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  1. vexer

    Happy Birthday KARMA

    @Karma Happy birthday
  2. vexer


    Welcome to the forums! :^)
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    10/10 map @Revöker @Sakarra @KiLLeR Tested it and the games are fucking amazing.
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    Don’t tell me how to live my life! Welcome to the forums.
  5. vexer

    Definitely a flying shark birthday

    Happy birthday @Jeff The Flying Shark
  6. vexer

    Jailbreak Server Suggestions

    its /games me and @Papyrus Were trying to get it to work this morning and nothing was working.
  7. vexer

    Jailbreak Server Suggestions

    http://www.joinsg.net/page/motd/jailbreak Scroll down to II.Players (Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist)
  8. vexer

    Jailbreak Server Suggestions

    Seems like we have contradicting rules then, maybe staff wants to clarify or edit? @fps_trucka @Moose @bulletford
  9. vexer

    Jailbreak Server Suggestions

    Maybe it was another server but I do remember playing it somewhere (Maybe TTT Custom). That's why I put those menus as an example and want the LR page to be posted every like 10-15 minutes so when a new player is on they can see what Custom LR is without having to learn on the spot.
  10. vexer

    Jailbreak Server Suggestions

    The rewards thing was added but honestly didn’t really bring in anyone, you get 10 extra credits per 10 minutes(?) awarded for being on during a weekend. I know we have Rock Paper Scissors unless it was disabled but that’s not a lot of fun after playing a few rounds, maybe we could add a DM plugin for when you’re dead just run around killing people? @bulletford don’t we have something like that on TTTGO or TTT? Also since I’ve seen it happen a few times, Rule Clarification on Cells not being opened before 9 does not mean CT slay day, it becomes an irrevocable Freeday. @Wolfshade@Papyrus@TheOrangeGrape Irrevocable Freeday is given if… Cell doors aren’t opened by 9:00 (1:00 into the round). Cell doors are opened before any orders are given.
  11. vexer

    Jailbreak Server Suggestions

    These are things I feel fundamental to the Jailbreak server if anyone has any other suggestions and or comments I'd appreciate all sides. Add automated message for Custom LR page (Give new Players an idea of all the creative custom LR’s we have) Preferably this page since @Papyrus has recently updated it. Work on !LR for new players (alot of newer players are used to LR commands so they always attempt the !LR command if achieved My plan is to have the plugin have, this will also help when wardens are only accepting basic LR) EXAMPLES: The reduction of T skin prices (I feel certain skins are too expensive for people to attempt to get and some people enjoying earning skins.) Ex. OldTimey Prison (5000) Female Prison (15000) BBC (50000) Rocket Racoon (250000) These are just numbers I feel would be appropriate not a set price I'd ask for. Add in a rule preventing kill-whoring. (Sometimes on the server with like 20-25 people on someone gets on and starts to kill-whore and the population will drop significantly, No one wants to play with these type of people and they're the only ones who enjoy it.) No kill-whoring- Killing terrorist for accidental mistakes. EX. if a T steps a single foot off the designated path and a CT kills them for it. EX2. Warden says "all T's run and follow me" Don't kill someone for shift walking for one second. Ultimately for a rule like this, I'd advise that it would be SO+ Discretion, This is a really grey area on the fact that it's very hard to enforce, I prefer other peoples comments on this on other ways to try to help with this.
  12. vexer

    Introduce... Myself?!

    Welcome to the forums!
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    New donation from SmugJack

    Holy shit.
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    DANK's App. [PENDING]

    11/20 hes pretty dank
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    New donation from thew

    What’s with the odd number thanks for the donation and @Beermanget this man is prize