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  1. Swed

    Should I buy this? $800.00

    No, and why does the games list matter?
  2. Swed

    Thoughts on the new Kamikaze album?

    Shit was fire yo Best Tracks: The Ringer, Lucky You, Not Alike, Kamikaze Alright Tracks: Greatest. Fall Tracks that aren't that great: Nice Guy, Good Guy, Venom Track
  3. Swed


  4. Swed

    About my absence

    You should reach out to @Iherdcows for advice, I think he has issues with seizures as well but keeps them well managed. Maybe he could give you some tips!
  5. @SmugJack I've synced fastDL, let me know if the issue persists. If everything is OK, let me know so I can resolve this thread.
  6. Swed

    Culture of sG

    Just thought I'd point out that this is impossible, and this is the second time in recent memory I've seen regulars complaining about SOs but refusing to: 1. Submit a complaint in CD with evidence 2. Submit a PM to staff with evidence 3. Name names What are you guys so afraid of? Retaliation? Or have you decided the correct route to solving issues you have is complain and do nothing?
  7. Swed

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    First of all, it's not obvious. There's clearly a disagreement here so you're mistaken. Second, who the fuck are you talking about. For real. Stop being an edgy fuck and name names because I need to know who's sleeping with clamps.
  8. Swed

    sG 2018 World Cup

    Portugal @Aristocrat big Spain fan eh? Excited to watch Ronaldo?
  9. Swed

    Hi everyone

    Live free or Goob Hard
  10. Swed

    WAR3 SO Situation *Please Read*

    Is this a copypasta?
  11. Swed

    Warcraft 3 Map List (8/19/2018)

    As my last map addition before I go for the summer, I present to you: +de_season As always, Please let me know if there are any constant crash issues, it should be indicative of a faulty workshop map. Do not exploit maps.
  12. Swed

    Warcraft 3 Map List (8/19/2018)

    -de_tangerine_b2_17 Tangerine was crashing the server, and has been removed. Please let me know if there are any other constant crash issues, it should be indicative of a faulty workshop map.
  13. Swed

    Warcraft 3 Map List (8/19/2018)

    +de_blackgold +de_favela +de_subzero +de_tangerine_b2_17 +de_thrill +de_zoo Please report any map issues to me immediately. Exploiting map glitches is against the rules and anyone found doing so will be punished.
  14. Swed

    Step Down

    End of an era