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  1. Hamburglar

    Blademaster Mirror Image

    If this is the bug I think you're referring to, when this happens to me, it still sets my hp to 75, but you don't get teleported to spawn.
  2. Hamburglar

    Rocky thorns

    Rocky will give proc thorns when people deal magic damage to the race. I was playing blade master and ulted next to a rocky. While this didn't do any damage to the rocky (100% magic resist for whatever reason), this would do 6 damage to me from cross counter (thorns ability) each tick of blade storm (my ultimate.) Even if this was intended, thorns should deal no damage to an ulting blademaster. Traditional thorns only does damage per gun damage, not magic damage or ultimates. Either change the thorns to be this way or change the race info to show that the thorns proc on ultimates (terrible raceinfo anyway.) Side note: race info would lead you to believe Rocky takes reduced damage from magic as it does with bullets, but it is immune to magic. This is another example of poor race info.
  3. Hamburglar

    Blade master crits on ultimate

    Blade master will crit when using it's ultimate. The skill info for the ability says it will only crit with your knife. Additionally, Orb Of Frost also works with the ultimate. xd reporting a bug for blade master