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  1. Gonepostal2000

    Fantasy Football League 2018

    I gave up last year, I don’t like NFL’s platform nor the point system we had it was way to boring
  2. Gonepostal2000

    Destiny 2 Free Weekend

    This game is always supposed to get better but hardly does with each expansion.
  3. Gonepostal2000

    Its about that time

    +left +duck +attack
  4. Gonepostal2000

    Hello Folks

    Welcome back ttt brotha
  5. Gonepostal2000

    Post what city/state you live in!

    England, Ballin
  6. Gonepostal2000

    Brofest 10/28

    All we need is drunk mitch, jared and goldentongue. That's how you do brofest the fun way