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  1. now eat that potato
  2. Thanks for the donation!
  3. Thanks for the donation!
  5. Make this thread after Lazzercat make thread 2 hour ago
  6. You know that NEKOPARA Vol. 3 coming out soon, around in May which I will buy. xd @Jodas @Terumi
  7. Hello and welcome to the forums!
  8. Don't expect to win anything but will join for fun
  9. Thanks for the donation!
  10. I signed up, wish I able to share 360k chips on Poker
  11. Play video game to avoid my problems and help cope my depression and help to deal with stress and uhh being alone is actually comfortable for me because I sometime get anxiety when people nearby. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also reading Manga or some funny comic that I like help with stress too which why I play almost 10-15 hours everyday
  12. me my brother be like too
  13. Hello and welcome to the forums Church! Let me know if need any help on Gmod and I will get on
  14. Confirms He have been Admin for past 3 months and never have any issue with him nor abuse his power/ he does his job as admin pretty very well too. chill person and fun to hang out with, regulars like him as well And he have been on server a lot for past 3 months too, nothing cons thing to say about him.