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  1. For Honor - Free Weekend

    The game has problems, but so do a lot of games. I mean looking at Rainbow Six Siege it had the exact same issues. P2P on launch and for most of the first year, Server connection issues and balancing. But they had fixed a lot of the connection issues since launch and you hardly drop out of games. For Honor is fun but it is also a game that makes you want to fist your monitor. Having friends play with you makes the experience a hell of a lot better.
  2. Post what you're listening to right now.

    Pretty great Lordi song And this song of theirs MV doesn't match the lyrics, but whatever. Still a good song by the band.
  3. The War3 Guide Reborn

    Expertises are word of mouth and should be word of mouth. People don't have to share the expertises when you ask if it has one. If you want to know if a race has an expertise, just level it past the max.
  4. George Romero has passed away, age 77

    He was the man who started the whole zombie flick, which his were actually fantastic unlike certain movies. He will be missed.
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064024536/ I'm going to join in on this as well.
  6. Xbox 360 Wired Controller for Steam

    Download the drivers for it and then it should be plug n' play.
  7. sG Halo Online Server?

    I played Halo Online with friends, it isn't really a hassle to install and play. I would be down to play on the Halo server.
  8. Humble Bundle Free game

  9. Free Game on Humble Bundle

    Currently on the Humble Bundle store, Rising Storm is free. If you like a hard, tactical shooter, you might enjoy it. Plus you can get a flamethrower and burn those Japs. Or you can go out and do a banzai charge against the US's automatic weapons and hopefully kill someone with your weeb sword.
  10. CSGO Tourney Teams!

    Depends on how quick the rounds are, matches usually take between 60-90 minutes in competitive. Also the first match-up
  11. Robot Derby GiveAway

    Belayed signing up