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  1. Don't usually waste my time doing this, but guess it's needed. At this point I don't care about the complaint, I just hated how u went off on Swed for a SIMPLE MUTE. The remarks towards him were just petty and reminded me of how sharpie acts. I didn't mention it to you early, but you have changed quite a bit since u found your new little group of friends. You were much more mellow beforehand, but not so much anymore.
  2. It sucks that we can't have a lot, but not dealing with 3+ people going inactive before week 8 this year
  3. If Avery isn't able to host the league, I'll do it myself. I will most likely have sG members only, the exception being my boy @Tubbles.
  4. I'll talk to Avery about it when I can since he owns the league.
  5. confirming ref Rex used to be a bit of an annoying squeaker at a point, but has definitely mellowed out a lot. He is a pretty active players on our servers and is a advocate for our rust server. I see no reason why he can't join sG and become a community member.
  6. Good luck finding an rx 480 in stock since they are being produced anymore due to the rx 580. Also miners are eating up all mid range gpus and even 1070s recently so that also hurts him, unless he is willing to get a 1050ti or rx 560.
  7. Confirming ref One of the more chill players of the war3 server. Never seen him cause any issue whenever I saw him on war3. IS a pretty likeable person and people enjoy having him around. I think he will be a solid community member for sG.
  8. Surprised you managed to last this long putting up with these idiots. Thanks for all you have done.
  9. 128 tick war3
  10. Just like c4 on clue or airbus, you just spam it all round and you win
  11. Probably thinking of nipperhouse or winter mansion. Both great maps and tons of props on the winter mansion.
  12. Occasionally when people are killed their bodies will instantly despawn/disappear. Currently don't know why this happens, but it seems to have been occurring more often.
  13. Sometimes traitors won't spawn with the red outline they usually have and it causes confusion among traitor buddies.
  14. More money to fund Darkrp
  15. Saw you on the server a few days ago, welcome back old friend. Join us on TTTGO sometime as well when you can.