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  1. SpartanSakaro

    Give Away

    sure why not i will join
  2. SpartanSakaro

    Thanks guys!

    But it wasn't a hahaha prank it was a bone prank
  3. SpartanSakaro

    Thanks guys!

    So i guess beerman will be the guest in the next podcast then? also i expect you to tell us some stories of the post op drugs you get.
  4. SpartanSakaro

    sG Official Podcast

    that is literally the idea behind the podcast, every week a different guest. The only thing i am unsure of is who will be the main host or hosts that appear in every podcast.
  5. SpartanSakaro

    sG Official Podcast

    not bad.
  6. SpartanSakaro

    Official sG Podcasts?

    Lol. By the way I wouldn't mind hosting it for a day or being a guest.
  7. SpartanSakaro

    sG | OSCARS Nominations 2018/2019

    lol did they actually put black panther in best picture? Now that is comedy.
  8. SpartanSakaro

    sG | OSCARS Nominations 2018/2019

    I haven't watched all that many movies this year, but the one that i enjoyed the most has to be Mission Impossible Fallout. The opening of the movie alone was by far the best shit i had seen from any 2018 film. And if i could, best sci fi this year has to be Annihilation.
  9. SpartanSakaro

    sG | Sunday Funday

    Sounds like a good time, i say we play games like, trackmania, golf with friends, scp secret laboratories, killingfloor/2, just cause 2 multiplayer.
  10. SpartanSakaro

    I just can't with this new CS game.

    Lol new fag
  11. SpartanSakaro

    A Migration.

    So lads i saw this video and wanted to know what you think will be happening in the coming weeks of the tumbler migration. Also what your take is on this, from what i have looked up in the past couple of minutes, some people are saying they are fine with it because they are not doing any harm to anyone, but when you read things like the example below it really makes you worry that maybe being in a group that promotes this behavior is not the brightest move. here is an example of one of them.