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  1. hit me up when bnet works with it. albeit I think I have a pirated copy installed right now... we lost the old cd key for our own copy I believe.
  2. classic crobat formatting
  3. tell your kid your legacy of being the founding father of TMS
  4. originally made an anagram out of TF2 since it was the only online game I played back when I started steam in 2010. TurtleFrenzy2 was the result of creative ingenuity. Dropped the 2 eventually.
  5. Demon's already got a girlfriend bro
  6. aim higher sounds like a school shooting slogan
  7. the quiz itself feels skewed. it frames most of the questions in a way in which it wants to make you answer in a particular way before you even considered your choices.
  8. http://www.politicalcompass.org/chart?ec=-4.5&soc=-1.59
  9. ah, yes, portland oregon. progressive america.
  10. It's not about how much power you have, it's how you use what you've been given as Trav has so gracefully proven. also @Name will return from the dead and take the high scores for himself if arcade comes back. that or @Eek will cheat at yeti throw 5 again and trigger name, kek. didn't know arcade had such a highly contested past, did ya faggots
  11. if youve never played it, Jedi Academy uses the same style/engine as outcast and revisits kyle katarn as a character though you don't play as him. it's not as linear as outcase either but its pretty much the same style. definitely check it out
  12. does ruby have a ibp4 api? could we get a tech wizard to code a bot to post tag all accounts registered on the forums rather than manually input them all? up to the task @centran? for the memes?
  13. Couldve been a top tier fps player like you when i was 12, but all i did was trade hats in tf2 fml
  14. was literally typing up a post using howard as an example of someone who's pretty much moved on from sg but was active for years rip old howard dean & left testicle