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  1. Your Zombie Escape Server is almost perfect

    I am interested in why you would lower the health of zombies, i personally don't see a point since killing zombies gives you 0 reward, and if they are killed too easily then you will make certain maps nearly impossible for zombies to win.
  2. is eugenics a good thing?

    Wouldn't be the first time eddy tries to jp me
  3. is eugenics a good thing?

    If there are ways to make channels not visible to the general public then I don't see what the problem is, you want that dirty smut then get the permissions and boom you can now see the smut, you don't want to see the smut? Don't ask for it. Bada bing bada boom problem solved.
  4. Sandy when you become JCS remember who voted no on you. -6/20
  5. My Resignation.

    Ruffles it's fine, you will always be the most flex guy in sG.
  6. Swatting claims first victim over Call of Duty

    This comes as no surprise, i was more surprised by the fact that no one had gotten killed sooner.
  7. Harmy's Application [DENIED]

    You know, you don't have to thank every single person that gives you a referral right? 15/20
  8. sG application for Darkfrywarrior [APPROVED]

    Sounds good to me. 14/20
  9. Post what you're listening to right now.

    Highly recommend it, bastion though rough around the edges shows that they had a clear view of what they wanted their games to be like in the future. I would also recommend Pyre, another fantastic game by them with a much more extensive OST and in my eyes far outshines their past works when it comes to the music department. I will only post the first song because the entire soundtrack is quite intricately involved with the game itself. So if you like what you hear then you can do no wrong by playing it.
  10. sG application for Darkfrywarrior [APPROVED]

    Just a quick question, no clue if you have answered it in the past, but why be part of both PG and sG Also couldn't this end up as a conflict of interest should both communities for some reason or another end up on bad terms?