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  1. Wintergreen

    Its about that time

    Thanks jeffu-kun
  2. Wintergreen

    Memorial Day weekend :)

    Beatin' it, same as always.
  3. yes 19/20, laughed when I made fun of Lindsay.
  4. Wintergreen

    ChronosShift's Application [APPROVED]

    ref 11/20
  5. Wintergreen

    AGDQ 2018

    Another year of good runs bois.
  6. Wintergreen

    AGDQ 2018

    Yeah, I think I have cancer now
  7. Wintergreen

    Humble Monrthly

    @Burgham did you mean to tag, you goon?
  8. Wintergreen

    Humble Monrthly

    Yeah, I've been digging it. Things you want but don't want to buy, like Civ 6 and Warhammer 40k DOW3, Tomb Raider, etc.
  9. Wintergreen

    It's almost that time of year!

    Are you a CPA?
  10. Wintergreen

    Happy birthday ya fuck

    Grats kiddo
  11. Wintergreen

    Important information regarding Nom Noms

    He's from Zootopia?
  12. Wintergreen


  13. Wintergreen

    Burgham's Application [APPROVED]

    TTT Homeboy, 10/20 ref
  14. Wintergreen

    FoxCom's Application [APPROVED]

    ref my boy, great player, okay admin. 10/20
  15. Wintergreen

    Nemo's Application [APPROVED]

    Ref, good guy tbqh 16/20
  16. Wintergreen

    Santa hats

    Ya boy always wearin' a hat.
  17. Wintergreen

    Happy birthday rune!

    HBD my guy, I miss you sometimes.
  18. Wintergreen

    Did I...make one?

    One of the best pieces of shit I know.
  19. Wintergreen

    OFFICIAL: Vanilla WoW Servers

    Vanilla WoW wasn't that good. I get wanting to experience the old flavor a bit but ... Maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea.
  20. Wintergreen

    Happy birthday, Noms!!

    hbd my dark skinned goddess <3
  21. Wintergreen

    Happy Birthday Tort Tort!

    HBD big boi
  22. Wintergreen

    Let's count to increase our post count!

  23. Wintergreen

    Post what city/state you live in!

    I wouldn't call what I do "living" but I reluctantly exist in Fresno County, California.