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  1. Free Speech

    i have lived through it and have plenty of family who lived through it, hell there is an entire family tree that was hunted down and executed, but hey you might be right, it might simply be that i am lucky to not care about things like these. I don't know much about germany, what i do know is from personal experiences and stories i have been told from friends and family. I have been on about 4 tours while in germany and all of them completely ignored everything during ww2, might have simply been shitty luck on my part that i got bad tour guides who knows, but does not change the fact that i had those experiences from german people while in germany. Also how can you say you are not trying to ignore it when you can be fined or arrested joking around? The fact that you ban anything nazi related even when it puts it in a negative light, in my own view, is seen as an attempt to forget it ever happened. And i am not talking about museums here, i am talking about things at home such as games, books, works of art, etc.
  2. Free Speech

    Well as i told Vexer there is a proper way of dealing with monuments, and tearing it down during a protest/riot does more harm than good. Germany went through Denazification and that was their choice to allow it to occur, both the government and people wanted it to happen. If the US wanted to do something similar at the times of the civil war it would have happened. When it comes to whether or not the statues and other propaganda should have stayed, or simply moved instead of destroyed i can't tell you i am not exactly a professional in this field, in my own personal opinion i would rather have these things in a museum or other such location where if you want to go see them you can. I am sure that the people who have those views are not the vast majority, otherwise the statues would never have even made it to a vote on whether or not it should come down. Then again what do i know, i am not from the south. Here is where i can't see eye to eye, i never understood how one could be hurt by something like a statue simply because of the history behind it. Especially when i consider all of the speeches, films, songs, etc that talk about how we should never allow the past to become shackles that do not let us move on into the future. Are you not giving said symbol more power by doing that?
  3. Free Speech

    Maintaining the history of a country is part of what a government does, should we tear down all those old museums that used to be slave farms or forts where thousands of people were killed simply because of the events that took place in them? There is legally going through the process to have a statue removed from a town or city and then there is going to a statue and destroying it simply because you do not like it, in this case we have people destroying a statue simply because they do not like it. Obviously should the majority choose to get rid of a statue for whatever reason then so be it, i have no problem with that. We have moved passed it and that is fine, but they rejoined the US after the war and it's not like we can just ignore the history of the "country?" that merged with our own. And if we are going to just ignore as if was not a thing, then we might as well do what Germany does and act like those years never happened.
  4. Free Speech

    Why should we tear down our history? you make it seem like it to avoid hurting peoples' feeling but i have not seen any 300+ year old people walking around the US who may be hurt by seeing said statue. By those standards we should also not allow any country have heritage period, since at some point or another it has caused pain and suffering. Hell why stop there, no religion should be allowed to be followed either since those have done far worse than any country could when it comes to inflicting pain on others.
  5. Dungeons and Dragons

    For the people who already posted here, @Blue @Reaper0470 @ATG_AGENT @Beerman and @Imperium (don't know if you are actually interested imperium but just in case), you guys want to start a joint pm to try to set up the time and see if we can get a schedule together that works for everyone? For those who are interested and have no experience like blue, don't worry, since we will be starting at low levels it wont be as hard to get into the game, also i plan on having a one shot campaign first to see if you guys like the way i DM before starting the main campaign. Also i am quite a patient person so i honestly don't mind helping you learn as long as you actually try to learn how to play. If you are interested post here or PM if you are scared of being called a nerd and i will add you to the joint pm if that ends up happening.
  6. Free Speech

    And here i was just trying to understand the logic behind someone who has the same extremist views as the group that they hate. Oh well.
  7. Dungeons and Dragons

    If you want, whenever or if ever we get a group big enough and have a time schedule i will let you know.
  8. Free Speech

    1) read my edit 2) you are doing the same thing the only difference is that you are labeling me buzz words that mean nothing to me so i guess i can't really comment on how effective it is. 3) to have a debate you would need two or more people who are open to speak to each other about things, and right now i only see me trying to understand your reasoning and you shutting down any chance to talk this out like adults. What?
  9. Free Speech

    I can't tell if you are trolling or not, honestly the words you say are so dumbfounding that i have to wonder if you are saying these things on purpose. Just for the hell of it though lets go in depth on this one comment. Are you just saying all these buzz words to try to make what i say sound like a joke? or is it simply that your insecurities make it impossible for you to have an intelligent thought? Where did i say we should allow people to die? all i said was that people should be allowed to believe in whatever they want, as i said before, as long as they do not harm others there is no reason to stop people from thinking different things or saying different things, no matter how dumb it may be. forgot to add a ps ps: i can say words to make you seem like less of a person too ;D
  10. Free Speech

    If you are not going to actually have a debate then why even post? or is it simply that you are so blinded by your world views that the concept of open dialogue is alien to you?
  11. Free Speech

    Gemma watch out your autism is showing. Everyone has the right to believe in and say whatever they want as long as it does not cause harm to any other person, even if that person is a nazi, if you think that we should be able to kill people or cause extensive bodily harm simply because of what they believe in then congratulations you are exactly the same as the people you hate.
  12. Dungeons and Dragons

    I understand how you feel, but i enjoy DM in'g a a lot more than i do playing normally, then i again i have yet to have a really fun dm for long.
  13. Dungeons and Dragons

    will do boss.
  14. Dungeons and Dragons

    i know but i was looking to DM, i might join his game though if not enough people are interested in a game. I was thinking of running it either on thursday , friday or sunday but i am willing to make time on the day that best suits the group as a whole.
  15. Dungeons and Dragons

    Though i know many of you hate me, saying i am worse than k game and mitch combined, but i still think it would be fun, so if any of you want to play Dungeon and Dragons let me know i have a pretty solid game planned, also i have a Dungeons and Metal Gears game if anyone is interested in playing. I will accept both clan Members and non clan members into my games, any level of knowledge is acceptable when it comes to D&D or M&D. All i ask is that you be willing to set time aside to play ever week to play and have fun Games can be anywhere from 3 hours to 8 hours, depends on the players.