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  1. Travesty

    Safe to say ZE is done for?

    Just need a new Advisor who actually has a computer
  2. Travesty

    Beerman's 8-Ball Pool Tournament

    See if you guys were both on Staff this conflict wouldn't happen.
  3. Travesty

    sG 2018 World Cup

    Literally France: https://www.clippituser.tv/c/lnwabw
  4. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    Tbh this was a big pet peeve of mine when I wasn't in the clan. New Staff or SOs abusing their power and disrupting rounds on JB, especially when you're trying to warden the round. To be honest I don't think we really are. Our issue is some people want servers populated to play on and we're struggling to do so. Everything else in this thread is kind of a non-issue imo. Almost every other community besides eGO (who just merged with pG) is going through the same thing we're going thru. pG was struggling and decided instead of continuing on, the owner thought it would be best to merge with another community that he used to be part of. Even the huge clan that is Hellsgamers have discussed their problems in the GCC discord about their server population and its dwindling numbers. They too have one popular server, along with others that populate every other day and are no where near what they used to be. Their members have expressed their frustrations with them as well. In fact some HG members left Hellsgamers to start a new clan for themselves lol. Every community has to endure this change of declining CSGO popularity, it's how we steer through the change that will be the difference maker. Play games with sG members and forget all the bullshit.
  5. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    That's toxic and not good customer service to our store As an employee of this business, I urge you to apologize to our customer.
  6. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    We do have warnings, kicks and bans lol... Its unnecessary to demote someone for toxicity if they're not being JP'd. You don't just put in a medium for the fuck of it. Our system works just fine. If our community needs demotions for toxicity, then surely someone deserves it at this point in time. You know since we have no medium and they've been toxic without fear of being punished lol. I think you want shorter recruitment so you can join back in a jiff'!
  7. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    If anyone should lose their rank due to toxicity, they should be JP'd. Again it's unnecessary. If someone doesn't want to join our community due to the probation period we have to get quality members then that's on them. Communities with easy membership don't mean it's a good community. Yes we're smaller but I'd argue we have valuable members due to our month long recruitment process. Again I see no real reason in changing it. There are other issues to fix first.
  8. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    Is there anyone in the community that deserves a demotion, if not JPd? It's unnecessary. What's the point in making it shorter? Why does it need to be done other than 'it seems long'. What's the rush in getting in? I don't think ranks and recruitment are an issue imo. Now staff accountability is another thing.
  9. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    Oh don't get me wrong, I thought your points were valid and agree with the entirety of your first post along with this one.
  10. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    If anything staff is held to a higher standard and thus gets punished swiftly, even if its behind closed doors to be told to knock it off.
  11. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    Personally I think the banter between members is generally fine and there are rare instances in which it goes too far.
  12. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    Lots of good points and some unnecessary ones. Recruitment and Ranks are fine the way they are. The month long wait is a probation period for recruits. See: Console. And with Ranks, I see no need for a change other than needing more people voting. Overall I think most of the community is frustrated with the direction sG took with respect to our server population. Members take out their frustrations on other members or Staff who they think are ruining the community they love and have been a part of. We've seen this for about two years now. Unfortunately as everyone knows, most servers took a nosedive due to the popularity of other games. Some people just got sick of CS:GO, some don't want to wait around for people to play with so they play other games and others are still fighting the good fight and trying to get their favourite server populated each day. You have to admire their commitment. But one thing we have to remember is we're a gaming community. Our primary focus should be playing games together. If it's not CSGO, then play another game with someone else. That's what this community is for. It's a not-for-profit organization. Its goal isn't to make money, it's to provide a service for people in the community to be connected and play games together. Imo this community is far from dead. It's most definitely not as popular as it may once have been but it's still chugging along with people connecting in discord by chatting and playing games together. I mean just look at the traffic each day. Unfortunately for most of us, we'll have to wait and see what comes next. Whether it be Source 2, or a new game our community can embrace fully with customized dedicated servers. Maybe then we'll see our community flourish just like when CS:GO came out. But for the rest of our community, the ones still playing CSGO every other day on our servers, there are still Staff members and Server Officers dedicated to keeping the CSGO community active. However we do need more staff that want to help out with the servers (not just populate them). If you think you'd make a good Advisor to a server then start sharing your ideas and get your ideas known. And if the Advisor, Eng or Manager isn't responding to them then obviously a change needs to happen. Communication is the very least a staff member can offer. It feels like we've had this discussion many times over, especially in the past two years. And it might be tough to see this community change but at least have fun with it along the way, if you're not having fun anymore then maybe consider doing something else with your free time rather than taking it out on someone in the community.
  13. Travesty

    Culture of sG

    This is a very valuable discussion with some great points but I think we should move this to Members Only to discuss further.
  14. Travesty


    Honk if ur happy.
  15. Travesty

    Do you have Gaming Disorder?

    @Wolfshade @krony Try this link. Go to 40:40 Lo and behold Reveries of the connected world from Punto Crítico on Vimeo. https://vimeo.com/248795079