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    GoodBai Forums

    Goodbai forums I have seem to be only making people mad and losing frands on the forums so this is good bye If you want to add me on steam Torp252 is my steam But I lost a really good friend over Something I thought would Be funny. But I guess I should quit the forums for about 5 years and come back Because Maybe then I might have matured But Ima stay away from the forums Soo Goobye to Seabagz Dogz go maow And tortoise I am sorry for What I Goodbye to Noodle, Stabbitty, And Everyone else Bai Have fun <3
  2. vexer

    Surf RPG Recommendation Survey

    Working on adding workshop so more and better maps
  3. vexer


    Something I want to do before I finally settle down is nomad for about a year, Heres some videos of stuff you can do for anyone interested, also if you overland share your rig, currently my longest trip was 2 weeks in my chevy s10 blazer.
  4. vexer

    Hey wats good guys!!!

    Welcome man!
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    RPG Surf Changelog (07/02/2017)

    3/9/2019 -Changed Starting Credits from 50-200 -removed maps Austin Powers Monster Leak City -Added Biannual RPG stats resets -Lowered AFK to spectate timer to 30 seconds.
  7. https://bangshift.com/bangshiftapex/project-teaser-lsx-ferrari-this-1997-550-maranello-is-currently-under-the-knife-for-reliabilitys-sake/ Buddies Ferrari is finally almost complete, gonna debut at LS Fest in September for anyone that likes cars and custom builds.
  8. vexer

    1997 550 Maranello Ferrari LSX Swapped

    The engine locked up, and now it produces more HP. @bulletford I don't know if I showed you this
  9. vexer

    No more Toxicity - Fresh Start

    Nau isn’t a person he’s a robot, we had to tune down his toxicity setting recently and increase his Humbleness.
  10. vexer

    Happy Birthday

    In honor of sweetrocks birthday I will share her private pictures NSFW NSFW NSFW Bless you Patty.
  11. vexer

    sG Equality and Fairness on Servers/Discord

  12. vexer

    Surf Server Suggestions

    Would you be willing with 35 or even 40? 60 is a lot and 30 seems like very little.
  13. vexer

    Surf Server Suggestions

    We dont have a current ETA because we’re still currently testing the new plugin, I will try to work on it soon with an engineer if I get free time, thanks for recommending stuff.
  14. vexer

    Surf Server Suggestions

    Lowering the time is an option but some people like to spend 60 minutes on a map grinding the lowest time which is why we have RTV. the server will also be getting a new time plugin (resetting everyone’s time sadly) here in the near future because the current one is very buggy, also I will add the drop knife I like that idea.
  15. vexer

    Staff Update - 3/5/19

    Congrats to all!
  16. vexer

    community update 3/5/2019

    What even
  17. vexer

    sG | CS:GO Prop Hunt - March 2nd to March 3rd

    Congrats to the winners! Had a lot of fun with this event
  18. vexer

    :YeahBoi: - Battleship Tournament.

    Why you gotta do me like this, sign me up
  19. vexer

    :YeahBoi: - Battleship Tournament.

    Whats the badge look like?
  20. Ban Sean because he plays trivia as a full time job /s but for Topics • Esports • sG History • Movie • History • Math
  21. vexer

    Changes to R&R - March 1st, 2019

    Pog and first
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    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday,