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  1. Yeah I'd keep reminiscing of the past the way your future's looking.
  2. A) B) And @Swed See statements A) and B)
  3. Meanwhile I just opened one for shits and giggles and get Thus confirming my luck is still in fact shit.
  4. Don't make me perma you again
  5. This post was made after midnight my time, so its a new day. But fuck you anyway for getting another uprep from me...
  6. Solid write up. Going to lock it and pin it to the top of the forum here so it doesn't fade.. Nicely done. Edit: If anyone has anything they'd want added to this, PM it to me and i'll amend the OP to add it.
  7. Yeah? You excited to be part of a racist steam group attacking our community too? Your band of fucktards Swag/Box/Ayee put you up to this one since I've nuked all their accounts too? How'd that work out for ya? Oh right.. it didnt..
  8. You cant make kraft mac and cheese with a can of peas?
  9. Fuck no. That makes it fun.
  10. Then I'd suggest increasing the minimum time it can be played again to allow more diversity of maps.. gets real old playing minecraft/clouds/obama/dojo/mincraft/clouds/ragequit
  11. How about removing Clouds and Dojo? Maps are played to death and keeps me from joining the server.
  12. The irony of the title and the poster gave me a bigger laugh than the article itself..
  13. I'm sorry, who the fuck are you? Oh shit found Killer #2! (wb prick)