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  1. Travesty

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    "- Wayne Gretzky" ... - Michael Scott
  2. Travesty

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Is there a link to your league?
  3. Travesty

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    No one has Chicago D?
  4. Travesty

    Happy birthday Rootbeer!

    A True Friend knows when their friend's birthday is or ya know, you could always look on their profile
  5. Travesty

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Who's got the Chicago D this year?
  6. Travesty

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    @FanService get your shit together
  7. Travesty

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    Glad I couldn't join cause of some inactive lmao
  8. @daniel_ We might play next Sunday too depending on availability from everyone else. Join our discord to get notifications for events.
  9. Most of us ended up playing for 4 hours lol. It was a lot of fun. I think the most people we had were 15. I'll definitely try to make this a regular thing. The circle time is reduced too so you can speed up the game and spectate afterwards if you die too. The pace was pretty good. Hope those of you who came out had a good time!
  10. Do you even have pubg? haha
  11. Travesty


    10mans with sG... Quote doing Quote things. Jailbreak as recorded by Splewis. Starts off with JB on Dust2 lmao Jailbreak Part 2 Jailbreak Part 1 IF YOU HAVE PUBG WE'LL BE MAKING NEW MEMORIES ON SUNDAY AT 12PM CENTRAL, WHEN WE ALL PLAY TOGETHER IN A SERVER! WE'LL ALL BE IN DISCORD TOGETHER TOO.
  12. Lol nice roast but I actually voted for the 23rd as well but then had to change my vote. We'll still be hosting one on the 23rd so don't sweat it boys. @sweetrock you didn't even vote.
  13. More the merrier. We likely won't fill up 99 slots so yes you can definitely join lol.