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  1. sG Skill Surf?!?

    See above
  2. Saying hello.

    I think you played WCS back in the day You gotta try out our Warcraft 3 CS:GO server: war3.joinsg.net:27016
  3. Big Brother 19 Contestant Draft

    Does anyone watch this completely unforgivable, super cringeworthy, absolute guilty-pleasure and utterly addicting show? I've watched every year since its started and while I know how fucking cringeworthy it is, I almost get enjoyment from hating some of the cast members and their retardedness. The game itself though is incredible... despite the totally deserved terrible reputation that the show has. It's basically a human experiment that you get to watch during the summer. This year looks pretty damn promising for a good season if you've watched the first three episodes... My family and I do a draft each year.. and this year I was wondering if anyone wanted to start one up in sG. The Way It Works: Pick a contestant of the show (or two) after the first two weeks Once a contestant is picked, they can no longer be picked by anyone else The Player who wins Big Brother will get the whole pot I was thinking of doing a $5 entry fee for each of us (could be more if you want) and limiting the pool to 14~ people. Betting always makes the thing you're watching more enjoyable haha. Any of you watch and want to play? If no one wants to put in money, which is completely understandable as the odds of winning are pretty much a crap shoot, we could always just do the draft for fun.
  4. Big Brother 19 Contestant Draft

    What a crazy ending!
  5. Racism

    ITT white people discussing what's racist and what's not
  6. Big Brother 19 Contestant Draft

    GRAYSON (The Disableds): Christmas, Josh TOTES (The Big Personalities): Paul, Elena KARMA (The Hotties): Matt, Jessica ZIP (The Tryhards): Alex, Cody TRAVESTY (The Strong but Silent): Mark, Dominique MISTACHANG (The Class Clowns): Kevin, Jason TRUCKA (The Goonies): Ramses, Raven WHO WILL WIN?! @TotesMagoats or @Grayson Levi???? @Karma @Zip @MistaChang @fps_trucka
  7. im gay

    1. Beerman



  8. Racism

  9. Post what you're listening to right now.

    Good stuff. The last 4 minutes reminded me of this: @Yunki
  10. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    No one manages the Calendar... The calendar manages us!
  11. follow me on soundcloud

    wub wub in 2017
  12. leaving sg

    This is some Randall shit @Beerman "MISS FINSTER! MISS FINSTER!"
  13. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    I've never been to VA and don't need to in order to understand universal health care... I'm from Canada lol. You have yet to prove why paperwork is an issue we should consider. Money should be spent appropriately and the budget would determine it. Physicians could just as easily not get pay cuts if the US decided to spend less on their military budget lol. Fair enough, then we will agree the right to access health care should be a right. Either way I think the fear of abuse and discrimination of patients is a bit far fetched when considering health care a human right. There could just as easily be laws put in place for prevention of such abuse/discrimination.
  14. Medicare for all bill has more support than ever

    The US already spends the most per capita on healthcare while the average of other universal healthcare countries spend far less I'm not sure what you mean about too much paper work but that doesn't seem like an issue to even bring up. When everyone has access to health care of course its going to increase wait times, etc. However it will not change how your doctor treats you. Universal health care is the way to go if you're looking at your country at a whole vs. just thinking about yourself. Private health care is awesome if you're only worried about yourself. Having a mix would probably work best for the US where you can purchase private health care if you're privileged enough but the less than fortunate would still get free healthcare covered by every tax payer simply because they're also American. Healthcare should be a right not a privilege. Fun fact: The US ranks 31st out of all countries for life expectancy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_life_expectancy Either way I'd put money on that in the next two or three elections you're going to see a candidate running on universal health care and winning because of it. It's going to happen soon enough, especially with since Americans have had a taste of it with Obamacare.
  15. rip daca (not dakka)

    I have no sympathy for these kids. Their parents broke the law. They don't have jobs. They cost taxpayers money. Deport Eric & Don Jr.
  16. happy 9/11

    Just tell her she was born at 4:20 It's a much cooler time
  17. Big Brother 19 Contestant Draft

    GRAYSON (The Disableds): Christmas, Josh TOTES (The Big Personalities): Paul, Elena KARMA (The Hotties): Matt, Jessica ZIP (The Tryhards): Alex, Cody TRAVESTY (The Strong but Silent): Mark, Dominique MISTACHANG (The Class Clowns): Kevin, Jason TRUCKA (The Goonies): Ramses, Raven Interesting how things change over the summer. Double eviction episode last night was good. WILL THEY GET PAUL OUT?
  18. Last Brofest

    Does anyone remember that german/russian meme song that had us all taken aback at BroFest? It was on the TogetherTube. It was dancier but very strange. Could have possibly been about dicks. I NEED TO KNOW.
  19. Last Brofest

    That video did had me taken aback as well.. but thats not the one I was thinking of haha
  20. rip daca (not dakka)

    Holy shit. I can't even. I forgot one thing: Get someone (Jeff Sessions) else to make the announcement instead of him lol
  21. So... I think I started a religion?

    Hail Holo!
  22. rip daca (not dakka)

    That clip though.... wow lol. He really is just dogwhistling. To be honest, I don't think there will be a mass deportation and after seeing that clip, I don't think Trump would ever go through with it. Just imagine what a mass deportation looks like and how much of a mess that would be. There's no way. This is Trump's win/win strategy: Undo something Obama did Get Congress to "work" on it for him instead I bet he feels like he can't be blamed if it goes bad, and if it does he'll just put the blame on Congress. Trump can wipe his hands clean thinking he's done a job well-done.
  23. rip daca (not dakka)

    Do you know anyone that's gone through this process lately? All I hear from artists (from UK and Europe) trying to get work visas to play overseas is that its an extremely convoluted, confusing and arduous process. Lots of artists, even with the right documentation and clear background check don't get approved. I can't imagine how hard it is for an illegal immigrant who doesn't have papers from home to try and go through this process.