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  1. Cons: A fucking ton Pros: Saves Ubisoft money Theres no defending peer to peer multiplayer in a triple A game
  2. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/118496852?t=07h59m01s
  3. This is looking pretty sick, hopefully they learned from their mistakes in mass effect 3
  4. It was obvious enough, why would he say he has a question to ask and then mention not having friends if the question was meant for him to answer?
  5. It isn't plagiarizing if you give credit, and the way i read this it seemed like his homework was to ask someone else this question and write their response, could be wrong though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. can i know why you have so many coupons
  7. Seeing how trigger is retarded, yes it does make more sense.
  8. You mean you told him that he meant spikes? "fucking metal where the band are full of spikes and sound like a cat going through a blender is not good music" No, he said what he meant.
  9. dont go near chivalry, all the people that play it rely on stupid weapon dragging mechanics because the devs failed to make combat take actual skill just wait for Mordhau
  10. Always online on top of peer to peer multiplayer games, definitely going to sit this one out
  11. Can we expect you to go flood the rust map with racist shit again?
  12. Yea, just go around telling the new people to not play on one of the servers, that's a fantastic idea.