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  1. Let's count to increase our post count!

  2. Post what city/state you live in!

    I wouldn't call what I do "living" but I reluctantly exist in Fresno County, California.
  3. What is up my dudes

    Shmuel is good guy, vote yes on incoming app exdee
  4. Destiny 2 Group PC

    WinterGreen#1813, I dunno if I'll have it on launch but I'll get it eventually.
  5. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    Swed got staff, post your memes boys n girls
  6. Staff Changes 9/17/17

    Wait, so who manages the calendar now?
  7. hullo

  8. We should revive the sG Dark RP server

    DarkRP went badly last time. I support this initiative.
  9. Get Schwifty's Application

    ref a qt Good admin, not a cunt. Does anyone really read this stupid shit?
  10. HBD: Kawaii Taboo Edition!

    Happy Birthday you weeb @Taboo
  11. Console gaming

    The 3 has a decent failure rate (I sold the fuckers for 3 years and got plenty back), and lacks many of the features (well, mainly savestates) that the Retron5 has. Though the Retron 5 is twice the price, it has a much better controller and plays GBA games too.
  12. Free Speech

    I come here for memes and shit talk. Not legitimate political debate (or whatever we call what Water does)
  13. HBD Wintergreen

    Thanks fam. Just got home from OR, did I miss anything?
  14. OFFICAL - complaints of complaints in Complaint Department

    Haha I was kidding, he's dead.
  15. OFFICAL - complaints of complaints in Complaint Department

  16. OFFICAL - complaints of complaints in Complaint Department

    If they don't want to pay they can apply to the clan and apply for SO. Paying isn't the only way. Also, bans aren't permanent and can be removed in a few moments by any staff. If a regular ever sees a paidmin abusing they can report it to a staff member or anyone in the clan who can contact a staff member. The system has worked for sG for about what, 7 years now? I don't think that it is as flawed as you do.
  17. OFFICAL - complaints of complaints in Complaint Department

    Do you think basic kicks, mutes, gags, and 6 hour bans are equivalent to the power of a staff position. I could've read this wrong. I'm not all that bright. Just curious.
  18. OFFICAL - complaints of complaints in Complaint Department

    Holy shit this has never been seen before. Also, you guys are kinda being dicks. A lot of servers that I've seen sell basic admin packages. I've never seen Lot abuse, so I doubt she be power trippin, you two on the other hand seem a bit unstable. At every turn you attempt to brag about your lives to make them seem interesting or to make yourselves seem better than others. For all we know you just might be, but the way you're going about trying to explain yourselves to others just makes you seem like cunts.
  19. Banned from CS:GO

    Man, that steam calculator makes me sad.
  20. This is goodbye

    Shoot some commies for us bruh
  21. SGDQ 2017

    Solid start with HalfCoordinated.
  22. Post what you're listening to right now.

    Been on a rap kick lately.
  23. Anyone around from back in the day?

    Hello Oldman. Ultimate Oreo quit after not getting free TTT admin IIRC. That or during one of the clan restructures. Also, @Oreo where the fuck you been boy?
  24. Post what you're listening to right now.

  25. Wow things changed [Reintro]

    TTT is for nerds.