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  1. (Disclaimer: I'm a giant horror movie nerd and Jason is my favorite) The creators of the game worked directly with Tom Savini (who's a fucking legend and helped create Jason) and got Kane Hodder (who played Jason) to do all his movements and kill sequences. Official site for the game. http://f13game.com/ Pax West trailer frmo last year showing some of the kills - Clamps right now -
  2. @Destin still useless
  3. New star, same cunt.
  4. Bout as intimidating as
  5. @TotesMagoats - I'm going to have to ask you to defer to the Higher Power. If you do not give into the Higher Power, you will surely perish in the flames of the Fuck Offs™.
  6. He was just paving the way for The Great One Edit: #FuckOff
  7. Fixed it for you <3
  8. Nah dude, we had a big ole discussion about in the staff forums. Didnt you se- oh.... right....
  9. Conf.
  10. IT

    I'm banning you until you've completed watching the original. Good day sir.
  11. IT

  12. Wow, look at you, hot shot. 

  13. Love ya toots. Thanks for always answering my random Dr. related questions. I'll go ahead and manually add about 200 rep for you <3.