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  1. This is going nowhere fast and Sakarra is clearly a big fuckin' weeb. Locked. Please open a PM to staff if you feel this was locked in error.
  2. Just for posterity, I had a better bracket:
  3. Who is down* as in Trucka will be down after I spike him down off-stage.
  4. Locking this thread as it's out of place
  5. Swed


    I wasn't particularly involved in either of naufrage's applications prior to his most recent successful once, so I hope you'd be more wary in making accusations without proof. Anyways, here's a comment from naufrage's second application:
  6. Swed

    Nostalgia Attack

    Halo 3 Custom games were the best way to play games with friends on xbox live.
  7. Swed

    Obligatory Check-in

    What's up bud, hop on discord some time and educate the newfags.
  8. Swed

    Thanks guys!

    Ill miss you man. RIP
  9. Swed

    Getting admin back

    Sith was the hardest working SO on GMOD and since the beginning of time Zach has used his discretion to give admin to regular members and non-members. In this case, I believe Zach should use his discretion in the favor of Sith. If anyone is willing to make a case against this, I'd be more than happy to debate it. Ultimately, its up to Zach, and I hope he chooses to give Sith admin if hes willing to volunteer his time while on the server.
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