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  1. Anyone here from the Las Vegas, Nevada area? One of my best friends little sister who I grew up with is missing. Shes been missing for 2 weeks now.
  2. I sent them all out!!!! i wanted to share my love for flamingos.
  3. Hahaha. I forgot about the glitter. There shouldnt be any glitter this year.
  4. No. I did this a couple years ago, too. I JUST WANNA SPREAD CHEER
  5. So apparently this was Pub worthy. If anyone would like a holiday card, fill out your address at the following link. *I promise I will not save or release your address https://ineedyouraddress.com/holidaycards2018/
  6. Who wants one? *Your address remains private. https://ineedyouraddress.com/holidaycards2018/
  7. 2015 Toyota Avalon. Finally upgraded from my 09 Nissan Altima.
  8. When you gunna get your pro card @Demon?
  9. BeauutifulChaos

    10 Years!

    I missed my 10 year anniversary here. June 23, 2008 In late celebration Saturday night is pop Surf RPG night. Bring your weed, alcohol and your strippers. It’s going down.
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