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  1. Ref. This dude has been a regular wcs/war3 player for years and he's always been a cool and friendly guy in game. Ez yes.
  2. Ice totem doesn't reduce Ice Imprisonment's freeze duration.
  3. Orb of venom is permanently slowing people by 12% and carrying over throughout multiple rounds.
  4. Chronos can deal molotov damage to people in the chronosphere. So you can use chronosphere, throw down a molotov on anyone in the sphere, and run away for a free kill
  5. for war3, sm_cash definitely crashes the server. I'm pretty sure it's also the auto balance plugin that's causing the crashes. seems to crash at the end of rounds whenever one team is stacked and the plugin tries to switch one or more players from the other team. server crashed on round end whenever i switched to spectate to force an autobalance.