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  1. Timeassassin103

    zebra's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Really late vote for me but yeah Zebra deserves to be in, plays war3 a lot and is a good guy...even carried me in Wingman games cause I suck ass 20/20
  2. Timeassassin103

    Just The Tips Reapplication [APPROVED]

    Sandy is a pretty cool dude ref 17/20
  3. I mean EA knew exactly knew what they were doing with this. This gained them publicity and shit. Plus they "fixed" the issue by reducing it to 75% yet people wont "forget it" even though they will still buy this shit at full price. Also an interesting note is that the prices of heroes were reduced in review copies/at some sort of event without telling them that the prices was reduced. And how those that beaten the campaign gotten 20k credits, but if you do that now you get 5k credits. So all of this was planned out to have people guided towards buying the lootcrates to have an advantage over people and get their shit faster.
  4. Even though it won't hurt EA's profit margin and will still continue to do the same thing. Most likely they will "fix this" in the next Battlefront game so more people will buy into it, kinda like how BF2 is supposed to be a better and "fixed" version of BF1. Protesting the micro-transactions and not buying the game won't do jack shit sadly. Once the population dies down, most likely EA will try to revive it to squeeze whatever they can out of it (looking at you Battlefield 1). So all you can do is just let this company bring down the series over time until their contract runs out, or realize that they wont make money anymore.
  5. Timeassassin103

    For Honor - Free Weekend

    Another Free Weekend is coming up which is going to last between the 9th and the 12th before the new season starts. Plus the game is going to be 60% off on uPlay, not sure on Steam however. And to top it off, if you play with new people for 5 matches, you get 5k in-game currency that you can use to unlock people or for cosmetic purposes. game is still shit though
  6. Timeassassin103

    David's Application [APPROVED]

    Going to confirm, David had been on the WCS and War3 servers for a long time along with his brother Jackie (who regrettably hadn't came back to play on war3). David always helps out with new players and hadn't been a nuisance with admins. He would make an excellent addition to our collection.
  7. Timeassassin103

    5v5 DotA (Saturday Night)

    I might be able to join in depending on if I have spare time or not.
  8. Timeassassin103

    Introducing sG's Official Community YouTube Channel

    If I have time to record gameplay, I might send in some footage for the channel. But as of late, I got homework almost every day.