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  1. Pretty sure you're watching a rerun fam.. North/Astrlis and NiP/Kinguin are the next matches.
  2. @Bulldog this is your fault and @Swed you took my drunk shit post far too literal, but thank you.. Guess I'll do my impersonation of your Wings next monthl and hit the links for a few.
  3. Doesnt even buy it for his Manager.... motherfuckers gettin demoted tomorrow..
  4. On the lighter note, congrats and good luck on adulting. And say goodbye to any sort of sleep schedule. And on a parting note: @Beerman does not have the brainpower to fucking think his way out of a paper bag, he's a fucking retard. I mean, I've talked to him, I know who he is, he's a dumb bitch. And if he ever fucks with me, if he ever puts me in some sort of self defense situation and I have to legally defend myself? I'm not going to initiate violence against him, but—if he comes at me in an alleyway, tries to do anything—I'm going to fuck him up so badly, I will put him in the fucking ground in a fucking box. I'll take extra time, I'll take extra time, okay? It won't be a quick self-defense situation, I'll be nailing him I'll be punching him in the back, I'll be punching him in the back of the neck, I'll be boxing his eyes in, I'll break both his orbital bones, I'm going to DESTROY beerman physically, so badly, the people that come to clean him up are going to be puking when they see what I did to him, I want them to know how I feel about him, so I am going to fuck him up so bad that he makes them puke when they see his bruised, mangled body- if he ever did anything to me to warrant that legally. Now, I would never, ever initiate violence against him, but that's what would happen.
  5. Since you asked for it, buh bye.
  6. Before anyone feels bad for this poor poor soul who was just a victim of circumstances, here: I won't waste anymore time on him, but if you're bored go nuts: http://sg.gameme.com/player_histories/chat/1089754
  7. https://sb.joinsg.net/index.php?p=banlist&searchText=+STEAM_1%3A0%3A99084837&Submit=Search That does.
  8. This shit posting is reaching top tier.
  9. Two weeks straight of reporting paid off... Later pricks..
  10. Chosen you going for the title of Legendary Shit Poster next?
  11. Yeah I'd keep reminiscing of the past the way your future's looking.