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  1. Real Life Jailbreak

    You know who else was found not guilty, OJ simpson, just saying.
  2. Real Life Jailbreak

    Simple solution just tell them to write the order in chat, that way you can follow the orders like everyone else.
  3. Game awards announcements

    Yes the amazing contender that was PUBG.
  4. C++ sGCC v1.01

    I am only 26 % cancerous? I guess you don't have to be cancer to be on expert on it.
  5. Talk mad shit - Nov 17'

    How badly did you fuck up in November that you want a rerun?
  6. What´s your favorite game of 2017?

    There is a bit of a problem there, and that is the fact that the game is not out yet.
  7. Im 17 now :P

    congrats, how much do 17 year old rocks go for in the market now a days ?
  8. The fact that anyone is surprised about what is going on in Hollywood is funny in and of itself.
  9. sG | Halloween Hide N Seek (Oct 26th to Oct 31st)

    Having 10 minute rounds in my personal experience is really killing the server, because if you have not died within 5 minutes you are probably well hidden.
  10. sG | Halloween Hide N Seek (Oct 26th to Oct 31st)

    there is a slight bug on the server that if the jason leaves, and he is the only jason, everyone else is forced to wait until the round timer ends before being able to play again.
  11. sG | Halloween Hide N Seek (Oct 26th to Oct 31st)

    Hype, i'll actually be able to participate in this event for the most part.
  12. Brofest 10/28

    If i sing poorly you must be mute, because you never even showed up, Also even if i play like Helen Keller, at least i don't play as if i had fins for hands. Posta,l sG has far more children now, i think that may simply lead to a lot of us getting arrested by the FBI.
  13. Brofest 10/28

    i have been to 3 since we last fought, you have been absent in all 3. I am not only the current champion of smash but also of karaoke. But nice try.