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  1. i stand with firefighter and sweetrock
  2. "Krony hears him." "No he doesn't." i think this is a successful campaign ad, i'm sold
  3. oh yeah the night im out of town without a pc
  4. ivanns short on pocket change
  5. colombian players are all monkaS in the back of their minds now. (apparently andres escobar's brother has come out and been like "yeaaaaah ya'll should watch out" but he might do that every world cup) Definitely a nail biting game. Kane learned a little late to just start pulling his guys off the colombians. At least one if not two dumb yellows just for getting in the faces and arguing for a long time. Maguire especially. Young didn't like just dropping the ball and start playing again, kept wanting to ink out more of a penalty during situations.
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