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  1. Download the drivers for it and then it should be plug n' play.
  2. I played Halo Online with friends, it isn't really a hassle to install and play. I would be down to play on the Halo server.
  3. Currently on the Humble Bundle store, Rising Storm is free. If you like a hard, tactical shooter, you might enjoy it. Plus you can get a flamethrower and burn those Japs. Or you can go out and do a banzai charge against the US's automatic weapons and hopefully kill someone with your weeb sword.
  4. Depends on how quick the rounds are, matches usually take between 60-90 minutes in competitive. Also the first match-up
  5. Belayed signing up
  6. I own the entire series and I quite enjoyed it, however the movie doesn't really seem to be...er...great. Can't really judge a movie too well by just the trailer but it might just be a disappointment as it seems like they are cramming the entire series into one book.
  7. http://sg.gameme.com/playerinfo/545983 Rank: N/A http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064024536 Yes, captain me.
  8. @Lv. 100 Crobat Yes, I am playing tonight.
  9. I'm down as well
  10. I'm fine with a Shogun 2 tournie. We could do it in a bracket-style tournie or whatever can work. I know that @Pike plays Shogun 2 as well. Could be a fun tournament based on how well it goes.
  11. Would be pretty to cool to host a Total War tournament in general, maybe Shogun 2 or Warhammer? Formatting might involve team fights or 1 v 1s, not sure how well MP connectivity might do but it is something to consider if we host big team battles.