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  1. Human: Fall Flat is 50% off for Steam Summer Sale. I'm planning to do a Sunday Funday for that game. Check it out!
  2. His point still stands. Wars will be fought with the best CGI.
  3. Travesty

    Rust is back!

    It's up @ThatOllieWhoDies
  4. Sunday, June 2nd RUST Host: sG | Vexer Rust 2: Now It's Personal... Try out our new Rust server with Vexer and others! Server IP: Sunday, June 9th CS:GO War3 Host: sG | Booch Let's get in there and bring it back to the glory days! Sunday, June 16th CS:GO MINIGAMES Host: sG | Sakarra It's time to go back to our roots, play some CS:GO servers and get them POPPIN'. We start off with MiniGames! Sunday, June 23rd TTT:GO Host: sG | Lindsay Find out who the traitors are through all the innocents in the server! Sunday, June 30th CS:GO JAILBREAK Host: sG | Ironic Start time: 1300 (1PM CT) You know this only means trouble... Join us for the final day of the month for some Jailbreak!
  5. You have too much time on your hands
  6. Rayne is the official Winner! Congrats you nerd.
  7. I'll do Rayne's since he correctly guessed the Iron Throne (5pts). RAYNE SCORED 31pts :O
  8. Basically since no one was WW If you guessed someone WW you get -1 for that character. If you guessed someone as Dead (or Dead; but not WW), you get 2.
  9. Add up your own scores. I can't even be bothered to at this point. Much disappoint. Travesty scored 15 points Rayne literally called the Throne destroyed... Damn. And I'll give OG96 the extra 5pts too for saying No One to take the Iron Throne. @Rayne @Ordinarygamer96
  10. [10:23 AM]Travesty: just out of curiosity what are marks thoughts on h3h3 [10:23 AM]Travesty: can we get clarification @Mark from Facebook
  11. The thing is JCS unbanned him, he waited out his months to reapply and meets the requirements as a recruit. I'm okay with him being unbanned but that doesn't mean I'm ready to refer him. If JCS are okay with unbanning him (without any Application stipulation), then he has the right to redemption. And if people are ready to have him back in the clan, then there really isn't a problem here. I think your issue lies with JCS unbanning him Edit: As well with JCS not being clear about what he did because some people didn't even know any of this information, I'm sure.
  12. Give me a Sunday and a game you want to play.
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