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Minigames Server Rules

  • Do not cheat in any way, hack, or exploit any feature on the servers.
  • Do not attempt to make any type of profit using our servers without Staff approval.
  • Do not attempt to loophole server rules.
  • Do not wear the sG | tags unless you have applied on the forums and have been accepted. If a member asks you to provide proof of you being in the clan or asks you to take them off, do so. If not, you may be banned.
  • If you're caught avoiding being muted/slayed/gagged/silenced in any way, you will be punished accordingly.
  • Respect all players at all times or face punishment on the administrators descretion.
  • Do your best to stick to the objective of the map. If the map requires you to run, then run, if it requires you to do a race, do the race. Those found camping people (Ex. slide race) or holding up the game in general (Ex. camping in heli/spaceship on Big City) will receive a slay/kick/ban.
  • Abusing glitches in maps will warrant a kick/ban.
  • On maps where it is T vs CT (Ex. Deathrun) a four round rule is in place to allow others to have a chance. If you get switched over at any time, do not move back until a good majority of people have cycled through.
  • If you happen to get a knife on a map where one is not supposed to spawn (Ex. that one musical rooms map) then do not use it. Keep to the objective if you so happen to spawn with it, and no one else does.
  • Grieving team members in any way will warrant a kick/ban. (Ex. 'Locking' a nade in someone on a moving object, blowing something up on your team, etc). Help your team out, not just yourself, unless it is a FFA map.
  • Do not spam the same minigame type when playing on maps allowing you to select a minigame (2-3 times in a row, 5 times max per map).
  • Respect all admins at all times.
  • Do not boost your rank if you found a glitch or boosting with a person it will warrant a ban.
  • Using any racial slurs will warrant a kick/ban.
  • Mic spamming after being asked to stop will warrant a mute. (playing music)
  • Do not advertise other servers in chat.
  • Do not chat spam (Credit, Place, ect).
  • Do not spam change your clan tag (ex. having wasd bound to different clan tags).
  • Do not slay yourself to avoid death from another play in order not to loose points.
  • Do not slay yourself while picking a map in multigames map. Punishment will be kick/ban.
  • No ghosting (damage dealt callouts allowed).

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