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  1. Travesty

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

    You didn't even give the option bruh! Downrep me for Saturday after thanksgiving. Uprep me to keep it on Friday after thanksgiving
  2. Travesty

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

  3. Travesty

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

    Saturday after American Thanksgiving!!!!!
  4. Travesty

    where is eddy?

    I count 1
  5. Travesty

    Post a picture of yourself

    A rare photo of Demon out in the wild and out of the bathroom!!! Hahah Looking good fella!
  6. Travesty

    So what the hell is up with jb?

    Lol I think it should be the original way Beerman thought of it. Technically the warden is saying shiftwalk, which means you should be shiftwalking at the time he said to shiftwalk. If I say very quickly "All tees shiftwalk to......*pause*...............*pause some more*...................................*pause even longer*", you're saying you expect the T's to wait and if they don't they are to be killed?
  7. Travesty

    PUBG Tournament - GCC - Saturday, October 6th

    They're not doing it for cash anymore and they've decided it's just going to be a get together. Who really knows what's going to happen on the day of. Join the GCC discord if you want to play and make teams as you go. I'm not even sure the other communities can do October 19th. It was a bad decision to move it IMO but what can you do...
  8. Travesty

    Venom Movie (Thoughts/Opinions)

    Cutting edge analysis in this subforum @Beerman
  9. Travesty


    Sweetrock really rubbed off on you eh?
  10. Travesty

    Sunday Funday

    Quote of the Night: "At least I didn't die to me!"
  11. Travesty

    Sunday Funday

    Pike vs. Barry https://streamable.com/u3d21 Ninja Pike https://streamable.com/okmkb Barry vs. SB - Part 1 https://streamable.com/cxf9a Barry vs. SB - Part 2 https://streamable.com/4fr3o Barry vs. SB - Part 3 https://streamable.com/mzuvm Barry vs. SB - Part 4 https://streamable.com/lwecd Barry vs. SB - THE FINALE https://streamable.com/6y9sk Noms vs. Professional PUBG Player https://streamable.com/h4248 Professional PUBG Player challenges someone to go to Paradise Resort. Noms takes the challenge on and eventually finds the kill on the professional...
  12. Travesty

    Sunday Funday

    ATTG vs. Vexer + Another Krony Joke https://streamable.com/1uob2 Trinity/Travesty Fail https://streamable.com/af4hx Pike's Last Chance https://streamable.com/yza1i Blind Shot on Rootbeer https://streamable.com/pvw64
  13. Travesty

    PUBG Tournament - GCC - Saturday, October 6th

    Be on tomorrow and we'll all play together.
  14. Travesty

    Jailbreak Map Removal (Post your opinion)

    I can feel for map makers not wanting to start a whole other map and putting all the games on one map but it really was the downfall of JB for me. And is the main reason why I dislike clouds so much (not only for the rebelling). Map game after map game after map game gets boring quick once you've played every map game 1,000 times. JB was and always will be for human interaction between giving orders and rebelling those orders. Just playing map games all map is not the JB I want to play anymore. Open areas on maps are really great for jailbreak to do unique things with the space. On Clouds, there aren't many open areas except for Soccer. Everything is constrained forcing Wardens to go to a map game. Yes, aesthetically the map looks the best. And the games on it are pretty cool too. However personally, I don't think it's good map design for the Jailbreak I loved. Anyways that's just me. Getting rid of it at this point is a losing battle with our struggling pop anyhow.
  15. Travesty

    PUBG Tournament - GCC - Saturday, October 6th

    Really not impressed to be honest... If you can't make the 20th, it's all good. If you can, let me know. @Rootbeer @Beerman @Sean @ATG_AGENT @Moose @Dray @TrinityCrush @sweetrock @vexer @Revöker