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  1. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Congrats and thanks!
  2. Custom TTT Feedback

    Asked and you get it. Now with just no charge. people literally flew to other side of map and die or flew from ground to sky and well.. die I think newton is kinda too powerful. way too powerful right now. need some bit adjust on it.
  3. In-game Name: sG | Krony (SO) How did you find sG?: Gmod 2012 and Sg members show me sG in 2016 from Gmod as well Have you read, and do you understand the rules? Yes
  4. Minecraft Server?

    Minecraft server would be fun but what is Whitlist on the poll? If a server with pvp on as player can kill and steal your stuffs. Do they also able to destroy stuffs like your house and other stuffs? If so then player have to make a well hidden base huh that would be interesting.
  5. Get Schwifty's Application

    confirms, good paidmin, never really have any issue with him. does his jobs, didn't abuse his powers. he have fun with other regulars players on gmod as well.
  6. Fucking gay furry faggot 

  7. Conor McGregor VS. Mayweather

    Need the link as well
  8. Rocket League Tournament Suggestions

  9. Why krony

  10. happy date of birth Driz

    Happy Birthday Driz!
  11. Happy Birthday Lindsay!

    Happy birthday!
  12. Post the car you are currently driving

    2010 outback subaru, just bought it few days ago, pretty happy with it
  13. New donation from krony

    Thank you, krony for your donation of 5.00 USD! Your donation will be put to good use, and helps keep this community running. Thanks for the support, Syndicate Gamers Staff and Community bye Prosak! @Avenger you are next!
  14. Iherdcows Resignation

    good luck with the school. and thanks for the hard work with the community. @Iherdcows what if I said that you happened to run into a landmine that was just placed and if you could hear you would of heard it being placed and if you could hear you could of heard me yelling WAIT DONT before you went boom #neverforgot