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General Commands List

Basic Commands:

  • @ (in team chat, followed by your message): Communicate to admins privately (example: [team chat]: @Hello world!).
  • !rules: Opens up the server rules page (motd).

Map Management:

  • rockthevote (or rtv): Elect to begin a vote to change the map being played.
  • nominate: Opens up a map nomination menu.

Rank Management (works on all servers with gameME):

  • /place: Shows your current server rank, by number of kills, in chat.
  • /rank: Shows your rank privately in chat.
  • /kdeath: Shows your current KDR.
  • /top10: Shows the current top 10 players of the server.

In-game Store (only works for servers with an in-game store):

  • !store: Displays the main menu of store.
  • !credits: Displays your current credit amount.
  • !inventory: Displays your item inventory.
  • !shop: Immediately displays the shop from the store menu.
  • !accept: To accept a gift. Gifting is currently disabled.

Server Specific Commands:

Warcraft 3 (CSGO)

  • war3menu: Displays the main menu for warcraft.
  • shopmenu: Displays up the shop menu for items.
  • 'shopmenu <itemname>' or 'buy <itemname>': Purchase an item without opening the menu.
  • changerace: Displays up the race menu.
  • 'changerace <racename>': Allows you to change race without opening the menu.
  • spendskills: Displays the spend-skill menu for your current race.
  • playerinfo or 'playerinfo <playername>': See a player's race and level information.

Zombie Escape

  • !zmenu: Displays the Zombie Escape main menu.
  • !zspawn: Respawns you as a zombie if you've joined after the round has already begun.
  • !ztele: Teleports you to spawn if you are a zombie.
  • !zclass: Displays a menu to change your skin. Admin/Donors get special skins.
  • !zmarket: Displays the buy menu for weapons and grenades—allows you to save your loadout/s

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