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  1. Welcome back infested marmeme!
  2. Colossus Smash procs on nade damage.
  3. The master sniper expertise does extra damage to default despite it's immunity to war3.
  4. Posting in a renigade thread EDIT: This isn't spam, be ware those who come after
  5. Sounds like a short.
  6. Level requirement is not what it should be (5000?)
  7. You're gonna need a screenshot of your gold count champ.
  8. Meh, I did these while waiting for help at office hours yesterday, not too invested in it either way.
  9. Clarification: I made a coin flip bracket too, but this is my serious one: http://games.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2017/en/entry?entryID=19267651
  10. That's obviously not his issue. He implied that I had made a bracket after the first day, not that I would submitted my most successful bracket of which I only have one.
  11. I mean, seeing as how ESPN doesn't allow Tournament Challenge brackets to be made after games begin, the implication that I was trying to cheat is pretty rude.
  12. @ChosenOne2000 Can I link my bracket here and just participate that way?
  13. @ChosenOne2000 any chance you can unlock the group, I didn't get a chance to add myself before today.
  14. 3 to expertise, 1 to secret prize