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  1. Clamps

    Santa Fe School Shooting

  2. Clamps

    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    aaww <3 Edit: Wait wtf? I fucking hate politics.. you mixing me up with Oridnary, Edusan?
  3. Clamps


    Sure is!
  4. Clamps

    Happy Birthday centran! GOODBYE - step down

    Take care dude.
  5. Clamps

    Staff Changes 2/4/2018

    Proper. Settings.
  6. Clamps

    Happy birthday dear Weeb-Chan-Sama

    Gonna need you to use bigger fonts from now on please, @driz.. Old eyes and shit..
  7. Clamps

    It Happened...

    But serial, hopefully it brings some good changes.
  8. While yes, they dun goofed, I hope the meeting with Disney went something like this https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYBnErTTCIl2SPe/giphy.gif and the only reason they bring them back is for cosmetic rewards that won't give anyone an unfair advantage..
  9. Clamps

    Staff Leaks

  10. Clamps

    He is Coming...

    But... I'm already here...
  11. Clamps

    Conor McGregor VS. Mayweather

    Just putting it out there if you do find a stream, don't post it in this thread please. Share in PMs/private etc. (Go McGregor even though he's gonna get stomped)
  12. Clamps

    Vote for the Jail Break Voice!

    I don't see a option on that list...