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  1. DarkFalcon

    Happy birthday Nicol3

    @BabyNicol3 Happy birthday, Nikki Coley!! You are offically 21 aka 4
  2. DarkFalcon

    FanService's Application [PENDING]

    Lame fan service sprays of Hinata 20/20
  3. DarkFalcon

    MidNight_Ace's Application [PENDING]

    What????????? 20/20
  4. DarkFalcon

    Waylon's Application. [PENDING]

    Ref my boy, WAYLON 5/20
  5. DarkFalcon

    Kateesh's Application [PENDING][DENIED]

    last minute vote??? sure :^) 18/20
  6. I see you stealing my diamonds on Minecraft! THIEEEEEFFFFFFFFFF! *screams in Spanish*

    1. cookie eater

      cookie eater

      No you arent!


  7. DarkFalcon

    Happy birthday darkfalcon

    @BabyNicol3Thank you, Nikki Coley!!! @Rock Hahaha! I usually get some pranks time to time from friends! During my younger years, no one believed that April 1st was my birthday beside really close friends.
  8. 20/20 Oof Smash 4 is better
  9. DarkFalcon

    Serif's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    ez yes 15/20
  10. DarkFalcon

    Hi Im Mudkips

    Ayyee welcome!
  11. DarkFalcon

    Meanryd Recruitment [PENDING][APPROVED]

    What a nerd 21/20
  12. DarkFalcon

    Super Smash Brothers Melee

    I play it time to time. I usually play Smash 4 because I compete for it hahaha
  13. This guy is a NOOB. 6/20
  14. DarkFalcon

    New donation from ☠Valiant☠

    Thanks for the donation!
  15. DarkFalcon

    FuFu's Application [APPROVED]

    Ref my bunny friend!
  16. DarkFalcon


    You finally did it! Hey, Fufu
  17. Ref for my baby Sandy
  18. Lets get a bigger Marshmallow entity
  19. DarkFalcon

    AGDQ 2018

    I already bought two shirts from Yetee. https://theyetee.com/collections/agdq/products/pile-up https://theyetee.com/collections/agdq/products/speedrunning I love watching AGQD every time.
  20. DarkFalcon


    I guess I will be kicking you for 16 times for every AFK moment. Happy birthday, Sharpoo.
  21. DarkFalcon

    I'm sorry what?

    Welcome to the sG forum, Kateesh!
  22. DarkFalcon

    Thaco's Application [APPROVED]

    Didn't ask me for a REF??? jk I will ref this loser. I enjoy playing with him in War3 until he plays Paradox on my Magneto. 6/20