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  1. DarkFalcon

    Wittly Wayne App [PENDING]

    20/20 She is too adorable.
  2. DarkFalcon

    Hi sG

  3. DarkFalcon

    New donation from Hawk

    Thanks! I needed it.
  4. DarkFalcon

    Newest addition to sG

    Rayne, you made me cry with that adorable baby of yours. She definitely has your hair.
  5. DarkFalcon

    Out of Your League Metrics

    "Men in Seattle who wrote longer messages had a higher chance of getting a reply." I found that part funny because it is true in general use and not just Seattle. No woman wants small chat replies.
  6. Hawk, I love you. Come back to my heart!
  7. DarkFalcon

    Booch's Step Down Thread

    I love you, babe. Good luck on your hard classes! REMEMBER TO STUDY AND SLEEP WELL!
  8. DarkFalcon

    Happy Birthday KARMA

    Happy belated(or early) birthday, karma216!
  9. DarkFalcon

    Definitely a flying shark birthday

    Happy birthday, Jeff The Flying Shark! Remember that fish are friends, not food! @Jeff The Flying Shark
  10. DarkFalcon

    New donation from SmugJack

    He is trying to unban Destin!
  11. DarkFalcon


    6/20 Get this man in here!
  12. DarkFalcon

    Steppin down

    I will miss you, Marine, despite I will see you on OSRS!
  13. DarkFalcon

    App [DENIED]

    Gayer 10/20
  14. DarkFalcon

    Welcome to me <3

    Welcome, homie!
  15. DarkFalcon

    HelloJoe's Application [PENDING][APPROVED]

    Confirmed Love this guy 5/20