as soon as possible.
  14. Currently no more 20 dollar cards, so make a different choice please
  15. @Imperium @sweetrock @Lindsay @Demon @ksi @Karma @Mr.Kon @Dixon I need you all to tell me what you want from the donation list, I've already gave the first two people their prizes. I will go in order I set your names so first come first serve remember that. Make a list of 3 prize you would want in case u don't get your first choice.