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  1. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Next Poker Tourney

    Sorry, but I have no decision to run one since I recently stepped down. I'm not sure who on staff would run a poker tourney since the only ones who really have were Reaper and Chosen when they were still on staff.
  2. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Community Update 6/28/18

    @Rayne Guess you need that uplift before your little one comes in August and we'll rarely see u again.
  3. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Community Update 6/28/18

    Well I guess fuck me and Pike, thanks for that.
  4. Jeff The Flying Shark

    A Tribute To A Fallen Staff Member

  5. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Its about that time

    Gonna try not to drag this on any longer. I should of done this quite some time ago, but kinda forgot about it honestly. I've mostly lost interest in csgo except for really just war3 and occasionally skill surf. I really don't play our Gmod servers either anymore since they're not the same experience anymore sadly. I'll still be around in discord if ever needed and I won't be quitting since I've invested a lot of time into this community. I do appreciate being given staff back in 2014 and for the short time having the chance to help run a skill surf server. Hell we even brought back custom TTT for a good couple of months, but sadly it did not last. Hopefully current sG staff find someone with passion for TTTGO and revitalize the server. Thanks again @bulletford for all you've done to help me out.
  6. Jeff The Flying Shark

    nothing_but_fail stepdown

    Do what you gotta do homie, don't come back deranged though
  7. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Happy Birthday Wave

    @Wave Noms is becoming u please come back and happy b-day clown
  8. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Happy Birthday Reaper!

    @Reaper0470 Happy late b-day you clown Hope you're having fun killing small children like u usually do
  9. Jeff The Flying Shark

    VENOM Trailer (Thoughts/Opinions)

    Pretty much what Beerman said if its not rated R then I won't expect much. People are saying Carnage will appear in this movie, but if it's not rated R then I don't expect a good Carnage. This movie has to be rated R for that villian to be a good Carnage. To be honest Im more pumped for carnage much more than I am for Venom. Also this movie will be based off the Venom: Lethal Protector comic series and the series Planet of the Symbiotes. Other symbiotes come into play, like Scream, Toxin, and Lasher should eventually make an appearance. I think Scream was that woman who broke the glass in the recent trailer. Not sure if Toxin will be in this since he is the spawn of Carnage. I will go into this movie with low expectations since I don't trust Sony though.
  10. Jeff The Flying Shark

    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    11 people getting shot tomorrow
  11. Jeff The Flying Shark

    sG March Madness Bracket Challenge - 2018

    Welcome to March Madness, where you don't need to watch games to have a chance of winning.Its always been like that though.
  12. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Helpz meez becomers Adim!!!

  13. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Helpz meez becomers Adim!!!

    seems to be @DR3Y 's even more retarded younger brother or perhaps @sweetrock autistic kid
  14. Jeff The Flying Shark

    Happy Birthday centran! GOODBYE - step down

  15. Jeff The Flying Shark

    sG March Madness Bracket Challenge - 2018

    i went with uva due to their defense this season, but clearly they didn't want to win yesterday sadly. Kinda wish I went either nova or Duke for the sG bracket, but what can ya do