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GMOD TTT Server Rules

No RDM - Random Death Match

All Kills must have proof or valid reasoning to justify your kill. Legitimate reasons to kill another play include:

  • Killing an innocent or a detective.
  • Destroying an HP Station or Traitor Tester.
  • Seeing someone set off a physical traitor trap. (Thinking some pressed the hand button that only appears for traitors is killing on suspicion)
  • Calling "Kill-on-sight" on someone who turns out to be innocent.
  • Carrying explosive barrels.
  • Throwing incendiary grenades or discombobulators.
  • Shooting for any reason other than killing a traitor.
  • Not idenifying a nearby unidentified body.
  • Person claims to be a traitor or is holding a traitor weapon.
  • Not responding to a live check in Overtime.
  • Prop pushing.
  • Goomba Stomping.
  • Being in the traitor room. (Use common sense, if everyone is running in because the door keeps magically opening don't kill everyone as that isn't proof)
  • Calling KOS on a confirmed innocent.

Killing for any reason not mentioned above is worthy of a slay and if repeated, will be worth of a ban.

The following actions are worthy of a slay and if continued worthy of a ban.

  • Prop flipping
  • Putting Props in teleport locations.
  • Prop surfing
  • Prop killing or attempting to prop kill while you are not a traitor.
  • Killing fellow traitors.

Other Rules

  • Ghosting is forbidden (revealing player locations or identifying traitors to another player after you have died).
  • Trucing is forbidden (not killing a specific player even if you know they are traitor).
  • Do not use unreadable names, a similar name to another player, or names pertaining to TTT.
  • You may claim a room during Overtime, you must describe the room over voice chat or normal chat. If you claim a room when someone else is in it you may not kill them unless they leave and try to come back. You may not kill on suspicion or being AFK in overtime.
  • No Racism - Players are required to know the general rules for all our servers.
  • Do not call out or kill your fellow traitors for any reason (unless agreed upon in traitor chat/speak).
  • Using a voice changer will leave you vulnerable to being muted. Getting around the admin's decision will result in a kick or ban.

Common rules on other servers that do not apply here!

The rules in this section are not on this server. If you try to do anything listed below, you will be punished.

  • Detective orders
  • Forcing people to test
  • Killing on pure suspicion
  • Killing for following
  • Killing for entering your area (unless you claimed in overtime)
  • Killing AFKs (Please do not kill or move an AFK!)
  • Revenge RDM/street justice/KOS the next round (even when there are no admins on)
  • Killing for aiming weapon

Damage Logs

Vanilla West Damage Logs

Vanilla East Damage Logs

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