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  1. Gamer4125


    Yes, I'd love a pointshop. Really rewards people for dedication and encourages repeat visits. However, there shouldn't be anything that directly affects gameplay like unique guns or perks. Playermodels should be in, but only humanoid models that aren't really short or tall. I just joined a rando pointshop server and saw a good idea for this as well, where if you buy a disguiser it turns you back into the default playermodel when its active and then back to your normal model when you turn it off. Another thing I saw on the rando server was being able to buy a guaranteed T or D round next round. I'm not sure about this one, but it sounds nice if you're constantly getting RNG screwed. Jihad sounds shouldn't be any issue. I've seen some servers allow you to buy guns for a small amount of points to spawn with next round. I think it'd be interesting to have a gun rental for a small point amount to have for 1 round and is only given on spawn to prevent emergency gun buying, and gun purchasing for a large amount of points to have a loadout to always spawn with. However this might cause minor issues on maps like ttt_ancienttemple to allow guns at the spawn where no one but Ts/Ds should have one. Another thing to consider would be some exclusive goodies for Donators as seen on the this rando server screenshot. Obviously not too many goods like shown, but just a little something extra for being a donator, or things like increased point gain or your own custom model within the playermodel standards.
  2. Gamer4125

    Custom TTT Feedback

    Holy shit Custom TTT is back. I'd adore a pointshop with tons of cosmetics, personally. I'd even donate for some good custom playermodels, or maybe even a donation to get your own personal playermodel added. Also, I'd suggest taking out the vanilla Glock, Shotgun, and M249 to make some space for the better guns to be used from the weapon pack. I'd agree with Lindsay's list for the most part too, but keep one or two of the revolvers in :^). Donators used to be able to pick their load out on spawn, right? Would it be possible to let them pick from new guns too?