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  1. While yes, they dun goofed, I hope the meeting with Disney went something like this https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYBnErTTCIl2SPe/giphy.gif and the only reason they bring them back is for cosmetic rewards that won't give anyone an unfair advantage..
  2. Staff Leaks

  3. He is Coming...

    But... I'm already here...
  4. Conor McGregor VS. Mayweather

    Just putting it out there if you do find a stream, don't post it in this thread please. Share in PMs/private etc. (Go McGregor even though he's gonna get stomped)
  5. Vote for the Jail Break Voice!

    I don't see a option on that list...
  6. Iherdcows Resignation

  7. Life is just a little unfair some times

    She was probably just typing in discord on her cell and wasn't paying attention... Sounds like someone else we know, right @Karma? Glad you're ok.
  8. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    I read it just fine. I back Sweds decisions 100% until I'm given reason not to. Back your bullshit up with some actual proof and maybe then I'll consider taking you seriously.
  9. Official Complaint Department Discussion Thread

    Dude, just stop. I guaranfuckingtee you nobody here is impressed by your weak, fake tough guy bullshit. Honestly if I had a dollar for every stupid kid like you that has tried to play the "I'm a bad ass you better take me seriously" card, I could put sweetrock through college and get her an actual degree in psychology so she would stop trying to insist that overcoming depression simply relies on "being happy" all the time. You fucked up and you got clipped for it. Do yourself a favor and just own up to your mistakes and learn from them. I promise you whatever weak ass attempt you use to try and justify yourself here will get shit on. Not by myself, (at first) but the rest of the far less forgiving community.
  10. Staff Leaks

    Learned somethings about Hawk I didnt need to this afternoon...
  11. Call of Duty WW2 : Nazi Zombies

  12. TS3 Question

    Locking the topic. Issue has been handled.
  13. I Want to Give You Some Money

    All you had to do was ask, toots. Here ya go: