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  1. GCC PUBG Squad Event!

    We legit got fucked so hard every single round, the 3rd round was the trashiest of them all, 3 of us dced.

    I'm going to listen to staff and stop discussing it and let this moron get himself banned.
  3. Reinforcements Have Arrived.

  4. Reinforcements Have Arrived.

  5. Reinforcements Have Arrived.

  6. GCC PUBG Event Sign-ups

    Team 3 Me STEAM_0:1:74939 @Eddy STEAM_0:0:21121081 @Renegade STEAM_0:0:22203851 @ATG_AGENT STEAM_0:1:14079604 SUB(S) @Lvl. 100 Latias STEAM_0:0:19860963 @Sean
  7. OFFICIAL: Vanilla WoW Servers

    I mean I am 95% sure I am going to play a mage...
  8. OFFICIAL: Vanilla WoW Servers

    I am playing it, I hope they bring only a few quality of life things to it and leave the rest largely unadulterated. Things like being able to switch talents/specs and not having to spend 50g would be lovely.
  9. Post a Picture of your Pet(s)

    The goodest girl, Remy.
  10. Thoughts and Prayers: A Discussion

    In a flat out large scale battle sure. Guerrilla tactics like the Iraqi's and Afghani's have been doing the last 10+ years says otherwise.
  11. Made me laugh so fucking hard

  12. You're the hero we need.

  13. So... I think I started a religion?

  14. Last Brofest

    The only weird Russian meme song I know aside from trololol.
  15. Hey