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  1. hullo

  2. Conor McGregor VS. Mayweather

    hmu ;))

  4. I would like to apologize

    excuse you, it used to be double n word
  5. Thank you Sentran...

    Can you with your tea bag strings?
  6. That fucking Turtle

    You wot
  7. Hit me with the gossip

    This sounds like a chance for an alliterative title to a chapter book series. "A Plight in the Phillipines." "The Trap in Thailand." "Hypothermia in the Himilayas."
  8. Community Digest - 7/1/2017

    giving into skill surf demands is just fueling @BeauutifulChaos to come back in full force with support for a gungame server
  9. Mini SNES Classic Edition

  10. JB change

    obligatory i havent played this server in 2 years but how dare you destroy muh jailbreaks skillcap /s
  11. Stepping Down.

    refer to sig <3
  12. and 10 new children were born to /b/ stuffs pretty normal for internet standards, ive seen worse in 100k+ upvoted imgur meme dumps. the child predatory crap is offputting, I can see being upset about that. how public was this page though? I would imagine it being weird to be so responsive to a private group doing things in a private manner kept between only those invited. If its a public page with the branding image of harvard with this stuff juxtaposed, thats one thing. Bringing up the eff'd up stuff that everyone does in their own privacy amongst friends is another. But therein lies the woes of social media platforms- especially if the page still was linked to their public profiles although the page itself not accessible by non-members. Wonder if anyone snitched for if admins found out themselves doing sweeps for that kind of thing. #snitchesgetstitches #skittoutedtheENGrevolutiontoJCS #thxbulletford Alas, I have my own personal justice boner for people who don't grasp real world consequences. If you adopt the prestige that comes with the title, you have to be willing to take the responsibilities associated with it as well. Welcome to the professional world kiddos, here's your PR crash course.
  13. coming back

    a fresh start I can get behind
  14. Jailbreak automated last-requests?

    You come into MY house?
  15. Look what i unboxed

    how much did it cost in keys spent before you lotto'd it?