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  1. vs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Lookin a little bare there m8
  2. Things more likely to happen: The Rangers making something of themselves in the post-season.
  3. P2P was one of the biggest reasons to pass on the game for me, glad I did.
  4. Here's a picture of Human Alliance being played by @Eddy. It looks like he's 75-80% invisible. Human Alliance's max invis percentage is 55%.
  5. I'm sure he actually teaches at Wayne State.
  6. I've seen this video before, it's dead on.
  7. Shouldn't have put rice on it tbh. Unplug, let sit for 48 hours, it'll be fine.
  8. The answer is to think critically and to restate the question in your response.
  9. Is one of them 4v4 with subway sandwich weapons? For real though, P2P hosting, 60$ price tag for repetitive game play, won't be picking this up.
  10. Make short function overloads of the commands so a player can type !pm and !cm or something of the sort if they don't have binds and need to move quickly.
  11. Looking at a keyboard layout, you've gotta really fuck up to type the slur instead of spikes c is very far away from the letters I or K. You have to reach over and hit c intentionally. Now if he argues he doesn't know the word for spikes, he's retarded.
  12. Verify your game cache. Let's work from there.
  13. I know why you think the blocking system doesn't work. If you go in for a swing while they're attack(Red indicator flashing), your block stops blocking and you take the hit because they hit first. ezpz just dont swing.