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  1. Goodbye to my wallet. I need this one for Super Metroid, F-Zero, and Secret of Mana.
  2. Papa Pig, I love you. Welcome to the forum. I am going to slay you every time you play as a Priest or Holy Paladin. I am tired of you playing those races.
  3. Then happy birthday too, @cookie eater! Same as to Vexer.
  4. First, no SO for surf and now NO STAFF FOR SURF??? It was great playing Surf with the new updated RPG skills. Thanks for all the stuffs you did on that server. Enjoy your life, my dude.
  5. Confirmed. I enjoy playing this guy for a long time now. He will be a great member to have to this community. He is still a /toxic/ noob in War3. Love you, Trigger.
  6. Happy birthday to two cute staff members that I would be DTF.
  7. Happy birthday, @Bear-Man-Thing ! I love you so much. We are getting old as hell.
  8. @EddyThanks, Eddy, for all the hard work that you did to this community. I will miss you as one of few staffs that I enjoy talking with. Good luck with your real life business. I will always help you on War3 since the days of source!
  9. A separate pokemon game for Sun/Moon or just DLC??
  10. Join me as we get dank memes and smoke them too.
  11. Goodbye to my wallet yet AGAIN!
  12. I got 3mil summoning XP in like an hour
  13. Didn't really do much on DXP but this is what I got
  14. @trigger.exe If you like to grind a lot then sure it is worth playing. Most people do play Old School Runescape, but I just prefer RS3. It is really fun as member because you get more things to do, but you can start as a non-member to do the F2P stuffs first then P2P.
  15. If anyone is interesting to getting 100% xp rate (as a member of course) to level anything to 99 or going for 120 capes. Non-members get 20% which is ass. Ironman accounts do not receive an XP boost on Double XP Weekend. https://www.runescape.com/community/double-xp-weekend