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Jailbreak Rules

Last updated 7/17/2017


What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is a prisoner/guard roleplaying server. In it you can do various things, as a Prisoner you can follow orders and try to get rewarded or you could try to rebel and cause a riot. As a guard your job is to try to control the prisoners and get them to follow the warden's orders. The warden is tasked with giving orders to the prisoners while ensuring they have a fun time playing various games.



Coming from another Jailbreak server?


We are different from many other jailbreak servers. Our rules are different. Please be sure you read over them. These are some of the main rule differences.

  • There is no AFK Freeze on this server. Freeze is allowed and unless specified it only restricts WASD Movement.
  • Terrorists are allowed to have guns, but not shoot them. You must call a T by name to get them to drop their gun.
  • You must leave armory by 9:30 as a CT. You also should not purposefully wait in armory until 9:30.
  • Warden cannot make Terrorists freeze in their cells or force them to re-enter cells.  


  • Index
  1. General Global Rules
  2. Players
  3. Terrorists
  4. Counter-Terrorists
  5. Warden
  6. Last Counter-Terrorist
  7. Games
  8. Last Request
  9. Definitions
  10. Abbreviations
  11. Common Commands
  12. General Jailbreak Games



  1. General Global Rules
    1. sG Global Rules and Guidelines apply at all times.

    2. Loopholing or attempting to loophole the rules will lead to admin punishment.

    3. All punishments are up to admin discretion, there aren’t any punishments set in stone for any rule broken.

    4. All rules are subject to change and interpretation by the sG staff at any time without prior warning

    5. All admins are expected to have read this How-to admin


  1. Players (Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist)
    1. Use @ in team chat to talk directly to admins for any complaints.  Abuse of this function will result in punishment.

    2. Terrorist voice chat is muted, text chat is used to communicate to CT’s (unless admin unmutes Terrorist).

    3. Cells.

      • Irrevocable Freeday is given if…

        1. Cell doors aren’t opened by 9:00 (1:00 into the round).

        2. Cell doors are opened before any orders are given.

      • Cell doors must remain open after being opened.

      • T’s cannot be ordered in their cell.

      • T’s may enter their Cell when a CT enters it while the T is in front of it.

    4. Last alive non-rebelling Terrorist gets LR.

    5. All Players are expected to know all the General Jailbreak Games.

  1. Terrorists (Prisoners, Inmates, etc..)
    1. T’s can be killed if they...

      • Don’t Follow warden’s orders.

      • Don’t drop a weapon/grenade when directly ordered by name from a CT.

      • Don’t Follow a direct order from warden.

      • Detour or delay on warden’s orders

      • Are Rebelling

      • Opt out of a game, unless on FD.

    2. T’s can always be referred to as Terrorist or T’s

    3. T’s are allowed to…

      • Hold, point, and pass any gun, or weapon; unless given a direct order*

      • Pick up any dropped gun again unless told otherwise.

      • Ask for a repeat to any given order (Abusing this may result in a mute/gag).

      • Knife or Kill baiting CT’s.

      • Press buttons, unless told otherwise by warden.


  1. Counter-Terrorists (Guards, Police, etc..)
    1. Switching to CT is handled by a 1:2 CT to T ratio, join by using CS:GO’s team-switch menu when a slot is open.

    2. CT’s must

      • Have a microphone.

      • Read and know the rules.

      • Only give orders over the microphone and in english.

      • Be willing to take warden.

      • Help their team at all times.

      • Stay in a reasonable proximity of the T’s, unless chasing rebellers.

      • Give T’s at least 3 seconds to begin any order.

      • Exit armory by 9:30 without delay (0:30 into the round).

      • Open cells by 9:00, else a CT slay day may occur.

    3. CT’s are not allowed to…

      • Close cells, or allow them to remain closed while near.

      • Bait, Gun plant, Free-shoot, or Freekill T’s. (Definitions)

      • Call a T out by their player skin.

      • Give special treatment or favoritism to any T.

      • Camp or stare directly at vent, or armory.

      • Camp on top of armory

      • Force LCT by killing themselves.

      • Play map games, unless chasing a rebelling, or KOS Terrorist.

      • Give T’s orders, unless giving a direct order to drop a weapon/grenade.

      • Shoot through a one-way wall, unless it is part of a map-based game.

      • Follow Freeday T’s while there are T’s following orders from warden.

    4. CT’s are allowed to...

      • Use a voice changer as long as orders are clear, and it isn’t annoying.

    5. Vent and Armory
      • Before 6:00, CT’s are not allowed to…

        1. Enter vents or armory, unless chasing.

        2. Look for rebellers, unless chasing.

        3. Backtrack in vent.

        4. Break open a vent, unless exiting.

      • When chasing a T before 6:00, CT’s must…

        1. Enter the same vent entrance the T entered.

        2. Not delay to enter the vent the T entered.

        3. Actively chase the T inside of the vent (no camping).

      • “Before 6:00” rules do not apply if T has LR.

      • CT’s are allowed to enter a vent that a T went into; only if the CT saw the T enter that vent, or vent cell.

  1. Warden
    1. Warden is given to the 1st CT that gives clear orders at the start of the round, or after the previous warden dies.  Admin has final say on who is warden.

    2. Warden must

      • Give T’s adequate amount of time to complete any order/game.

      • Specify if T’s cannot jump over obstacles during a movement command.

      • Specify if T’s should freeze or remain in an area after a movement command.

      • Specify which route T’s should take if it is unclear which is the shortest.

      • Repeat orders clearly once more if asked by T’s.

      • Give orders before giving a freeday.

    3. Warden is not allowed to…

      • Restrict anything for the round duration.

      • Restrict knifing.

      • Order T’s into restricted areas.

      • Order T’s to stay crouched and frozen.

      • Give orders that T’s must complete in their cell.

      • Spam freedays, or wardays.

      • Give invalid orders.

      • Accept as the admin for LR’s unless warden is the only admin on.

      • Imply a T is pardon without pardoning them.

    4. Warden is allowed to…

      • Pardon T’s of any rebelling only after it has been done

        1. If the T follows a direct order to come back by warden he is pardoned and no longer rebelling

      • Give T’s additional names but not take away “T’s” or “Terrorists”

      • Give special days (Warday, no friction day, etc..) provided a server vote passes 60% and an admin accepts.

    5. Movement, Facing, and Freeze orders

      • Freeze command restricts T’s only from using WASD movement, additional restrictions must be specified

      • Mouse movements can only be restricted to a specific direction

      • Movement commands remove previous restrictions unless specified in the new order

    6. Irrevocable Freeday occurs if…

      • No orders are given within 30 seconds of warden’s death

    7. Terrorist Warden

      • T’s can be warden only if

        1. It is an LR

        2. The server votes for it

      • T-Warden is still a Terrorist and must follow the rules for both Terrorist and warden, unless specifically stating they are exempted.

      • T-Warden can give LR to the other Last T or can pass warden to a CT.

  1. Last Counter-Terrorist
    1. The last Counter-terrorist left alive during a round becomes the LCT.

    2. LCT is only in effect if the round started with 10 alive players.

    3. LCT is allowed to…

      • Kill any terrorist they want.

      • Honor or dishonor LR at anytime.

      • Go anywhere they want.

    4. LCT is not allowed to camp.

  1. Games
    1. T’s are allowed to cheat in any game, unless told otherwise.

    2. All orders given before a game are still implied, unless told otherwise.

    3. No more than 5 T’s can be killed in any game, unless the map kills them.

      • “Hot lava” rule may kill more than 5 T’s.

      • Simon Says, sharking, reverse, and red light/green light are exceptions to this rule.

    4. Games with difficulty settings must be started on the lowest level.

    5. Games are ended when either warden specifically states that the game is over or starts a new game.

    6. Either Dodge the nade, or dodge the clip may only be played once per round.  Both games will not be played in the same round.

      • Dodge the clip cannot be played using Auto snipers, Negevs, M249s, or AWPs

    7. Banned games

      • Last Reaction, and First Reaction. (If it's part of the map it is allowed)

  1. Last Request (LR)
    1. Explanation

      • Last-alive non-rebelling Terrorist(s) get LR

    2. General Policy

      • Basic LRs cannot be denied.

      • Modified basic LR’s require warden and/or admin approval. (eg. low gravity shot for shot).

      • No cheating is implied on all LRs.

      • LR only applies to either the current or next round; which ever is requested.

      • LR may not break any global Rules (ie. Racism Day).

      • If the round ends while a T is receiving LR that T gets a freeday.

      • Rebelling T’s have their freeday/LR revoked along with any abilities.

      • Warden sets the boundaries for “Shot For Shot” and “Gun Toss” unless given to the T.

    3. Terrorist Policy

      • Terrorists has 30 seconds to state their LR once asked by warden.

      • Terrorists may only use lethal grenades or tasers if relevent to the LR.

      • All participating T’s must agree to the LR by typing yes into chat.

      • Terrorist may ask to have their LR revoked early, but it is up to the current warden to have the LR be revoked.

      • A Terrorist cannot have the same LR two rounds in a row.

    4. LR requires…

      • Admin approval, if the LR requires admin to do commands.

      • Server vote to pass 60% if the LR  is a Warday, or causes CT’s to kill T’s.

    5. Counter-Terrorist Policy

      • CTs may slay themselves to not participate in an LR

      • CTs may not run off to avoid LR

    6. Basic LR’s are…

      • Gun Toss

      • Shot for shot (s4s)

      • Death (Asking to be killed)

      • Knife fight

      • Solitary FD next round for the LR Terrorist

    7. Common Freedays

      • Regular Freeday -FD

        1. T’s are allowed to roam the map in any unrestricted areas.

        2. Attacking a CT in any way is considered rebelling

      • Zombie Freeday -ZFD

        1. T’s may only walk around the map

        2. Prohibited actions include crouching, jumping, running, pressing the “use” key, and climbing ladders

        3. T’s may knife CT’s

        4. CT’s may not be in areas unreachable by T’s if the ZFD is server wide.

      • Wind Freeday -WdFD

        1. Regular FD with the ability to knife and kill CT’s

      • Panda Freeday -PaFD

        1. T’s are required to crouch walk.  

        2. Prohibited actions include jumping and running

        3. T’s may knife CT’s, climb ladders, and press the “use” key

      • Ninja Freeday -NjFD

        1. T’s are colored black and have low gravity

        2. T’s may knife CT’s only if no other CT sees them perform the act of the CT being knifed

      • More LR’s can be found here and suggest ones that arn’t in the post.

  1. Definitions
    1. Freekilling

      • A CT killing a T that is not rebelling or is following orders.

    2. Free-shooting

      • A CT inflicting damage to innocent T’s without killing them.

    3. Gun Planting

      • Intentionally giving loaded/empty weapon to a T in anyway that is not game-related.

    4. Rebeller (Rebelling)

      • A Terrorist that enters prohibited areas (vent, armory), fires any weapon, throws a frag grenade/molotov, hurts a CT, or kills a CT that wasn’t baiting.

    5. Detour & Delay

      • Taking a longer path, not moving (given 3 second start delay), or jumping on a move command, unless over an obstacle (eg. fence, rock, etc..)

    6. Direct Order

      • A order given to a Terrorist by name from Warden or a CT

    7. Pardon

      • Warden relieving a Terrorist of punishments for, not following orders, or rebelling.

    8. Camping

      • A player that stays in a given area for a prolonged amount of time, while showing no intent of leaving

      • A player that stares at a given area for a prolonged amount of time, while showing no intent of looking elsewhere

    9. Baiting

      • A CT is baiting if…

        1. They are standing within knifing distance of a T.

        2. Within the path of a T who is following an order.

        3. Inside a T’s cell while the T is in front of it.

      • A CT is messaging/verbally baiting if…

        1. They say words similar to another word in a game in order to get T’s killed

          • eg. saying “nest” instead of “west” or “bo” instead of “go”

        2. They ask or answer trivia question when not warden, or aren’t designated by warden.

    10. Invalid order

      • Giving an order to a T which would make the T be considered a rebeller

      • Giving an order to a T which will kill the T

      • An order that contradicts itself

    11. Restricted Areas

      • Armory and Vents

    12. Shift Walk (Sneak)

      • Shift walking is when one uses “+speed” (Defaultly bound to the shift key)

      • T’s are NOT allowed to jump on this order unless specified.

    13. Crouch walk (Duck)

      • Crouch walking is when one uses “+duck” (Defaultly bound to the ctrl key)

      • T’s are NOT allowed to jump on this order unless specified.

      • T’s are allowed to uncrouch for a reasonable amount of time to type during an order

  1. Abbreviations
    1. FD - Freeday

    2. FM - For me

    3. FA - For all

    4. LCT - Last CT (Counter-Terrorist)

    5. LR - Last request

    6. NR - Next round

  1. Common Commands (W.I.P)
    1. Player commands

      • RTV (Rock the vote) - This puts in a vote to change the current map to either the next map or a newly voted map

      • Nominate - This lets you choose to select a map to go into the voting pool (first 5 nominated maps show up)

      • /top10 - Shows top 10 players by points

      • /place - Shows your ranking compared to other players

      • /stats - Brings up gameme web page

      • /gameme - Brings up gameme CSGO menu

      • /points - Shows your points in the server

      • /warden - Takes warden if there isn’t one or brings up warden menu

      • /gang - Allows you to change your gang settings or make a gang. (Global rules apply for gang names. The name may not contain Staff, Admin, SO etc.)

      • /credits - Prints your store credit amount in chat

    2. Admin commands

      • /slay

      • /ct

      • /beacon

      • /color

      • /ahealth

      • /sethealth

  1. General Jailbreak Games
    1. Acid Trivia

      • The warden will type out a trivia question for a prize.

      • The first terrorist to answer correctly will win the prize.

      • Terrorist that type out any incorrect relevant answers will die.

    2. Bloody Bunny Trivia

      • The warden will type out a trivia question.

      • Terrorist that type out any relevant answers will die.

    3. Dodge The Clip

      • The warden will put the Terrorist into an area where the warden cannot see the terrorists, and shoot through a wall.

      • The terrorist will move around and try to dodge the bullets.

      • Auto snipers, Negevs, M249s, or AWPs cannot be used to play this game.

      • The warden should specify if the Terrorist are allowed to leave the area.

    4. Dodge The Nade

      • Warden throws a grenade at the terrorists.

      • Warden cannot throw the nade until he finishes saying the game will be played.

      • Warden should specify if terrorist should freeze after the grenade explodes.

    5. Eye Spy

      • Warden picks an object the Terrorist can currently see on the map.

      • Warden says hints about the object.

      • First terrorist to guess it correctly will win the prize.

    6. High Spray Contest / Low Spray Contest

      • Terrorists spray on the wall of the warden’s choosing.

      • Warden should specify if clipping is allowed.

      • Clipping is when the spray clips into the floor, so the bottom cannot be seen.

      • You spray your spray buy using your Inspect weapon key or /spray (30 second cooldown between sprays).

      • High/Low

        1. Terrorist that has the Highest or Lowest (depending on which was called) will win

        2. Highest/Lowest should be judged based on the bottom of the spray if it is not specified

    7. Odd Man In /Odd Man Out

      • The 3 terrorist pick the numbers either 1 or 2.

      • If all Terrorists pick the same number, whoever typed the last number will die.

      • In/Out

        1. Odd Man In is whichever Terrorist picks the number the other terrorists didn’t pick, LIVE.

        2. Odd Man Out is Whichever Terrorist picks the number the other terrorists didn’t pick, DIE.

    8. Reverse

      • Terrorists do the reverse of the warden’s commands. Such as…

        1. If the warden says “jump” the T’s should crouch

        2. If the warden says “Take a step to the left.” the T’s take a step to the right

      • If the terrorist do the incorrect command they die.

      • The warden should specify…

        1. If the Terrorists may detour and delay

        2. If the Terrorists may cheat

        3. How long the Terrorist should remain crouched

    9. Simon Says

      • Terrorists must follow orders only when they begin with “Simon says”, unless given a direct order.

      • Warden must specify…

        1. Who is simon

        2. If there should be any detouring or delaying

        3. If the Terrorists may cheat

        4. If the Terrorists should freeze after every command

        5. If the terrorist should only jump once

        6. How long Terrorist should remain crouched

    10. Super Special Secret Surprise Trivia

      • Warden types a prize in CT chat.

      • Warden decides if the terrorists may keep or pass the prize.

      • Warden types out a trivia question

      • 1st Terrorist to answer the question correctly will get the prize.

      • If the warden allows the terrorist to pass the prize, the terrorist cannot know what the prize is, and may pass it blindly to another terrorist.

    11. Taser Roulette

      • Warden stacks up all terrorists.

      • Terrorist should remain frozen during this game.

      • Warden shoots a taser into the stack, killing one terrorist.

    12. Trivia

      • Warden types out a trivia question.

      • The first terrorist to answer the question CORRECTLY will get the prize.


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