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  1. Lets make a story only two words!

  2. The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    Vote Eddy for all.
  3. Lets make a story only two words!

    melanin enriched
  4. TDOV 2018

    Did you just assume my gender?
  5. TDOV 2018

    Yeah its really good to empower Travesty, he is starting to become a beautiful woman.
  6. We Beefin'?

    Nobody beats RAGU on gun control
  7. Thoughts on Sonic the Hedgehog?

    SammySonic is the only sonic i like
  8. If memory serves me correct, I recall that you were bitching about your husband making too much money and were complaining that you were going to have to divorce him so you can continue to be on welfare yet still live together.
  9. Playing wow with sG in a nutshell.

    That video isnt correct, because like 8 or 9 of us were in a guild together and within the first 1-2 months it was only me and eddy left playing. @fps_trucka
  10. ashleyann23

    @Carl Sagan
  11. ashleyann23

    Welcome to the forums! (Be careful of Junzou)
  12. Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    TFW your good friend did this same exact thing years ago minus the ninja-quitting and ruined our most popular server at the time.
  13. Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (This weekend/ongoing)

    Yeah, was kinda just waiting for the people to say ay lets go... I will think of a time soon.
  14. Seen an SV over 100

  15. GCC is hosting an Overwatch Tournament

    I guess its a good thing I read the official website, you guys said it was 5 CST and it ISNT. Its 4 CST/5 EST via the GCC forums good thing I checked because I was planning on not being back until 4:30... Recheck the time guys its an hour earlier than you thought @Eddy @Renegade @Chowder @Fugner @Sean @Travesty