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  1. Seriously, this man should be locked up. #LOCKHIMUP
  2. I'm actually a bit surprised the ESPN documentary about OJ won. But seriously, if you haven't seen that yet... spend a weekend watching it. It's really fascinating what America went through during that time and how it sparked the sensation we know as 'reality tv'.
  3. Here's the full Best Picture Announcement to those that missed it: https://streamable.com/fitup
  4. Holy. Shit. Lmao
  5. Clamps introduced me to this glorious subreddit and I think some of our fellow comrades have appeared on the top posts. @driz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- @gemma ------------------------------------------------------------------------ @Moose --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Demon ---------------------------------------------- @Swed --------------------------------------------- @October -------------------------------------------------- @Clamps --------------------------------------------------- @ZachPL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ @Lindsay ---------------------------------------------------------------- @ChosenOne2000 ----------------------------------------------------- @Ironic ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @Grayson Levi ------------------------------------------------------------ @Carl Sagan ------------------------------------------------------------------ @Jeff The Flying Shark ------------------------------------------------ @Taboo ---------------------------------------------------- @Ordinarygamer96 - ------------------------------------------------------------------- @centran -------------------------------------------- @water.exe ---------------------------------------------------------- @Eddy -------------------------------------------------- @Karma ---------------------------------------------------------------- And lastly my post on there: deep
  6. sG | Golf With Friends Tour - Candyland Cup When: Sunday, March 19th - TEE-OFF at 2:00 PM CST Format: Players will be evenly distributed into heats and the top 12 players of all heats will move onto the Grand Final Mode: Classic Maps: Heats will be on Oasis and the Final will be on Candyland Prerequisites to sign-up: Have at least 25 posts prior to signing up Sign-up Deadline: Friday, March 17th at 11:59 PM CST Please sign-up in this thread by linking your steam profile so we can add you to the heats. TEE-OFF will be at 2:00 PM CST sharp, so make sure you're in your heat early. We will be making the lobbies 30 mins before hand to practice in and get the heats set up. Tiebreaker: If more than 12 people are tied to place the finals, there will be new lobby made for a wildcard match for only the tied players on the map Oasis. The person with the highest score of each hole will be knocked out of the wildcard until there only the 12 spots left for the final. Continue to shoot until all 12 spots are filled. If there is a tie for first place in the Final on Candyland, a new lobby will be made on a RANDOM map for playoff match for 1st place. Each player will play a hole until 1 player has fewer shots made than the others. Similar to the wildcard, if you shoot the highest on a hole, you will be knocked out of the playoff match. Example: Player 1 - Shoots 3 to make the hole. Player 2 - Shoots 3 to make the hole. Player 3 - Shoots 2 to make the hole. Player 1 and 2 are knocked out. And Player 3 wins! Prizes and Donations: $50 Steam Card (donated by sG) $20 Pizza (donated by Sean) Tomb Raider (donated by Reaper) Gimbal (donated by Branden) Golf Badge for 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place If you'd like to donate a prize, please PM me. Raffle of six copies (donated by Travesty and Ruffles) of the game to take place on March 9th, 2016! Please sign up in this thread if you'd like to be part of the raffle. List of attendees and/or raffle names GOOD LUCK on the sG TOUR... more cups to come!
  7. Honestly I was gonna put you down for one but I couldn't decide on one because there were way too many that reminded me of you.
  8. this fucked me up bad
  9. Chowder right now
  10. touché @Mimic used a lot of sharpie here for this
  11. Pool so far: ChosenOne - Fences Ordinary - La La Land Travesty - Moonlight Darren - La La Land Detective Nom Noms - Arrival TheRealOne - Hacksaw Ridge
  12. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-kansas-india-idUSKBN1630LZ A 51-year-old man has been charged with killing an engineer from India and wounding two other men when he opened fire in a Kansas bar in what federal authorities were investigating on Friday as a possible bias-motivated crime that shocked the victim's home country. The shooting on Wednesday night led news bulletins in India and triggered outrage on social media, where people voiced concern that U.S. President Donald Trump's "America First" position on immigration and jobs has fueled a climate of intolerance. White House spokesman Sean Spicer said on Friday that any loss of life was tragic, but that it would be absurd to link the killing to Trump's rhetoric. Navy veteran Adam Purinton, who is white, was charged on Thursday in Johnson County, Kansas, with one count of premeditated first-degree murder and two counts of attempted premeditated first-degree murder, District Attorney Stephen Howe told reporters. He declined to elaborate on the details of the incident or the motive for the shooting. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was looking at whether it was a hate crime, the official term for crimes motivated by bias or prejudice. A FBI spokeswoman said agents and police canvassed the area on Thursday and the investigation continued on Friday. Purinton is accused of killing Srinivas Kuchibhotla, 32, and wounding Alok Madasani, also 32, in Austins Bar and Grill in Olathe, Kansas, on Wednesday evening, police said. At least one bystander told the Kansas City Star the gunman shouted "get out of my country" before shooting the Indian victims. Purinton is also accused of wounding American Ian Grillot, 24, who was shot as he tried to intervene. "People call me a hero," Grillot said in a video released by the hospital where he was undergoing treatment for gunshot wounds to the hand and chest. "I was just doing what anyone should have done for any other human being." The suspect fled on foot and was arrested without incident five hours later at an Applebee's restaurant in Clinton, Missouri. He reportedly told an employee there he needed a place to hide because he had killed two Middle Eastern men, the Star reported. MURICA. Is this the repercussions of when dumb idiot racists believe they're in the right due to new executive orders made by the President?
  13. When I think of "Murica" I think of the almost politically correct redneck meme, rather than a heroic brave attempt to stop the murderer. This guy screams Murica.
  14. Pool so far: ChosenOne - Fences Ordinary - La La Land Travesty - Moonlight Darren - La La Land Detective Nom Noms - Arrival
  15. Indeed. Really you'd think the White House response would be condemning these acts, etc. but instead they just said "any loss of life is tragic."
  16. Power tripping cop gets insulted by dumbass white knight teenager. Cop tells teeanger to fuck off and get off his lawn. Teenager makes snarky remark thinking he's badass in front of the girl he's going to marry someday. Cop thinks he's going to teach teenager a lesson. Teenager resists cops attempt to submit him. Cop gets infuriated as more people are watching him, knowing he's not as big of a man he thinks he is. Cop continues to be stupid by continuing to 'citizen arrest' the teenager and trying to drag teenager onto his property. Cop is now on defense because more people are standing up against his dumb actions. Pulls out gun as last attempt to show how much in charge he is and how he's the king 'round these parts. Dumbass cop has gun go off due to the previous retarded decisions he made. This could have been as easy as simply letting the kid go and to walk away. But not in Murica, where you can carry a weapon that makes you feel like you're untouchable lol. I agree the hot head should receive punishment, if in fact the kids get charged as well. A new meme: GET OFF MY LAWN. GET ON MY LAWN.
  17. One of us. One of us. One of us.
  18. "We should make it a little more difficult for people with known violent tendencies to be able to get a gun... and I'm not talking about the cops... no. I'm saying let's make it a little more difficult for mentally unstable people, with known violent tendencies to be able to get a gun... and again, I'm not talking about the cops. I'm saying if you can go on their facebook page and see that this guy is a virulent racist... You know make it a little bit more difficult for virulent racists, who are mentally unstable with known violent tendencies to be able to get a gun. And again, I'm not talking about the cops." - David Cross
  19. lol For curiosity's sake, I did a comparison of all answers 'Strongly Disagree' and 'Strongly Agree'. Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree
  20. You should be ashamed sir!
  21. DONALD TRUMP REVIEWS THE BEST PICTURE OSCAR NOMINEES “Manchester by the Sea” A loser goes back to his home town, in Pocahontas Warren’s Massachusetts, after burning down his house. A real dump! Sad! “Arrival” Aliens come to America illegally and a nasty woman completely misses her chance to wipe them out. Sad! “La La Land” Two Hollywood liberal élites fail miserably. Ryan (Long Face) Gosling isn’t very attractive. Should have just walked up to Emma Stone and started kissing her. Sad! “Fences” All talk, no action. Sad! “Lion” Dev Patel (Bad dude? Possibly!) goes back to his country and doesn’t stay there. Nicole Kidman, once a ten, wears a horrible wig. Sad! “Hidden Figures” This film is the story of some African-Americans who were able to escape the burning inner cities and work for totally overfunded nasa. FAKE NEWS! Sad! “Hacksaw Ridge” Mel Gibson is a tremendous talent and an even better husband! All the haters and losers need to get OVER the stuff he said on tape. Mel never claimed he’s a perfect person! Move on! Sad! “Hell or High Water” Two real Americans go after the banks while exercising their Second Amendment rights. Things go horribly wrong when they forget that #BlueLivesMatter. Sad! “Moonlight” A total disaster.
  22. FTFY I wonder who will end up on the right side of the spectrum if Ironic is on the left of all places.
  23. Why was this question in here? Lol
  24. #Kanye2020