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  1. Happy birthday rune!

    Happy birthday Rune!
  2. ZE Team Wars (Nov-20 - Nov-27)

    Will reopen it after lindsay get more members in group to balance the amount for both sides
  3. :^)

    2 RO already step down though but many RO is good since we can help each other with events. Also Hello!
  4. When thread locked, you can't make comment but you can make comment to the person once you gilded gold to that person so... those 74 people possibly giving a "fuck you comments" to EA
  5. ZE Team War SignUp

    Going ahead and close the sign up for my team. Lindsay's team is open for sign up
  6. ZE Team War SignUp

    Will need your steam profile link
  7. ZE Team War SignUp

    Going ahead adding yunmo to my team since he pm me before signups closed.