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Surf Server Rules

RPG is a mod that allows players to gain level to unlock abilities such as increased health, fire damage and long jump. Weapons are free and selected via a menu upon joining. Our Surf Respawn server is an RPG server that runs surf maps without having to wait for round end to spawn. Surf maps take advantage of source's physics engine to allow players to glide at very high speed on any surface that is angled too highly to walk on (ramp). These ramps make paths around the level, allowing players to move around very large levels very quickly. None of our surf servers have any objective other than to kill as many opponents as possible and die as little as possible. You gain XP for every kill, depending only on the level of the player you killed. You do not lose XP for dying. When you level up, you are awarded 5 points toward leveling up any skill you choose. As skills reach their higher levels, they require more XP to level up.

To surf, simply hold the directional button that would move your character toward the face of the object you are surfing on and no other directional buttons. For instance, if the object I am surfing on is to the right of your character, hold the right directional button. Any other directional buttons will make you fall off. Use your mouse as you usually would to control your path as you surf. Start at the highest part of the surf so you can maximize speed for clearing those long gaps. To maintain momentum, avoid sharp changes in direction while on the ramp. Once you get the hang of bunny hopping it can be used to gain even more speed before jumping on the ramp. To maximize distance when leaving a ramp, smoothly guide yourself toward the peak of the ramp so that you are moving upwards when you leave the end. Doing this efficiently can take practice. Spectating may help you get the right idea. While in the air, you can control where you fly by holding the direction you want to turn towards while also moving your mouse in that direction. Try to land on another ramp, a pool of water or a ladder to avoid taking fall damage. If you land on a ramp, try to do smoothly and a very low pitch so that don't lose speed. Land near the top of the ramp as possible and continue to surf that ramp.

? Server Rules (in addition to our Global Guidelines):

  • M-249, Negev, G3SG1, and SCAR-20 are restricted. It is not available on your weapon menu.
  • Spawn camping ...is allowed.
  • Bunnyhopping ...is enabled.
  • Spawn protection is enabled
  • Suiciding: Do not suicide to avoid getting killed; doing so may result in getting your points reset.

? Tips:

  • Choose your best all around gun and side arm, they are free after all.
  • Spend your XP wisely. You want to get over that "n00b hump" and start killing asap, right?
  • If you are having a hard time getting the hang of surfing or if you are confused by where you need to go on the map, simply ask any server vets that are on. They are usually very helpful.
  • Make shots count. Players who have 190HP, regeneration and vampire maxed out are hard to kill.
  • Stick with it!! It is a bit overwhelming at first but it is one of the most fun mods out.
  • Learn to bunnyhop (jump as soon as you land if you have longjump to gain speed). Changing jump to a mouse wheel is very helpful.

? RPG Skills Description

  • Antidote - Reduce duration of bad effects against you like burning, freezing or slow down.
  • Armor+ (Counter-Strike only) - Increases your maximal armor.
  • Armor Helmet (Counter-Strike only) - Gives players a chance to receive a helmet on spawn.
  • Damage+ - Deal additional damage on enemies.
  • Fall Damage - Reduces the damage you take from falling from great heights.
  • Fire Pistol - Ignites players hit with a pistol.
  • Frost Pistol - Slow down players hit with a pistol.
  • Health+ - Increases your maximal health.
  • HP Regeneration - Regenerates HP regularly.
  • Ice Stab - Freeze a player in place when knifing him.
  • Impulse - Gain speed for a short time when being shot.
  • Long Jump - Boosts your jump speed.
  • Medic - Heals team mates around you.
  • Speed+ - Increase your average movement speed.
  • Stealth - Renders yourself more and more invisible.
  • Vampire - Steal HP from players when damaging them.

? Helpful commands

  • rpg
  • guns
  • rpgrank
  • rpgmenu
  • rpgtop10
  • rpginfo
  • rpgnext
  • rpghelp
  • rpgsession
  • rpgexp

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