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  1. am_travesty
  2. I just need some time... No but I woke up this morning and read all of that with my morning cup of joe. That's what I came up with. Poor guy just wants people to love him and his stories in voice chat. Then big bully Swed comes in and stops the show.
  3. Damn I guess this is what happens when you step out of your bubble to get the rest of the world's opinion of you. It's like a guy from a small town who gets praise for being a hilariously funny intelligent storyteller. Then decides to move to Hollywood to make it big only to find people will be a lot more honest with their opinions of him, unlike the people in his small town who gave him the satisfaction he needed after telling one of his stories. Meanwhile the people in the small town were a little sick of his stories and would say anything to make them stop.
  4. Hahaha poor guy. If it's a physical competition, I don't think Killa Cam has a chance.
  5. Tonight is the new HoH competition. Alex won't get to play and then there's a special Friday episode for the BATTLE BACK COMPETITION. @Zip will get who ever comes back (just as long as it's not Jessica or Dominique). If Cody comes back, that would really make things interesting again.
  6. I've Become So Numb Today a meme is dead... RIP
  7. Dominque is one of the nominated and it's not looking good for her. Jessica is the other nominee to get evicted but it looks like she's laying low. Both of these girl likely have mental health problems though.. Domnique for sure.
  8. So RIP Dominique? Fack.
  9. Lmao yeah fuck valve for VAC banning you after you downloaded cheats! http://steamcommunity.com/id/TheAAAngel https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198137784865/?cc=us
  10. First Destin... and now Kid Fearless... I wonder who else on Staff is going to Step Down™
  11. @KiD Fearless posts this pic in discord: Then this happened: Now Kid Fearless, one of our few staff members that have actively kept working on our CS:GO servers, has stepped down from Staff! Was @Eddy the straw that broke the camel's back? Did Eddy send fear into the heart of Fearless? What private messages took place that we couldn't see between Eddy and Fearless?? Did he bully him into submission? We've seen how his hatred for weebs and all things anime has fueled him before.... What is the real truth behind this stepdown? Some things still need to be answered...
  12. Another good moment with Grimmmz at 3:45 in the new DearSomeone edit
  13. Yes I get tired of them and am not too interested in them anymore. Once you've seen one, you've seen them all. Haven't checked out a superhero movie since Deadpool and before that I think I saw Xmen First Class. Movies are becoming like comic books back in the day. Oversaturated with cookie cutter storylines and plots: - Something traumatic happens to main character - Main character sets out on mission to seek revenge or help stop what's going to happen next - Main character goes through times of despair... thinking what needs to be done, can't be done - Main character gets inspiration they need to defeat the bad guys - Predictable happy ending, except possible conflict to arise last minute to promote sequel I don't know.. maybe I've also just grown out of them too and would rather spend my time watching/doing something else.
  14. W E W L A D. We actually did the draft in one night! Good job guys! Good luck! To recap: GRAYSON (The Disableds): Christmaz, Josh TOTES (The Big Personalities): Paul, Elena KARMA (The Hotties): Matt, Jessica ZIP (The Tryhards): Alex, Battleback TRAVESTY (The Strong but Silent): Mark, Dominique MISTACHANG (The Class Clowns): Kevin, Jason TRUCKA (The Goonies): Ramses, Raven Stay informed here: https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrother/ Be a creep here: https://www.reddit.com/r/BigBrotherNSFW/ GOOD LUCK!