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  1. vexer


    JB is dead because what sweetrock said we grew up, @Bluestreakid15pop JB
  2. vexer

    Stepping Down

    Welcome to the other side bruddah
  3. vexer

    Stepping Down

    I’ll be around in discord for sure, I’m not going anywhere sG is home man
  4. vexer

    Current Project

    Jesus fuck velo that thing has more rust than Mater
  5. vexer

    Stepping Down

    With recent events in my life I have no time to play games besides maybe 30 minutes a day let alone manage a rust server, Next week I start college on top of a full-time job and currently dealing with a massive load of family issues which is taking a lot of my time as well, I really waited it out to see if I'd have availability to help run the server and I sadly don't. I wanna say thanks to everyone who helped me with Rust and helped me in general just by being an open ear and talking to me about problems, sG has always been a place to get away from the real world and more recently a place to discuss my life issues with close friends who are always there to listen to my shit. I'm glad for all the memories I've made here with every single one of you. Vexer for legend or ro
  6. vexer


    i do the real life thing lemme go back
  7. Congratulations! You are now an official member of Syndicate Gamers.
  8. He didn’t connect to discord and talk to people? Not every does that, he’s played TTTGO and surf and is constantly active we have STAFF members who don’t talk on discord, judging him for not is hypocritical.
  9. vexer


    Happy Birthday kid!!!!!!
  10. Tomorrows sunday funday will include 1v1 Bow fights in a big arena! Bow fights will start at 1PM Central, but BE ON AND POP at 12!
  11. Hey guys, we're back for Round 2 of the sG rust server down below gonna be a full list of mods and things we have and I'll Keep this thread updated on current changes to the server as well as messages to the Rust Discussion channel on Discord! everything that happens will be in the #Rust-Discussion thread! if you'd like updates on rust join the @rust command by "$join-role rust in #bot-spam". Server IP: Rules have been updated and can be found here to reflect the new server. Voting for the server can be found here: https://rust-servers.net/server/149950/ Every update I make i'll put in a changelog here and in discord.
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