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      WIPE HYPE- Early Edition   01/12/17

      Nicer junk, further optimization, loot table fixes, and more.   Go check out the new map:   
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      There is someone who is banned from sG who is pretending to be me trying to scam community members. DONT ACCEPT ANY OFFERS FROM THIS PERSON, DONT EVEN ADD THIS PERSON His steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198305480550   SteamID: STEAM_0:0:172607411   He was already perma banned for impersonating another JCS member.


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  1. Team Name: The Furry and The Scared Animal Members:TurtleFrenzy, Krony
  2. i'm horrible, sub 5 hours logged, but if another scrub wants to team just for funsies hit me up
  3. war3imba face's ability to stepdown later mate
  4. yo what's better is that he goes "I need it removed." like a boss with no chill
  5. rip, just went to go look if i could still change my SO spreadsheet. no longer have access to it
  6. Those are all pretty intense in thematic look compared to the original models
  7. Assuming a JCS vote was held, we can clearly deduce that: Mimic was too busy shagging dilly dally and didn't vote; Klark was too busy listening to a lecture on medicinal fungi at 2x speed while seeding torrents on the sG box to vote; Eddy was too busy getting verbally raped by Renegade for not doing enough dps against Majordomo Executus to vote; therefore we can come to the conclusion that: cows voted no because he can't use the n-word around chosen. /meme whoops forgot centran was a person
  8. my bad on the banned/suspended terminology, I knew what it entitled though, albeit I thought he couldnt only submit for 6 months. basically dropped a lot of F bombs and other swears, and went against a ton of things staff told him not to do during the duration event ie: "stop talking about Owen Wilson", and proceeded to keep doing it. It's a hilarious run, especially considering this took place during like 2am-4am and everyone is delirious, but staff got pissed with not listening to them and not being "family friendly" or something along that line.
  9. had a feeling the jak and daxter precursor run would be a memefest with how bonesaw got banned for his J&D run at sgdq. free o dawg
  10. ): hotline minnie. rip.
  11. leeroy #2 boys here we go
  12. hopefully it was a "bad stuff came up, not sure if ill be on a computer anytime soon" or "I don't know if I can spare the money anymore".
  13. same name, he's just an oldfag vet.
  14. "all of our staff members have stopped playing cs:go and have turned to a WoW community" /meme
  15. blindsided boys gj elevator mouse c: