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  1. New donation from darkfrywarrior

    Thanks for the donation, my twin Dark.
  2. I am thicker than a snicker.

  3. ZE Team Wars (Nov-20 - Nov-27)

    Congratulations to these nerds!
  4. Hey new here

    Welcome, Ky! Try War3 too
  5. Hello

    Dammmnnn, Daniel! Back at it again. Welcome to the community! Join us in War3 server.
  6. hey everyone i am new here

    Welcome, Roblox NOOB!!! Come us within War3 server. IP is
  7. Willy's sG application [APPROVED]

    Ref. This guy has some positive energy around him! I got no problem with him as I get on ZE time to time.
  8. War3 Thanksgiving: Extra XP

    XP HYPE!
  9. :^)

    @Destin I miss you so much, loser! War3 is still LIT
  10. David's Application [APPROVED]

    Going to confirm with this cutie. He has been a great friend to me and to others within War3 and CSS WCS1 server. He is always cheerful and gives that positive vibes to everyone. He deserves to be in this community.
  11. A Bit Late :P

    Welcome, nerd.
  12. Hi im Knightjs

    Welcome to the party, my shiny Knight.
  13. Introduction my dudes

    Welcome to sG forum, Hinata!
  14. sG Warcraft Halloween Event

    @JahIsLove You should able to connect your steam account with this link. http://www.joinsg.net/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=settings&area=profilesync&service=Steam
  15. Community Digest - 10/8/17

    Congratulations to everyone that got promoted! And of course to the POP THE SERVERS shout outs as well.