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  1. Thanks for the donation Dertin!
  2. I gotta love how this now somehow makes what happened at berkely (clear violation of freedom of speech) an acceptable thing. Regardless of your views or opinions, everyone should have the right to speak their piece. I'm not going to defend milo, he said some stuff that seemed very "trolly" but in all honestly I cannot agree with what he said. I don't care about the sexual maturity of a human being, if you're a child you're a child and any adult who attempts to have sexual relations with a child should be arrested. I would like to point out though that he did say that the age of consent laws currently in place are good laws and he supports them. At the end of the day it was kind of a confusing podcast, he said some shit that like no one other than a child molester would accept and then kind of took it back with other things that he said like supporting the age of consent law.
  3. tfw you've logged more time on war3 this week than you have put into wow in the past 2 weeks.
  4. who forgets a 7ft ginger? wb
  5. I tried to help you out as much as I could tacky, but at the end of the day you let the cancer infect you with ebola aids and you were just too far gone for me to bring you back. I hope you don't leave and you stick around to play some games, when you first joined the community you were a great addition to the community.
  6. I want to boost my monk in WoW, it costs $60. let me know when you want my paypal.
  7. Yes, I think everyone who has been paying attention to this story knows this. To think none of the students on campus participated though is pretty naive.
  8. Was not supposed to be taken in the literal sense, was meant to point out these adults were acting like children.
  9. School had/has the ability to remove the problem children, except they didn't. None of the students received any punishments and a group of people who just wanted to discuss their views and beliefs were silenced. This obviously hurts people who had nothing to do with it and I agree that sucks, but I guess I believe that it will teach students that they can't just silence people that have different views, that is a stretch though. At the very least I hope schools around the US realize they need to handle these situations better and not just give in to the cry babies which results in people being silenced, or in the case of what happened at berkeley people being assaulted for having a different opinions. I guess I'm more thrilled that this is actually getting attention and not just being brushed under the rug, but I agree it is unfair for the people who didn't participate.
  10. I think trump is an idiot but I support this http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/donald-trump-breitbart-news-remove-federal-funding-berkeley-university-california-milo-yiannopoulos-a7558946.html I hope it happens.
  11. Yall keep trash talking trump, but you guys should be focusing your hate on hillary and the DNC. They are the ones who stole POTUS from bernie and made us have to deal with atleast 4 years of set backs.
  12. The world would be a better place without religion.
  13. If our servers "drain your life" than you have some issues my dude. Also Val I didn't realize how much I loved telling piplup he was an idiot, until my partner left the clan. When can we resume the assault on piplup?