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  1. Yea I heard about this earlier this week. That region itself has a comparable GDP to some smaller European countries like Denmark. I'm curious what the fallout will be from all of this.
  2. Fantasy Football League

    Might be too late but I'd be interested in joining. Enjoyed the league last year.
  3. It's the Legendary Clamps' Birthday

    Happy Birthday!
  4. Step Down

    Funky, I always enjoyed playing on the servers with you. Best of luck with school this fall.
  5. LCT Plugin Completed!

    Thank you trucka for all your efforts recently to repopulate the jailbreak server.
  6. People have a right to protest but not on a major highway or interstate. I feel drivers should have some recourse to move through a protest on a road (unless it is a sanctioned event/march) as vehicles have a right to be there, not pedestrians. I could see an issue as to determining what falls under "due care" though. This incident was fairly recent, personally I feel the driver was justified.
  7. hiii

    Hey Drew! Don't worry about your voice, enjoyed having you on the server.
  8. Generic Pop JB Thread

    I've been trying to hop on the server recently to help out. In my opinion round times aren't necessarily the issue. When I first started playing on the server we had a round time of 60 minutes and we had one of the most popular servers at that time. Throwback screenshots to early csgo days; people would even stay on for 20+ minute rounds!
  9. "I'm going to bomb the shit out of them", and you guys said he wasn't working on fulfilling his campaign promises.
  10. Star Wars Battlefront 2

    Yea like other people have said I didn't feel like the reboot captured the original aspects which made the initial games great.
  11. [Serious] Career choice and advice

    Not sure what is the most common path to becoming a nurse practitioner but one person I know who is in a nurse practitioner program went to nursing school first, worked for 2-3 years in a hospital and then went on to NP school.
  12. Ranks and Recruitment changes (3/31/2017)

    I stand corrected.
  13. Ranks and Recruitment changes (3/31/2017)

    I apologize for being nit picky but shouldn't L5 members be able to refer people for L5? That would fit the trend at least.
  14. Post a Picture of your Pet(s)

  15. My First Day Back We Populated JB

    Good times dude. Welcome back