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  1. SpartanSakaro

    A Migration.

    So lads i saw this video and wanted to know what you think will be happening in the coming weeks of the tumbler migration. Also what your take is on this, from what i have looked up in the past couple of minutes, some people are saying they are fine with it because they are not doing any harm to anyone, but when you read things like the example below it really makes you worry that maybe being in a group that promotes this behavior is not the brightest move. here is an example of one of them.
  2. SpartanSakaro

    Happy Belated Birthday Iherdcows

    I still have 1 hour left, happy birthday cows, hopefully we can play for more than 5 minutes together next time.
  3. SpartanSakaro

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

    you can't talk about your left and right hand like that, we are still in no nut november.
  4. SpartanSakaro

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

    Beerman not even showing up to his own event, time to get a new jcs for brofests.
  5. SpartanSakaro

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

    At what time is it starting ?
  6. An AMA could possibly do the trick. If the AMA does well enough chances are you will simply have people promoting for you from there. Another thing would be to try to get recognition from people out there who have a large audience.
  7. SpartanSakaro

    Post what you're listening to right now.

    the good ol days of 480 p videos.
  8. SpartanSakaro

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

    thats one way to try to farm rep.
  9. SpartanSakaro

    Congratulations sG

    So guys we did it we reached a million posts, 1,000,000 posts and still growing. the fact that we reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal i'm just amazed, for supporting this forum and helping it grow I-I love you guys, you guys are just awesome. So as you can probably tell this isn't really one of my usual shit posts, this is really more like a kind thank you. Don't be alarmed though i will be going back to my regular shit posting after this. So one last time, congrats sG, can't wait to make a post for 2 million.
  10. SpartanSakaro

    Joined jailbreak recently and im loving it.

    If you ever need a warden to come in let me know m8.
  11. SpartanSakaro

    Thanksgiving Brofest: November 23rd

    At least these dates are possible for me, which is a nice change.