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  1. Tristan.

    Old UV Member looking for his old friends

    Damn been a hot minute.
  2. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion - Star Trek Mod
  3. Tristan.

    Santa Fe School Shooting

  4. Tristan.

    Climb Map List (3/22/2018)

    3/22/2018 Added kz_bhop_nothing_go bkz_fear4 kz_cousucks kz_11342 kz_forgotten_fix kz_grey kz_gallus kz_erratum kz_grate
  5. Tristan.

    sg > every other clan

    Yall are some toxic people. NJ though.
  6. Moving to GOKZ 1.0 Following the release of GOKZ, a new climb plugin developed by the KZ Global team, I have decided to move forward with converting the server. GOKZ has many new additions and many missing features as its still in development. Some additions include: 3 Modes: Vanilla, KZTimer, SimpleKZ Each mode has its own set of records New Global API System for better record tracking Some missing features include: Jumpstat records Ranking system Ex. [PRO] [SKILLED] [NEWB] The GOKZ Development team has relayed that they intend to implement these features in the future. All current PRO and TP records from the last plugin have all been converted to the new plugin by me. If you feel that a record is missing or not correctly translated please let me know as there are thousands of records. Server should be up and running soon. More information about GOKZ here. Good luck and get to climbing!
  7. Tristan.

    ** URGENT ** Join the battle for net neutrality!

    Ted just stick to riding scooters your opinions are shite. And you will also be affected even in Canada.
  8. Tristan.

    Player Feedback Needed

    Where is the option to delete all knife races. Also molecule should be buffed back to its original SOURCE days. Also 64 tick with SMAC so we can get 90% of the server banned for cheating ty.
  9. Tristan.

    Minecraft Server?

  10. Tristan.

    Conor McGregor VS. Mayweather

    Link me up bby.
  11. Tristan.

    KZ map categorization

    Ill look into implementing this into the current mapvote plugin. The maps are already tiered by the KZTimer plugin but would just need to use that data to display it on the nominate feature and mapvote feature. Thanks for the feedback!