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  1. It's been dead for ages now. I remember the good ol' days when I used to play on the TTT server in GMod. Those were the times...
  2. Thank you for your kindness man!!!
  3. Thanks for the donation!!!
  4. Kung?


    Welcome to the forums! I seen you on TTTGO.
  5. I don't seem to recognize you but welcome back!
  6. I been using spacebar for years.
  7. Kung?

    Jailbreak is great!

    Happy to see the Jailbreak servers are back at its peak again! I had a great time playing with old and new players alike on the server.
  8. This was a glorious 43 seconds of my life that was well spent!
  9. Wow! This game is definitely a sight for sore eyes! And as a musician, the soundtrack for this game is fantastic. I definitely look into buying this game in the future.
  10. I have another point to make. Even though I did mention that my dream is be accepted into a music conservatory, I realize the chances of that happening is close to none. However, it's not about the school that you want to go to. It's about the teacher. I'm currently studying at a state school and the viola professor I study under with is the best in the state of Iowa in my opinion. Music conservatories like Julliard have an extremely intense music program obviously but it wouldn't matter if you don't connect with the instructor of music there! Also, people are going to be jerks in grad school but that shouldn't mean that you can't reach for it!
  11. You are not being an asshole. You are telling me the brutal reality of the music field. I am well aware of how competitive music is. I'm actually considering minoring in marketing or business so I have valuable skills that can compliment my freelance music career. I actually want to become a music professor and I know how unstable, impractical, and risky this path will be but at the same time I can't see myself doing anything else but teaching music at a collegiate level. Chances are I am not going to get in a top orchestra that pays six figures but that's okay! In the end, music makes me happy and I can't imagine myself doing anything else but music!
  12. Hello! Kung here. I have survived my first semester of college and to be quite frank, I am loving every minute of it. I'm currently studying Music/Viola Performance and plan to go to a music conservatory after I'm done with my undergrad degree. Anyways, if you don't know me than let me introduce myself. I been here since 2012 and I been dead for a while but come back once in a blue moon. I played Jailbreak and TTT when the servers were still alive. I happen to got a new gaming PC recently and it's certainly a great (entry-level) desktop! It can destroy the games I usually play. My favorite video game of all time is NieR: Automata. It literally changed my life and it has such a GORGEOUS soundtrack. Interesting facts about me: - I drink a copious amount of tea and have about $100 worth of loose leaf tea in my collection. - I'm a classical music snob. - I scream like a 5 year old girl despite having the voice like a grown adult male. - I'm not interesting. So yeah, it would be awesome if I got to meet new people who were accepted into sG and stick around for a little bit before I go back to studying what I love!
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