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  1. Starcraft Remastered is out!

    The editor is on the Blizzard App.
  2. Starcraft Remastered is out!

    This game is really great especially for anyone that loves real time strategy. Come join me if you want to play some UMS or fast possible maps. I am not that great anymore, but I am definitely going back to this game. https://starcraft.com/en-us/ $15 for the HD graphic, or you can get it for free without the HD.
  3. Happy Birthday Dr3y

    Happy birthday, the youngest kat.
  4. HBD Wintergreen

    @Wintergreen Stop getting old, you fart. Happy birthday though because I love you.
  5. Buying Admin for a friend.

    I guess you can use this to gift them. http://www.joinsg.net/store/gift-cards/
  6. Happy birthday to a huge nerd

    Happy birthday, Runescape loser. @gemma I will try to do your MM once I get the time after I get maxed.
  7. Karma

    You are 21 like in my votes. Happy birthday once again since I said it on Discord.
  8. Step down thread [Denied]

    Noooo FEARLESS!!! You were one of my few favorite staffs that I love to talk to. Going to miss MG fun!
  9. introduction?

    Hey, Jah my love. Welcome! c:
  10. I Want to Give You Some Money

    @Imperium I just vote at night time the moment it hits 12 AM of a new day.
  11. Jackace/Ace Intro

    Aayyee! What's up?! Welcome to the dank meme forum.
  12. This is awkward (Step Down)

    Destin!!! NOOOOO!!!! It was fun as it lasted. Will see you at Dreamhack though hahaha. I got my CoD MLG gear ready.
  13. Chaos4499's Application [Approved]

    Confirmed. This guy is a total War3 nerd that I destroy everyday with Magneto. I love him to death as he is always nice to everyone. He has no drama with anyone in the server. I would love to have him here in the community.
  14. Hello, I'm New But Not Really : ^]

    Nerd! Welcome though!
  15. Bring back no balls no mic rule.