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  1. stay away from everyone they're all toxic welcome, you seemed chill last I played
  2. Demon

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    My friend is cuter than all y'all
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    Sometimes I think back to when those two servers were in their prime and I was just some fat kid in highschool, Ive personally gone through so many changes both physically and mentally since then and its fun to look back and think of the memories made with countless hours of just playing with everyone. I know everyone has done the same maturing, Its just a nostaligic thought. I'm super innactive with real life but occasionally like hopping on and see how everyone is doing and it got me thinking My question is - What was your favorite memories of those servers? Funniest most memorable moments that just stuck with you to this day?
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    I actually remember you, good days forsure.
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    PUBG Tournament - GCC - Saturday, October 6th

    Free agent, whoever wants to pick me up
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    Hi folks, still alive and well
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    Culture of sG

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    I've been exposed
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    Sup guys
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    My new journey: gains and beyond

    Oh the throwback?