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  1. Hello and welcome back to the forums
  2. hey

    Hello and welcome to the forums!
  3. Thanks for the donation!
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums
  5. Neat, will give it a shot.
  6. Happy birthday Stabbitty!
  7. sG BOT HAS GONE MAD! IT TAKING OVER! I can't message in any channel in discord, maybe it good time for staff to work on to get shout box?
  8. I play warcraft 3 too @Travesty
  9. 19 pages of Coupons and you have 478. That a lot
  10. http://www.joinsg.net/forums/topic/74808-guide-of-how-to-report-rdmer-without-admin-online/
  11. @Burrit0Man1 I sometime can try to get on at 2am but you can use the guide that I made, it a guide that show how to report rdmer without admin online.
  12. Happy birthday Sweetrock. Don't go crazy
  13. Yeah I bought it yesterday and finished it. I loved it
  14. I can join if you need someone @Lv. 100 Crobat