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  1. Does not matter who or why he was banned, THE rule for unbans is ALL unban requests are to go to a staff vote unless they fall under a category that is very clearly listed in the global rules as an option to make that person ineligible for an unban vote. Just because you guys "chose" to ban someone who abused access and hacked a sourcebans account (also get fucking real, this doesn't make this ban any different or special) doesn't mean it shouldn't go to a vote like everyone elses unban requests, you're essentially saying "because JCS decided to ban someone for breaking the rules it isn't necessary for a vote) you banning him is literally just you guys doing your jobs, it's nothing special.
  2. Well, already got my answer from a staff member. Looks like shit has gone down hill then when JCS are just skipping a process that was put into place for a reason, kind of weird how a staff vote was just completely skipped, especially considering how close 1 of the 3 JCS are EXTREMELY close friends with destin and talk to him all the time. I guess there isn't any reason for me to give a fuck anymore, $5 destin holds some sort of staff position by 2020 boys. @Mimic @bulletford @Moose I expected better from you guys, Destins unban SHOULD have been put to a staff vote and the fact that it wasn't is complete bullshit and abuse of your power, it's not too late to make it right. Put this application on hold and hold an ACTUAL staff vote for Destins unban, CLEARLY explain what he did to get banned and lay out all of the details and let staff decide whether or not he should be allowed back into the clan. This is the process we put into place for a reason, abide by the rules and process that was put into place while I was JCS.
  3. My issue isn't with JCS, when I was still staff I brought back staff votes for unbans that way it was more than just a few people deciding things that affected the clan and instead it was all of staff deciding things and voicing opinions to create a better and more fair process. Are you telling me a staff vote wasn't held on destins unban and it was just decided by JCS?
  4. Can't believe you guys are about to let someone who should be permanently banned back into the clan, @Travestythis is what I was talking about when we were discussing recruitment, literally look at this thread, there is no way for anyone to stop someone who shouldn't be in the community from getting in. This system is just as much of a circle jerk as the other system IMO, it's just friends referring friends so they get into the clan. For all you idiots just referring this piece of shit just know you're literally allowing someone back into the clan who not only stole admin, but stole Travs sourceban account and used it to PERMA ban people multiple times. NOT only did he do this sourcebans shit, BUT he also used previous staff access that he had to go into the staff application email MULTIPLE times and leaked info and was WARNED multiple times about it. Yeah JCS should have changed the passwords and shit, whatever, but that doesn't excuse it. I stepped down from staff a while ago and I'm pretty sure I still have tons of access that I've never once ever thought about using or abusing, hell I'd bet I still have paypal access.
  5. Eddy


    The first game that comes to mind is a GTA5 RP server, super popular right now and I know quite a few people in sG have the game and some have even been playing on RP servers already.
  6. Eddy


    It had nothing to do with R&R, I stepped down for a few reasons, but the big one was just the people that were the most active in the community were people I didn't mesh with at all and couldn't stand to be around and I just came to the conclusion that if I can't stand the active people in the community then I probably shouldn't be around the community very much. Mimic and I didn't see eye to eye on a lot of things, but that was a good thing, it made the staff team more productive and fair in the decisions we made. Honestly there are quite a few games this community could branch out into if we truly wanted to, but it would take work from at least an engineer and some active staff that would promote the servers and stuff. CSGO doesn't have to be our only game, the community and staff just have to be willing to branch out. The community doesn't even need to only branch out into games that allow us to run dedicated servers for.
  7. Eddy


    No, staff are just smart and realize this community has quite a few faggots who will abuse this system and constantly create headaches over voting. A handful of the community will literally get together and decide to troll R&R like they always do and then when they get punished they come up with ways to be faggots in recruitment but not get in trouble, or they'll vote no on someone for the reason "religious and religion doesn't support LGBT rights, so I'm voting no" and then when those votes are removed those people will create a huge shit storm and go around telling everyone that staff are a bunch of "SJW cucks" and other shit AND if you just read what I put down for a reason to vote no on and someone and think "that's totally a valid reason to not allow someone into the clan" then you've proven my point even further, making a voting system based around "must put a valid reason" is so dumb. The system is based entirely on human beings subjective opinions on what's valid and invalid. I ask again how does the community and staff come together and decide who makes up a list of "valid" reasons, who decides what's an "invalid" reason and when staff disagree on this (which they will) who ultimately gets the final say? Trav? JCS? The system you describe sounds great in theory and you think it would be easy to moderate and the only reason staff wont accept it is because "they're lazy" but in practice this system is just as shit as the current system if not worse.
  8. Eddy


    Destin when he applies and gets in
  9. Yes, Mimic used his power to deny Firefighter every single time he applied. It's ultimately why I had to leave staff, I couldn't stand by while mimic used his power wrongfully to deny the horse legend himself firefighter from getting JCS and saving this community from the gays. @MimicWe won't forget, We won't forgive!
  10. Eddy


    The whole "must put a legitimate reason" thing has been suggested before and in theory it would work, but in reality it doesn't. Who decides what a legitimate reason is? Who decides how lengthy a reason must be? This will just create a whole bunch of drama, you'll have people voting no on someone because "They are a furry" or "They referred to me as the wrong pronoun". These aren't legitimate reasons IMO, but I know for damn sure there are some people on staff and in the community that would argue that these are legit reason to vote no on someone. Also if people are required to write a paragraph when voting on someone then I doubt anyone will vote on apps. Staff could change it to where X amount of referrals must be from a vet?
  11. Eddy


    When I was around still and removed voting I hadn't planned on it becoming what it currently is, recruitment just feels like it doesn't have any community input and doesn't gather people around to discuss recruits like I had intended. I personally blame the bot for this TBH, everything is automated so there isn't any need for any interaction from staff or the community regarding apps. I don't think voting should be brought back because this community has proven time and time again that it will just turn anything and everything into a circle jerk, but I also don't think bringing back voting will help revitalize the community at all. I don't think making it harder to get into the community is going attract more people to join or encourage active or inactive members to become active again. drey
  12. right here brother, also lol at these fucking retards telling you to leave their dead as fuck forums.
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