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  1. vexer

    I just can't with this new CS game.

    a lot of them come and go, but stay around meet some of us new players!
  2. Vexer if you need a banner for your profile, give me the logo i got you ;)

  3. vexer

    Thanks vexer!

    Came from staff funds :^) Youre welcome man
  4. Friday, December 14th to Friday, December 21st The North Pole elves are tired of being slaves and some of them have conspired with Mrs. Claus to assassinate Santa. Santa found out about this and has hired guards to take them down, a war has just begun in the North Pole... Who will prevail... Mrs. Claus and the elves or Santa with his guards? Each team will receive a special player randomly chosen, Santa, and Mrs.Claus. Santa will randomly be assigned to a CT every round start, Santa will spawn with 200 health and can freeze by right-Clicking at the target player (that frozen player is frozen for 5 seconds, also only usable once per round) Mrs.Claus will be assigned randomly to a Terrorist, Mrs.Clause spawns with a scout with 2 shots. (CT’s cannot force them to drop the gun nor keep it DEATHMATCH Every 3 Maps the map is changed Nipperhouse where an all-out war has broken out between Santa’s hired guards and the rebellious elves, but Santa and Mrs. Claus are around and with secret powers! SANTA (CT) 250 Health and Armour (Freeze Bomb- Throws a smoke grenade that freezes all terrorist in its proximity for 5 Seconds, USABLE ONCE PER ROUND) Mrs. Claus (T) 250 Health and Armour (Orb of Invisibility- Mrs.Claus can go 90% invisible while holding out a knife) PRIZES $50.00 Steam Card (Donated by Mimic) $25.00 Steam Card (Donated by sG) $25.00 Steam Card (Donated by sG) $25.00 Steam Card (Donated by Vexer) $20.00 Steam Card (Donated by Wolfshade) Game: Envoy (Donated by Hawk) 25,000 Credits If you wanna donate a prize message @Hawk or @vexer on the forums, discord or steam. ACHIEVEMENTS Complete achievements to get either raffle tickets or other prizes. The more tickets you get the more chance you have to get the prizes posted above. Each raffle ticket you acquire gets put into a pool of tickets that we will draw out of after the event is over. Save your screenshots as long as you can, send them in the last day or a day before in a pm to @vexer and @Hawk on the forums. We would prefer if you sent them all in ONE pm, so we don't get spammed each time someone completes an achievement. Nip’d - Go 20-0 K-D-R on nipper house (Must screenshot your score upon completion) -- Custom Title No Life - Every 10 hours you spend you get -- 5 raffle tickets Pansey - Hide in your cell the entire time to and end up getting LR -- 3 raffle tickets (Screenshot inside your cell with the scoreboard open when you're getting LR) Clutch Meister - Kill all the remaining Ts as LCT. Must be at least 6 Ts left. (screenshot as last CT and after the round is over) -- 3 raffle tickets From above - Witness Hawk mute/gag/kick/ban (screenshot) -- 3 raffle tickets iPolice - Win the round in two minutes as a guard. (screenshot the Round won with the clock in under 2 minutes) -- 3 raffle tickets Elf Gang - The gang with the most won LRs will receive 3,000 credits to all active members. (Use command "!gang" in-game) Triple KILL - as a Rebeller kill 3 CT's while all of them in the kill feed. ( Screenshot the kill feed before it expires) -- 3 Raffle tickets PRESENTS Upon killing a T/CT you will be awarded presents (Presents are collected upon killing an enemy, they do not have to be picked up.) Present Raffle - Top 3 each get store credits 1st - 35,000 Credits 2nd - 25,000 Credits 3rd - 15,000 Credits Total Presents after Kill Santa = 10 Presents Mrs.Claus = 5 presents Guard = 4 Presents Prisoner = 2 Presents Presents Collected on nipperhouse are the same point value, but the winning team of nipperhouse has doubled points for what they earned on nipperhouse. RULES (Disobeying the rules may/will get you disqualified) Raffle tickets are used after the event is over to enter into the raffle to win the above prizes Must screenshot the scoreboard first and last round; if the map is RTV'd this does not count. Must have a forum account to get prizes. You may not use LR to complete this achievement. Screenshot inside your cell with the scoreboard open when everyone is away and when you're getting LR The server needs to have at least 6 people on for the achievements to count. Do not AFK for long periods of time to gain playtime.
  5. vexer

    New section of the forum

  6. vexer

    Old guy from way back

    Welcome back Bob! There’s still some old fags hanging around, join us in discord and we’re always playing games.
  7. vexer

    Holiday Cards 2018

    This is where this belongs!
  8. vexer

    Holiday Cards 2018!!!

    Holiday cards are pub worthy! What the heck BC!
  9. vexer

    Application 3 ;) [PENDING]

    1/20 ref, hes persistent
  10. vexer

    Doodle's intro :D

    Welcome to the forums! hope to seeya on sometime soon!
  11. vexer

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

    You mean the Real thanksgiving.
  12. He’s right, but welcome! Got any questions feel free to PM me.
  13. vexer

    B t w

    Congrats man! Invite all of sG right?
  14. vexer

    Mini-Games Play test!

    Mini-Games Play Test SUNDAY OCT 28TH AT 11AM - 1PM-CST We will be play testing a Co-Op Course map which you can earn credits doing. Prizes: For every hour played you will get 2500 Credits for the server of your choice. Playing for the full 2 hours will reward you with your choice of (1 month of CS:GO Supporter, 2000 bonus credits, or Gmod supporter). The first group to Complete the course will receive one of the following: 6000 credits on the server of their choice. 1 month of premium admin. 1 month of war3 donator(Limit 3 available Nov. 1st). Information: Players will have access to checkpoint menu and autobhop Damage will be enabled Auto-respawn will be disabled. If all players die then the round will restart Other maps will be disabled during the event Send any bugs with the map to either @KiD Fearless or @Raphi
  15. vexer

    Went MIA for a little while.

    I need him back on jailbreak is the thing.