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  1. My new journey: gains and beyond

    Oh the throwback?
  2. My new journey: gains and beyond

    Hey guys I know it's been awhile since the last update but I've recently finished surgery after tearing my meniscus somewhere along the lines of a mosh pit, however I should be back in action soon. 10 days after recovery I got the okay to go back to the gym as long as I take it easy so I'm currently cutting a bit of weight until I'm around 180lbs and maybe 10-12ish% bodyfat, not sure where I'll end on that spectrum but its all experimentation with my body. Current weight is 185lbs First Pic is when I first started this thread for progress back in 2015, what a ways I've come and its nice to be able to look back Also want to throw in a face progress as well to see the maturing/changes, Dates from left to right are 2012 -> 2014 -> 2015 -> 2018 Also a back update
  3. Happy birthday to my favorite Asian

    Aye I know I don't get on anymore but I appreciate the birthday wishes, thanks everyone!
  4. This happened in my old hometown or now, the next city over. Shit's fucked on both sides, cop shouldn't have been so trigger happy and the call shouldn't have been made by the little faggot in the first place, childish and annoying when nerds get a taste of "power" like swatting but all this info and opinion is already known and shared by most of the people near me and a lot just in general. I feel bad for his kids having to grow up without a father because of a false call that had nothing to do with him in the first place, they're gonna grow up and know that shit and it's going to fuck with them for a long time
  5. Post a picture of yourself

    Haven't posted in awhile, cutting weight currently
  6. Hello Again

    <3 no doubt my doood
  7. Hello Again

    Oh long time no see my dude
  8. Teachers don't get paid enough to give that much of a shit or even remotely deal with it, Sophomores and Juniors are still really immature. They're teenagers, can't expect much out of them. They want to have fun so they have fun
  9. Bro fest!

    You or me, I dunno how i feel about sweetrock hosting tbh
  10. Jailbreak Night - Friday August 11th

    I wouldn't mind stopping by to see all the old crew of whoever shows up
  11. My new journey: gains and beyond

    Slimming up a bit, cut down to the current 195lbs, v-taper starting to become more prominent again 30lb difference from first picture to the second. Thanks for the support guys!
  12. How do you deal with stress?

    The gym is the best stress reliever
  13. How Did You Come up with Your Username?

    Had my name as Demon when I played xbox a long time ago, I always thought they looked badass and Demon's were/still are cool in mythology so it stuck. I love the word Demon, it just fits