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Official TTT:GO Server Rules

Welcome to TTT:GO, the gamemode where the innocents and detectives must work together to figure out who the traitors are. Will they succeed or will the traitors fill them all with bullets?

Global Rules To Note

I ask all of you to read these rules and to use common sense to the best of your judgement.

General Server Rules

All Kills must have proof or valid reasoning to justify your kill. Legitimate reasons to kill another play include:

  • No rdming on the server. This includes killing your traitor buddies.
  • No ghosting (telling people who traitors are to another player or players locations with skype/teamspeak/etc)
  • Do not truce. (Not killing a specific player even if you know they are traitor)
  • Do not use unreadable names, the same name with slight differences, or names pertaining to TTT ("I'm a traitor" is an example.)
  • You may claim a room during Overtime, you must describe the room over voice chat or normal chat. If you claim a room when someone else is in it you may not kill them unless they leave and try to come back. You may kill for being AFK in overtime.
  • Do not call out or kill your fellow traitors for any reason.(unless agreed upon in traitor chat/speak)
  • Using a voice changer will leave yourself vulnerable to being muted. Going around the admin's decision will result in a kick or worse.
  • No excessive mic spamming or you will be muted.
  • Boosting is allowed, but the only exception is going into an area where others would be at a disadvantage trying to shoot at you. An area where others have no clear line of sight or you can see through textures when up high are not allowed.
  • The last traitor should not delay the round under any circumstances. If it happens he/she will be warned once, but if it happens again on another round after the warning he will be slayed for the following round.
  • No prop killing as an innocent or detective. Prop pushing someone excessively is considered traitorous and gives someone the right to kill you. Accidentally touching/brushing someone with a prop isn't a valid reason to kill someone. Prop killing is only allowed as a traitor or a innocent/detective killing a known traitor. Prop fights are allowed, but the people involved must agree on it and be careful not to harm any other players in the vicinity.
  • If you kill someone during pre-round in anyway(prop pushing/killing/etc) and they don't respawn for that round, you will be punished the following round.

    Common rules on other servers that do not apply here!

    The rules in this section are not on this server. If you try to do anything listed below, you will be punished.

    • Not following detective orders
    • Forcing people to test to see if innocent or traitor
    • Killing on pure suspicion
    • Killing for following (doesn't matter if you warn them no exceptions)
    • Killing for entering an area your in (unless you claimed in overtime)
    • Killing AFKs, can only be killed once overtime begins.
    • Revenge RDM/street justice/Randomly calling kos at the start of the next round (even when there are no admins on)
    • Killing for aiming weapon in your direction

    RDM - Random Death Match is the act of killing another played without an accepted, specified reason. The following list contains circumstances under which you are allowed to kill another player.

    General Killable Actions

    • Killing an innocent or detective. While in some situations like, an innocent is defending themselves from a fellow innocent, even if they claim to be innocent others might think they could be a traitor and be kosable, so be weary about this. If the player you killed shot first or harmed someone else; they will be punished, if their actions were not in accordance with the rules
    • Not responding to a live check during overtime.
    • Walking into a claimed area during overtime, unless you're a detective.
    • Not identifying unidentified bodies that are nearby or that you passed.
    • Being called out by another player or having "[Player name] is a traitor!" present on a dead body. You can call out people shooting you, and they are liable to be killed. KOS claims on innocents are killable, and false KOS claims by innocents are punishable.
    • Intentionally blocking players from entering an area is not allowed and you can be killed for it. (Players must give usual 3 warnings before killing someone)
    • Goomba-stomping (landing on a player's head after a high fall) somebody.
    • Leaving an area with a 'freshly killed' innocent or detective body. 'Freshly killed' counts as being less than five seconds. This is only applicable if the player that you are accusing was the ONLY one that could have possibly killed the player, whether it be due to line-of-sight issues or physical enclosures.
    • Hanging around known traitors and not attempting to kill them.
    • Claiming to be a traitor, even if joking around it's considered traitor baiting.

    Map-Related Rules

    • Camping in traitor rooms can get you killed. The only exception is if you are proven innocent already
    • Activating traps or triggers that can get people killed is Kosable.

    Grenade Rules

    • Throwing grenades of any kind except flashes and smokes can be considered kosable. Discombs are a special case depending on the area they were thrown in( Like say a narea where someone can fall off and die or even damaged.)
    • Throwing an incendiary grenade is always killable, but people will sometimes throw these outside the map so be weary of who you kill.
    • Damaging someone by throwing a flash or smoke grenade directly at them is a kill able action in any kind of circumstance, even if it only does 1 damage to their hp, if it's does damage to your armor then you can't kill them. You damaged someone so they have the right to kill you, but at their discretion.

    Weapon Rules

    • Shooting at non-breakable can be considered traitorous, the only exception is if the player is targeting a known traitor or a breakable object. So someone shooting windows just to break them is fine. Though people that are shooting intentionally trying to grief or cause trouble/panic can be killed and should be punished.(PLEASE USE COMMON SENSE FOR THIS RULE!!)(Also don't look for be thek ind of player who looks for any reason to kill someone please.)
    • Holding a traitor weapon is traitorous, unless you're proven innocent. Killing someone for this if their proven innocent can get you punished. If you don't hear them prove their innocent thats not their fault.
    • Shooting someone once then running away can get you killed or punished by an admin.

    Miscellaneous Rule(s)

    • The only circumstance that an innocent is allowed to harm or kill a detective is if the detective is going on an RDM spree. Sometimes when this happens people might think you're a traitor just taking advantage of the situation so you're still liable to be killed.

    Blocking Rule

    • A player in the way of the sole entry or exit to an area can be killed, as long as you give them three warnings with at least five seconds between each warning. If a player that returns to that blocking that spot can be killed immediately if it's the same player that was blocking earlier. If the area has any other way of getting in or out, you cannot kill the player for blocking.


    • Overtime happens once the server time hits 0 during the round.
    • You aren't allowed to kill a detective if they enter you claimed area during overtime. This also means Detectives aren't allowed to go into claimed areas just to kill people for claiming an area. Doing so will get them slayed the next round and banned if necessary.

    Once the round enters haste mode (overtime), a player is able to do two things.

    1. Claim an area.
      1. The area must be accurately named or described.
      2. The area must have clear boundaries.
      3. Players that were in the area at the time of claiming are not liable to be killed. A player must leave and re-enter the area to be considered kill able. In this case detectives can enter any claimed area.
    2. Call a live check.
      1. Can be through either text or microphone.
      2. Players must answer live check, or they will be kosed.

    Punishable Offenses

    Below is a list of offenses with their respective punishments.

    • Single person RDM -- First two instances, the player gets slain and warned. Third instance of single person RDM could result in a ban based on players willingness to improve.
    • Having a name that contains a racial slur. One kick with a warning to change name. Thirty-minute ban, on the Second offense.
    • Having a name that is unreadable or relates closely to the game, e.g. "Traitor", "KOS", "The Innocent" etc. First instance is a warning to change name by the start of next round. Second instance is a kick. Third instance is a thirty-minute ban.
    • Spamming voice, text, or admin chat. Yelling or playing music over the microphone is not allowed. You may be gag/muted or banned based on the severity and willingness to improve.
    • Killing a fellow traitor on purpose. First instance is a slay. Second instance is a three-day ban.
    • Multiple (two players killed in one round) person RDM. First instance is a 2 round slay. Second instance is a two day ban.
    • Being outside of the map or in a spot that has one-way see-through meshes. First instance is a warning and/or teleport. Repeated instances are slayable.
    • Using racial slurs. First instance is a warning. Second instance is a kick. Third instance is an hour ban.
    • Delaying the round (making little or no effort to kill players) as a traitor. One-round slay.
    • Single person RDM and leave. One-day ban.
    • Rdm two people and RDM and leave. Two-day ban.
    • Mass RDM (three or more players killed in one round), will usally result in a week ban depending on the situation and the reasoning on each indivisdual kill.
    • Ghosting (giving information to a player via an outside client). One-week ban.
    • Trucing (working together with a traitor as an innocent). One-week ban.
    • Hacking. Permanent ban.
    • Scripting. Permanent ban.

    If you leave before you are about to be slain, it will count as RDM and leave. You must stay for the round that you are slain, unless the admin gives you permission to leave.

    Game-Specific Keys and Chat Commands

    • /radio - Specific radio commands (I'm with [Player Name]), Leave blank for menu
      • /radio traitor - Shouts the targeted player is a traitor
      • /radio imwith - Shouts that targeted player is with you
      • /radio yes - Shouts Yes!
      • /radio no- Shouts No!
      • /radio suspect - Shouts the targeted player is suspicious
      • /radio see - Shouts that you see the targeted player
      • /radio innocent - Shouts the targeted player is innocent
      • /radio check - Asks if anybody is still alive
    • /shop - Shop menu where traitors and detectives can buy special weapons and items
    • /buy - Quickly purchase items (/buy radar).
    • /team - Allows traitors to check who is on their team and give credits to their teammates
    • /menu - Allows you to see all the other commands
    • /inv - Allows you to see what weapons you have bought from the shop and allows you to equip them.