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  1. Fantasy Football League

    It was interesting to see how much stronger division 1 was to division 2. Good luck to those in it still. I'd definitely be down for next year. I got a combined 100 points the last two games and missed out by 10 points on a playoff spot. If only I got one more win... Looking back at my schedule, 5 of 7 of my losses were within 8 points. Cue the world's smallest violin.
  2. Fantasy Football League

    I was looking at the standings and we have three teams for sure in the playoffs. The other three spots are still up for grabs by six teams and in a nightmare scenario we could potentially have six teams tied with 7-7 records. The tiebreaker is set to head to head match ups which is easy with two teams but I'm not sure how it would work with six. So I made this chart to get a better idea of how things stand at the moment. I'm favored to lose to OJ this week but the match ups between Faded vs Pack and Peyton's game are fairly close. Should be an interesting weekend.
  3. did i get in yet

    Well according to Travesty's announcement 11/28 was the last day to vote. I don't blame him for asking.
  4. Hey ho! seabagz outta nowhere!

    Doing well. Hit me up on steam sometime, maybe you can show me up in rocket league like you used to
  5. Army ROTC

    If you're willing to commit to going in to a branch of the service for a few years after college its not a bad gig. I had some friends who went that route.
  6. Hey ho! seabagz outta nowhere!

    You have at least one friend here.
  7. Hey i guess ill do one of these :)

    wonder wad does da hacker realli gain by hacking forum...hack game at least gt money or items bud hack forum no point la...even if u wan gain popularity, u can't cuz u r hiding behind the computer...unless u come out to public prove u can hack and then kena catchh by police...
  8. Fantasy Football League

    "Feel free to bring up issues here or on the league page to discuss this or any changes you'd like to see. I should have asked you guys about having a playoff as well."
  9. Fantasy Football League

    Agreed, it was sort of a shady thing to do. I'm not opposed to a 1-day review, but to change a league setting without any input from anyone else (especially for reviewing a one-sided trade in my opinion), come on man.
  10. Yea I heard about this earlier this week. That region itself has a comparable GDP to some smaller European countries like Denmark. I'm curious what the fallout will be from all of this.
  11. Fantasy Football League

    Might be too late but I'd be interested in joining. Enjoyed the league last year.