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  1. I would have given you an upvote if you actually had drone footage and not Apache footage.
  2. Rip Buddy
  3. Hey

  4. http://www.duffelblog.com/2017/05/vladimierre-poutin-fbi-director/ Trump appoints French immigrant Vladimierre Poutin as new FBI Director
  5. The one where you commit sudoku Xd HE HE
  6. Hi, I don't remember you TBH but I've been around since 06.
  7. She likes walks
  8. Credit to @Eddy
  9. It is a great show, my brother and I have been watching it.
  10. I like discore.
  11. Until I can pod race the game is dead to me.
  12. @fps_trucka Its my dads birthday, but Ill see what I can do. Rapping versus these squares is gonna be a easy thing to do. My rhymes are lit like the torch running in rio, dont hold your breath goose cause im gonna be there.
  13. @Travesty Install Gameranger and you can host games without people having a legit blizzard copy and play w/ them. Me, snoopy and a few others use to play via that and it worked out great. I like to play it but always struggled to find other peeps to play it with.