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  1. GCC is hosting an Overwatch Tournament

  2. is eugenics a good thing?

    Go fuck yourself faggot
  3. Community Digest - 10/8/17

  4. Racism

  5. leaving sg

    @BeermanFuck you @sandy come back dude, you were the only anime watcher I liked.
  6. Stepping Down.

    Hello everyone, due to some major changes in my life I will be stepping down from staff. I thought about staying on and seeing if I could balance my time, but I'd rather leave staff and not be super inactive. I'd like to thank all of my friends for all the great memories and I'd like to thank all of the staff members I have worked with over the past 4-5 years for their dedication to the community. Above everyone else I want to thank mimic for being a great staff partner and friend these past years, we didn't always get along but at the end of the day we could always laugh about how gay he is. I'll miss everyone, even the people I don't like. Peace
  7. Thanks Destin!

  8. Syndicate Gamers Digest - 4/8/17

    We're aware fastdl is down, we currently have a ticket open with our host to see what the issue is. I'll update everyone once we hear more, sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. Syndicate Gamers Digest - 4/8/17

    it wasn't mentioned, but klark did also pass a Legend vote!
  10. Why did you abandon us and delete discord? BibleThump 

    1. Moose


      Eddy come back

      You can blame it all on me.



  11. DarkFalcon's Application [ACCEPTED]

    Conf. Falcon has been playing our warcraft servers even before I was in the community. Every time I've ever played with him I've got nothing but good experiences, he's respectful to everyone on the forums and in the servers. When I first connected to the WCS server in 2012, I remember falcon as one of the guys who actually helped me figure out what the hell I was doing. Overall I think he'll make a great addition to the community.
  12. So it seems there is some confusion as to what we're expecting when we say "detailed explanation" so I'll just take a moment to give everyone a run down on what we're looking for in referrals. First, we aren't expecting anyone to write a paragraph about the person or why he should be allowed to join our community, this would make referring anyone a pain in the butt. Everything we want in an explanation can be given in just a couple sentences, obviously writing more is a plus. As an example here is something along the lines of what we're looking for- confirm ref. Spons-- Although he has gotten mixed up with some of the toxic little children of this community, he is one of the more laid back and non-toxic ones. He has had his moments, and he won't deny that, but for the most part, he's been a nice little squeak. When you aren't playing Rust, Sponsored is a fun guy to play games with. I'd ref him any time. example #2. I'm ref'ing. He is easily one of the chillest of the youngin's and is genuinely enjoyable to play any game with. He had some accidental autism on the forums one time, but it's not representative of how he is on a daily basis. I think most can agree that him and Dash are still the best of the "squeakers". An explanation should go into detail as to why you think he would be a good addition to the community, off the top of my head here are some things I would use as a explanation I would give if I were to refer someone. Forum/game presence. admin ability reference their past and then give examples as to how the recruit has improved. How they treat other players. bring up your experience with the person in or out of the servers. These are just some examples that I came up with off the top of my head. Anyways, I hope this helped clear some things up. -Eddy
  13. Stepping down from LEG

  14. @TravestyI think the lowest month had like a total of 26 or so votes or something. I don't remember off the top of my head.
  15. I understand this is April fools day, but this is actually a legit post. THIS ISN'T A JOKE. This was a big reason for the change. xD