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    I remember
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    I would agree that the conditions for 'animal farms' are pretty atrocious across the board including the living conditions of the animals, the generated waste, and all of the antibiotics/hormones used in their production. A plant based diet produces less waste, but there are some concerns with larger scale agricultural production such as fertilizer use. I have several friends who are vegan and/or vegetarian and I admire their dedication. However I have some arguments against veganism and the points you made. 1. Scientific research/safety is dependent on testing the effects of drugs, chemicals etc. on animals in order to determine effectiveness, toxicity and lethal doses. Obviously these animals are suffering but it is for the purpose of furthering our scientific understanding and preventing human suffering. Is this worthwhile? 2. Humans are what we are today because of diets consisting of meat. It was not until the development of modern day agriculture and transportation that a vegan diet became possible. Many early civilizations were hunter and gatherer base societies which allowed for population growth and movement as meat is more calorie dense. There are some evolutionary traits that point to an omnivore diet. Humans don't have multiple stomachs or bacteria that can break down cellulose like cows or gorillas do. As for the point about teeth, canines in herbivores can be used for other purposes such as defense, mating, and breaking up plant matter. Human evolutionary brain development could also be very well linked to the omnivore diet our early ancestors relied on. 3. I might not be are but to my knowledge there are no comprehensive/long term studies that argue that a vegan diet is any better than an omnivore diet. I know vegans require a vitamin B12 supplement and need to eat certain foods to obtain essential amino acids. Could a switch to a strictly plant based diet have other long term and/or developmental effects that we are not aware of? Maybe, maybe not. On the flip-side the meat we eat today is genetically modified and treated with antibiotics which could be just as detrimental as our early ancestors were dependent on wild game which are much different from modern day farm animals. 4. Speciesm is a weak argument in my opinion. As humans we make collective decisions within society to decide what is moral and immoral. I can only laugh at the idea of the declaration of independence stating "All species are created equal". Dogs and cats are valued in society whereas pests like cockroaches, termites, and mosquitoes we exterminate if we find them in our homes. If our dog has a tick we remove it. Should we bring all natural carnivores to trial for their serial killer like tendencies? Does the fly Obama brutally executed on national TV not have feelings and a family? First drone strikes now this?!?! Has the power of the president gone too far?!?! /s Sure the way animals in industrial meat production have little quality of life, but the idea that all animals should and can be treated equally is preposterous. There is a natural hierarchy in the food chain. Just presenting some counterpoints and playing devil's advocate. I would recommend anyone reading The Omnivore's Dilemma, a book that dives into the modern day food industry. It does not advocate for veganism but talks about the industrialization of food including meat and produce.
  3. I will ref as well. He is active on ZE and a good/positive player in general. 2/20
  4. quality ze player 7/20
  5. waffles

    Hello there

    Welcome to the forums, seen you in ze a few times.
  6. waffles

    2 new ze maps

    That surf one looks quite interesting. I don't think more variety can hurt.
  7. waffles

    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    Thanks for the nominations everybody, and congrats to all the other winners (especially Jeff!). I'm not as active as I used to be, but browse the forums and I do hop on the csgo servers every now and then. If I do get to heaven I'll put in a good word for you all, or at least some of you.
  8. waffles

    The 1st Annual Syndickie Awards

    Nice initiative. I hope all the winners get syndickies that they can cherish forever! If not, you can still add it to the ol' resume.
  9. waffles

    Hello Folks

    Hey, I was the guy who made you put doge memes in one of your maps. Hope all is well
  10. waffles

    Fantasy Football League

    It was interesting to see how much stronger division 1 was to division 2. Good luck to those in it still. I'd definitely be down for next year. I got a combined 100 points the last two games and missed out by 10 points on a playoff spot. If only I got one more win... Looking back at my schedule, 5 of 7 of my losses were within 8 points. Cue the world's smallest violin.
  11. waffles

    Fantasy Football League

    I was looking at the standings and we have three teams for sure in the playoffs. The other three spots are still up for grabs by six teams and in a nightmare scenario we could potentially have six teams tied with 7-7 records. The tiebreaker is set to head to head match ups which is easy with two teams but I'm not sure how it would work with six. So I made this chart to get a better idea of how things stand at the moment. I'm favored to lose to OJ this week but the match ups between Faded vs Pack and Peyton's game are fairly close. Should be an interesting weekend.
  12. waffles

    did i get in yet

    Well according to Travesty's announcement 11/28 was the last day to vote. I don't blame him for asking.