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  1. bump
  2. Watched a decent amount of twitch footage whenever the beta/alpha, whichever it was first got released to the closed test recipients. If its your gig because of the genre or the style of skirmish survival horror, go for it. Only thing that was major was the ability for the game to become stale rather quick because it was the same map/same characters and these streamers were playing for hours multiple days in a row. So as more content comes out some of that should diminish.
  3. Removing the skybox is nice just from a realism perspective of nades not behaving horribly, but most of his "hey I put an object here even though the aesthetic is horrid" seems to come from not liking corner holds at long ranges. Which is probably a sentiment most CS players would consider integral.
  4. I'd argue that @Ironic brings up both good and bad points. You don't have to feel like you need a reason as to why you don't do something. If you're not comfortable, that's all the reason you should have to give anyone who's a "friend" as to why you aren't joining.
  5. aren't you like 12
  6. @ZachPL @Swed shoutout to my boys @Sportsteen583 and @Sean for cucking me
  7. Bump because time to overthrow Ivanns godly river turning powers
  8. Junnie
  9. ayy i'll have to call my mom and see if she can dig around for the old cd box lol
  10. My bad, the soundcloud is named after him.
  11. mimic's laughing "I will swallow eddy's cum-" -dead silence- i'd listen to a fugner album.
  12. I watched it albeit I haven't watched a single episode before this one.
  13. When nicole opens pieros nudes
  14. considering the only "approved" app is a staff member
  15. pretty sure Valamarl still plays if you get in touch with him since he doesn't come around here anymore