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  1. i'm here to rake some cash with the boys
  2. TurtleFrenzy

    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    i stand with firefighter and sweetrock
  3. TurtleFrenzy

    Changes to R&R - March 1st, 2019

  4. TurtleFrenzy

    Sunday Funday

    "Krony hears him." "No he doesn't." i think this is a successful campaign ad, i'm sold
  5. TurtleFrenzy

    sG Summer Poker Tournament

    oh yeah the night im out of town without a pc
  6. TurtleFrenzy

    Next Poker Tourney

    ivanns short on pocket change
  7. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    colombian players are all monkaS in the back of their minds now. (apparently andres escobar's brother has come out and been like "yeaaaaah ya'll should watch out" but he might do that every world cup) Definitely a nail biting game. Kane learned a little late to just start pulling his guys off the colombians. At least one if not two dumb yellows just for getting in the faces and arguing for a long time. Maguire especially. Young didn't like just dropping the ball and start playing again, kept wanting to ink out more of a penalty during situations.
  8. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    (sorry @BabyNicol3 )
  9. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    hahah just watched the last costa rica goal. That's a feelsbadman. https://www.foxsports.com/soccer/video/1265418819519
  10. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    chilling watching brazil serbia thinking the swede bros got murdered by mexico "If results hold, Brazil will play against the Second place Mexico" Huh... wonder who got First. "Switzerland will play the first place Sweden." Germany loses to the 0W-2L South Korea Sweden wins over the 2W-0L Mexico STILL IN THE WORLD CUP?
  11. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    Yeah, lots of opportunities throughout the game like that, but people always want to make the guy who did the last "almost" goal the scapegoat. Don't think they would have gotten much farther versus Uruguay even if they had won. We get to see the opposite side of the VAR conversation today, where the ref got to see the supposed handball in Argentina v Nigeria, and BECAUSE he got to see the view of the player heading the ball into his own arm, decided to write it off as an accident of physics rather than intentional (he wouldn't have given Iran their penalty). VAR or no VAR, the refs decision on how the game is played will always be different even with video evidence. These top seeds of each group all look super strong. Quarter finals and onward are going to be awesome games. Also Argentina being scummy and playing the last 6 minutes of the game s u p e r s l o w once they got ahead (arguably part of the game is time management/playing defensive when you want to hold a lead, but they were given enough leeway with some of the calls). Messi's yellow was for delay of game, would've been nice to seen him thrown off and knock his ego down a few notches
  12. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    watched the whole iran v portugal game, that was insane. Neither team looked professional at all out there once the second half started. I was expecting the ref to start carding people just for how often they were in his face, but he also made some questionable calls (ronaldo's PK should have been a free kick for sure, but I don't think he was in enough contention for the PK to be given, then 10 minutes later the same scenario happens to Iran and there aren't given any sort of penalty at all, coach was having a fit about it and the ref went and told him to cool off or something ;;;;; ronaldo getting a yellow [potential for a red] for elbowing a guy in the face when he was also giving ronaldo way too much body with the ball being nowhere near ;;;; the questionable handball PK equalizer)
  13. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    Yeah the Germans have always been a force to be reckoned with. Columbia looking like the "underdog" (while one of the better groups, they are at the bottom of the barrel in terms of being consistently top tier) with a chance of taking it all. Can't wait to see them head to head with the top contenders.
  14. TurtleFrenzy

    Slap City

    the Ittle Dew cast is awesome, I know camel loves the game.
  15. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    sweden with the penalty at the very last minute of the game, giving germany the chance to score, and what a goal it was. uggghhh still anyone's progression in group f, but sweds would have to beat mexico which is looking strong right now, and germany would have to lose to the iffy south koreans.
  16. TurtleFrenzy

    Its about that time

    "Can't quit if we don't demote you" - Staff
  17. TurtleFrenzy

    Culture of sG

    8/10, needs more length and support
  18. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    they aren't smiling as big after today
  19. TurtleFrenzy

    sG 2018 World Cup

    I'll go with the Swedes since @Swed is unpatriotic and @BabyNicol3 took my Swiss
  20. TurtleFrenzy

    Step Down

    ctrl+f calendar fffuuuuuuuuuuuu later dude
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