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  1. First brofest experience

    I think we found our next JP nominee.
  2. Post what you're listening to right now.

    Don't say it, i know one of you fucks is going to say it, don't you dare.
  3. Console's Application [DENIED]

    What happened to the rule where a recruit who is found playing on our severs with an alt would have his application denied. Also after having spoken to this person on discord i think everyone who has referred him has made a huge mistake. -1 from me boys.
  4. Helpz meez becomers Adim!!!

    Is this how you write normally? I see we have our new JCS to replace centran, that was quick.
  5. Thoughts on Sonic the Hedgehog?

    i stand with super classic sonic fan, he is great. but other than mania i haven't enjoyed a sonic game since SA2
  6. Super Smash Brothers Melee

    The only time you beat me was when i randomed duck hunt, who i had never in my life played as before.
  7. Your Zombie Escape Server is almost perfect

    I am interested in why you would lower the health of zombies, i personally don't see a point since killing zombies gives you 0 reward, and if they are killed too easily then you will make certain maps nearly impossible for zombies to win.
  8. Does Swed Get Mad Over Video Games?

    Wouldn't be the first time eddy tries to jp me