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  1. BananaPeelz


    Yeah it's just bean curd made from soybeans, so no animals are involved in its production. You do have to watch out for how it's cooked though. If it's fried in animal fat or prepared in some other manner that involves animal ingredients then it won't be vegan.
  2. BananaPeelz


    I wouldn't say they're really unhealthy for you. They're definitely not the best nutritionally (high fat and sodium) but it's mostly all unsaturated fats and the sodium isn't too ridiculous (there's like more than twice as much in a pack of ramen). You most definitely shouldn't be eating them frequently, but I think they're pretty fuego so I splurge and cook one up occasionally, especially if I'm at a BBQ with friends. They've never made me or any of my other veggie/vegan friends sick, but I won't definitively claim they won't make you feel sick since everyone's different.
  3. BananaPeelz


    Yo check out the Beyond Burger by the company Beyond Meat. It's pretty damn expensive but it's the best tasting beef substitute that I've found so far, and it's not made from soy like every other subsitute. Another aspect of veganism that I haven't seen mentioned here yet is the environmentalism aspect. Raising animals for consumption is an incredibly resource-intensive process (animals need to be fed several pounds of plants to produce just one pound of meat) and is a leading cause of deforestation around the world. There's also the disruption to the various ecological cycles (carbon, nitrogen, etc.) that comes with clearing huge tracts of forest land for agricultural production and applying all the additional fertilizers and pesticides that are required by farmers to grow the crops that just end up being used as animal feed. Pollution from farms is also a pretty huge issue. Not only are there more pesticides and fertilizers ending up in our waterways, but animal waste can be a huge problem, especially in factory farms which can produce as much sewage waste as a small city.