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Warcraft 3 Mod

Warcraft 3 Mod (WAR3 or WC3) is a mod that allows players to use different races to gain special abilities for use in combat. A player can open the general WC3 menu by typing “wcs or war3” in chat, change their races by typing “changerace” in chat, spend money to buy power-ups by typing “shopmenu” in chat, or spend levels on permanent upgrades for each race by typing “spendskills” in chat. Races have a minimum overall level to unlock for use. Once enough XP is gained to level up, you get a point that you can spend on a race's specific skillset and your overall level towards unlocking new races goes up as well. Each race also has an ultimate that is usually activated by using the "+ultimate" command in console. Some races have an ability that is activated by using the "+ability" command in console. XP is earned by killing opponents, completing map objectives, and through purchase.

> Useful Links

List of War3 Commands
List of Races and Shopitems (updated every few months)
Most Recent Updates
Report Bugs Here
Global Guidelines

> Server Rules (in addition to our Global Guidelines):

  • No exploiting to gain an unfair cash, xp, or level advantage. This includes anything that can be done with admin powers. See this thread for more details. War3 staff are exempt from this, but for testing purposes only.
  • No map exploiting. Rooftops, balconies, etc are fair game. However, if you are able to see players or race skills through missing textures, you should not be there. however, going outside of the fully constructed, textured area of the map or going outside of a wall that is intended to be the boundary of a map is forbidden. This includes being beyond the "skybox" (invisible barrier).
  • Unless you are a race tester, do not exploit races or items. Do not play a race or use an item that has a bug that ruins game play for others on the servers. If you are a race tester, please do not "whore" bugged or blatantly overpowered tester races.
  • No sky-walking. This is defined as walking, or standing on invisible surfaces. This also applies if you are in a position where you are able to see through untextured areas (even if you aren't looking through them).
  • Attempt objectives for each type of map. By the time the in-game timer for a round hits one minute (1:00), you must be attempting to complete your map objective. In addition, if you are the last alive player on your team you must attempt to complete your objective.
  • No camping and spamming your skills without attempting your objective.
  • No race whoring. If you are playing on a maxed race and you have a score of 24 or higher with a kill-death ratio of 4:1 or higher, you will automatically be switched off your race onto another, unmaxed race available to you. You cannot change back to a maxed race until your kill-death ratio is 3:1 or lower.
  • No invisible/"god" defusing. If you are completely invisible with no indication of your presence, or if you are invincible, you may NOT defuse the bomb. — Being invincible is defined as not being able to take damage from a gun shot or a knife attack.
  • If there are more people on a race than allowed per team, one of the players will be automatically switched off that race. If a player is not automatically switched off, you must manually change your race. It is preferable that the player with the fewest levels in the race be allowed to continue playing it.
  • Do not join spectator and rejoin a team for a cash bonus.
  • After freezetime, only 2 flash grenades, 1 smoke grenade, and 1 molotov are allowed to be purchased per minute.
  • Do not attempt to avoid the AFKChecker plugin. If you are effectively AFK, but are strategically doing things to avoiding getting flagged by the plugin, it is punishable.

> Map Specific Rules:


  • Being on top of the silos is legal.


  • Mountain areas where you can see through textures are illegal.
  • Mountain areas where you cannot see through textures are legal.
  • Areas on top of garage where you can see through textures are illegal.


  • Going on top of the water tower near the Terrorist spawn is illegal.
  • Being outside the map's boundaries is illegal.
  • Camping inside the water surrounding the map is illegal.


  • Flying inside the texture of the dome in tunnels is not allowed.
  • Sitting on top of the pillars in tunnels is not allowed.


  • While extracting the hostages, the Counter-Terrorist(s) leading the hostage(s) must exit the first floor(Door, Windows) of the Hostage building.


  • Rooftops are illegal.

> Additional Rules:

Please, before reading, know that we generally apply a punishment pattern for rule breaking. It works like so: Warn > Slay > Kick > Ban. This applies for all but Rule 4 below.

  • Administrators are free to slay people who break the maximum number of players on a race per team. Infractions on this rule should be handled as follows: warn the player(s) whom are breaking the rule, then slay them if they don't fix the issue. If absolutely necessary, you may slay everyone playing that race on the respected team.
  • No loop-holing the rules. If you are caught trying to undermine the rules with picky language or in any way abusing them for personal benefit serious consequences will follow.

> Guidelines:

  • Try one's best to even the teams out in terms of skill level. This is done because (most) players don't like playing on a team that is always losing. Administrators may swap a player's team to balance the teams, but players can help out as well by changing to an unfamiliar race, switching their own team, or by placing restrictions upon themselves.
  • Administrators are not to give cash before the fifth round of the map (!cash, /cash, sm_cash).

> Tips:

  • Get to know as many races as possible. Each one has their own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Get to know skills and their locations in the shopmenu.
  • Pay attention to what races other people are using. Type "playerinfo " in chat to find out what race a player is using and what their skill set is.
  • Make shots count. WC3 is a much more intense game than regular CS:GO is, and death comes quickly if you spray.
  • Stick with it! It is a difficult mod to master, but it gets better when every new race you unlock.
  • Learn to bunnyhop and/or long jump effectively. See the binds section for some help.
  • You can place a bet for the winning team of a round by typing "bet t " or "bet ct " while dead.
  • Post Race/Item Suggestions http://www.joinsg.net/forum/177-warcraft-3-race-and-shopmenu-suggestions/

> Binds:

  • The format to bind a key in CS:GO is: [ bind "" "" ] where is the key you wish to be bound and is the function you want performed by the console. Some examples for appropriate WCS binds are: [ bind "g" "+ultimate" ] & [ bind "g" "+ability" ].
  • Bind "+ultimate" to a key that is convenient. Most ultimate abilities are used in combat and should be placed within finger reach of your directional controls or on a spare mouse button.
  • For skills that are activated by another command, such as "+ability", find an equally convenient key to which you will bind the command.
  • If you are having troubles bunnyhopping, you may want to bind your mouse wheel to jump. Examples: [ bind "mwheelup" "+jump" ] & [ bind "mwheeldown" "+jump" ]
  • You can bind a key to buy shopmenu items by binding a key to say "buy ", where is the shorthand for the given item found in the shopinfo. Some examples: [ bind "g" "say buy tome" ] will purchase a Tome of Experience, and [ bind "g" "say buy book" ] will purchase a Book of Experience.

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